Aster Zhi
Character Profile
Parent Story Weaving Maid and Cowherd
Alignment Royal
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open for party planning and hosting!! link in bio c:

@xxhelenanguyen i'll deffo get u some invites!! wait for my dm :))

i'm hungryyyyy :((( the castleteria isn't open rn ;^;

@notbanderas came in clutch <33 thanks for the food!

@MrJakeTheJab ps i wasn't trying to steal your boyfriend lmao 😂

s/o to @TheGlassSlipper for my new Valhextino heels!! <33

when @bclindaa sends snake emojis is that considered #meta ???

there's this dude, he's big and strong and so nice, he's a dork, and i'm too gay ❤︎u❤︎

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