-Astra White is daughter of Ermine White and a Rebel in the destiny conflict.



Astra hates lies, which is why she is a rebel as she does not want to trick Nebula Light into thinking she was a cat. She is outspoken and sweet, her kindness shining through her and making everyone happy wherever she goes.


Astra has two forms: her cat form and fairy form. In cat form, she has two black eyes and pure white long fur. In fairy form, her hair is blonde, her eyes are light blue and her skin is pale. She wears yellow boots and a silver dress with silver hoop earrings.


Astra's mother is Ermine White. She is also the cousin of Apple White as they share the same last name (Astra's father is Snow White's brother). Her mother is the sister of Farrah Goodfairy, so they're cousins too!


Nebula Light.


Nebula Light


Astra, as a fairy godmother, has the power of granting wishes, and they don't end as twelve, like Farrah's. She can also turn into a cat at will. No wands required!

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