Sore Thumb


This is a diary for my daily/semi daily experiences here at Ever After.

Wow. I sound so... weird.

Screw it, no one would read this anyway.

I'm totally a nice person. I swear. I'm not a travelling freakshow who (and I can quote some of the students about this) "sticks their tongue out and stomps like some ogre and is a dumb jock". I might be paraphrasing, but I've heard people say stuff along those lines.

I miss home.

This place doesn't feel that welcoming for me.

I just... I don't look like any of the Panias who've attended years back. I don't even act like them. I can't do what mum and her predecessors do. I can't do magic right. I can't be graceful enough. This sucks.

This school isn't gonna make things easier, isn't it?

Chapter 1

SHGW class sucked major balls today.

I can deal with everyone staring at me, yeah.

I can totally deal with the snickers in the hallways.

But dear god and all that's holy and whatnot, did I have to embarrass myself in front of the class and Miss Yaga?

"Atarau dear, that's not right."

"But Miss Yaga, I said everything like it was supposed to."

(I heard someone mocking my accent behind me. Whatever.)

"Try again, dear."

So I took a deep breath, tried to rein in my nerves, and said the incantation again. As soon as I completed the incantation, the wand glowed and shook like it was supposed to...

And then it fizzled out. Just my luck.

"Oh dear... Atarau, I'm sorry but it didn't turn out right. I'll give you points for effort though."

"... Yes Miss Yaga."

As I walked back to my seat, I heard whispering from one pair in the room. I'm done with this.

Chapter 2

"Atarau! Hey buddy."

Aster is probably one of the only highlights of my day. (Unintentional pun? Yes. He glows.)

"Hey A bro, what's up?"

Aster laughed. I like his laugh. He should laugh more.

"Oh, Home Evilnomics is a trip, I barely got through it."

Yeah, he's a weaver, but he finds it really hard to make actual clothing. His designs are nothing short of amazing though. They're all very detailed and stuff; it's honestly pretty amazing.

"I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon bro."

"I hope so. Hey, so I'm going to go to a pool party later; wanna come? I need a date. Hosting parties gets lonely sometimes."

Oh. Me?

"Uh, friendly date! Yeah, friendly date!"

Well, that accounts to a life achievement.

"Sure. I'd be happy to go with you."

Aster jumped and pumped his fist into the air while chanting yes.

What a cutie.

Chapter 3

(a/n: getting ready for pool party, aster is gayer than usual)

Chapter 4

(a/n: ??? gay)

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