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Auliver Midas is a 2015 conceived and introduced character. Auliver is the next King Midas from the mythological tale King Midas and the Golden Touch.

Auliver is in his second year at Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, Auliver sides with the Rebels.


Oliver is an English language name derived from the French name Olivier, itself likely derived from Latin, meaning "olive tree" or German, meaning "elf warrior".

"Au" is the chemical symbol for gold.




Hobbies and Abilities

Magic Touch

Auliver has the ability to turn things to gold, just like every Midas before him. Unlike the tale, he has had this magic since birth and until destiny it can be reversed by any kind of water, not just water from the river Pactolus.


Auliver is a 16 year old Greek boy. He stands at an average height and is fairly lanky. When comfortable or alone he tends to slouch.

He has very tanned skin from years of swimming, reddish brown eyes, and caramel brown hair with a golden ombre. Part of his hair on his left is shaved.

The two most notable things about Auliver's appearance are the permanent presence of gloves and a smirk.

Fairy tale – King Midas and the Golden Touch

How does Auliver fit into it?

Auliver is the next King Midas from the tale. He aligns with the Rebels due to being scared of his golden touch and resenting his parents. Auliver is well aware that the person he will have to turn to gold is likely to be one of his siblings and is uncomfortable with putting a loved one through that.








Class-ic Schedule




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