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Auliver Midas is a 2015 conceived and introduced character. Auliver is the next King Midas from the mythological tale King Midas and the Golden Touch.

Auliver is in his second year at Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, Auliver sides with the Rebels.


Oliver is an English language name derived from the French name Olivier, itself likely derived from Latin, meaning “olive tree” or German, meaning “elf warrior”.

“Au” is the chemical symbol for gold.


All that glitters

Auliver Midas’ tagline


Hobbies and Abilities

Magic Touch

Auliver has the ability to turn things to gold, just like every Midas before him. Unlike the tale, he has had this magic since birth and until destiny it can be reversed by any kind of water, not just water from the river Pactolus.


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Auliver is a 15 year old white Greek boy. Auliver stands at an average height and is fairly lanky, a fact which would make Auliver look taller than he is if it were not Auliver counteracting it with his tendency to slouch when he's comfortable or alone.

He has very tanned skin from years of swimming, reddish brown eyes, and caramel brown hair with a golden blonde ombre. His hair is naturally somewhere between wavy and curly, though Auliver straightens it religiously, and part of the left side of his head is shaved. According to rumour, his ombre isn’t dye, but rather actual strands of gold.

For lack of a better word, Auliver looks marketable. His face is youthful which, when paired with his perpetual smirk, helps him look incredibly cheeky in a way that would be fitting for a Wizney Channel star.

Outwith his physical appearance, Auliver’s need to wear gloves and his penchant for wearing Midas brand clothes are well noted and easily observed.

Fairy tale – King Midas and the Golden Touch

Main Article: King Midas and the Golden Touch
The King Midas was fonder of gold than of anything else in the world. He valued his royal crown chiefly because it was composed of that precious metal. [...] If ever he happened to gaze for an instant at the gold-tinted clouds of sunset, he wished they were real gold.

Chapter 5: The Golden Touch, A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys

King Midas is the main character in King Midas and the Golden Touch. King Midas and the Golden Touch is the mythological tale of the King of Phrygia, who is granted a wish by the god Dionysius after extending hospitality to him. King Midas, greedy and vain, wishes for everything he touches to turn to gold.

How does Auliver fit into it?

King Midas in King Midas and the Golden Touch
King Midas is initially overjoyed with his powers and in celebration, begins to turn all the flora in his garden to gold. However, his happiness is short-lived. King Midas regrets his wish after calling a feast where he quickly realises he can no longer eat and hence, that he will eventually die of starvation.

Dionysius hears King Midas’ upset. He tells the King that he can free himself of the gift by washing his hands in the River Pactolus, which he does, enriching the river with a wealth of gold.

Some versions of the story have King Midas turn his daughter to gold after the feast with this, not starvation, being what pushes him over the edge.



Great Grandfather
Great Grandmother
Grand Aunt
Bronze Midas
Marigold Midas
Auliver Midas
Aulivia Midas
Aurchid Midas
Auscar Midas
Aumar Midas

Auliver has a large, close family. His parents are Bronze and Marigold Midas and he has four younger siblings, three of whom are triplets named Aulivia, Aurchid, and Auscar. Aumar is the youngest by a considerable amount.

Bronze was raised by Auliver’s grand aunt and great grandparents and they are familiar faces in the family home, far more so than Auliver’s grandparents. Auliver likes them just fine, which is a lot more than he likes his father, though he does wish he could see his grandparents more.

The family lives in an expansive mansion which covers the entirety of a (small) island. Auliver says this is “excessive” and spends as little time in the house as possible, which is pretty hard when you’re famous, your entire home is an island, and you’re usually on glorified house arrest.





Auliver has a pet Golden Retriever named Rex.


Auliver’s outfits are largely made up of pieces in white, black, shades of dark grey, and a bronze-gold metal tone, completed with a large dose of Midas branding. His shoes are standardly white and he is never seen without gloves on, which may be layered to alter their appearance from Auliver’s standard gold.

Motif wise, Auliver is depicted with crowns, laurels, hands, and Midas Family logos.

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