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i guess attending ever after high is a thing i do now lol

@C-A_Cupid thanks < 3

> @C-A_Cupid: @king_memedas Good luck Auliver! My true heart says you'll do just fine here. < 3

awwh hex i just met the headteacher. i have a feeling well be seeing each other a lot lmao

@HRH_Obsidian @_opaline when ur bae says u need to work on ur relationship


legacy day rehersals = boring ?  ?? ?  ?


yooooo shout out to everyone who rec'd @calypsosconspiracyisland to me. deff worth a follow

my time has come


@rumirrors_onthe_wall @daintykisses how tf r u failing a class we dont even share because of me. im frankly impressed.

>@rumirrors_onthe_wall: @daintykisses is fairy-failing crownculus because a certain @king_memedas seems to be distracting her

no kissing in the hallways you two~

@daintykisses considering ur apparently failing crownculus or w/e and im failing everything ever, looks like well have to get some pizza and hit the library for some study time together hrm 👀 shame. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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