Touch my cloak again, and I will hex you until you can't see anymore.
Avanwen le Fay
Avanwen le Fay is a 2019-introduced and all-around character. She is the daughter of Morgause from the Arthurian Legends. In the destiny conflict, Avanwen considers herself a Rebel. In her story, Morgause is a powerful fae and queen. While Ava loves magic and strives to be a powerful sorceress, she has no interest in becoming a queen.



Avanwen is a closed off, secretive individual with few friends. As an already talented sorceress at such a young age, many of her peers have come to fear her. She won't hesitate to hex someone for doing something bad, or tugging on her cloak. She's very protective of its position on her body.


Avanwen has lightly curly long blonde hair and light blue eyes. She has pale skin and wears deep blue eye shadow. Her dress has a halter neckline and the skirt reaches just above her knees.

Underneath her cape is a pair of small, butterfly-like wings. She hides them as she was made fun of by fellow fae in Avalon for having "small and weak wings".

Fairytale – Arthurian Legends

How the Story Goes

In the Arthurian Legends, Morgause is the half-sister of Morgana le Fay. Morgana and Morgause are both rooted in fae history, the surname "le Fay" literally meaning "the fairy".

How Does Avanwen Fit Into It?

Avanwen has no interest in taking over her mother's kingdom, for she despises the boring Royal lifestyle and would much rather prefer to practice her magic alone.




Avanwen holds a lot of admiration for her mother, as her talent in sorcery is well known. Morgause does love her daughter, but would prefer to have her take over the throne than one of her brothers.




Fiică Cioară

Avanwen and Fiică met on their first day of school, where, due to Fiică's "cursed" eyes, she noticed Ava's wings and sour feelings about them. Fiică joined Ava at her lunch table and struck up conversation. The two have been good friends ever since.

Daami Hiiri

Daami and Ava met through Fiică. Daami and Ava get along well due to Daami's gentle nature and unabashed pride in showing off her mousy attributes.



Azure is a blind white fox that Avanwen saved when she was little. Healing most of Azure's wounds was her first indication of her magical powers. However, because she was so young, she was unable to heal Azure's blindness. Due to her blindness, Azure's eyes are a bright blue, which she was then named after.


Avanwen isn't interested in anyone at the moment.






  • The suffix -wen, from -gwend, is a Sindarin word for Maiden, used as a suffix for female names.


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