'"Hi, I'm Avril L'Épée, daughter of d'Artagnan. You know? From The Three Musketeers. Anyway, this is my Mirror Blog! There's no particular pattern that I update this, but I'll make sure that all of my updates are spellbind'ing, and won't bore you so that you think that I'm a fairy-fail. Anyway, enjoy!"


Ah, had a spelltacular day today. Went shopping at the Village of Book End and got a fableous Cavalier hat, just like dad's!

You know those moments when you forget something and no matter how hard you try you can't remember it? Well, I had one before. Forgot what about, though...

Orientation Day's just around the corner. Can't wait to show everyone the Musketeer I'll be one day.

First day of school was totally hexquisite. Headmaster Grimm gives me mother-goosebumps, though. Going out for some furniture for my half of the dorm. Rooming with Scarlet Danseur.

Ooh, you guys are gonna love my side of the dorm. I might post pictures of it soon!

Anyone else hitting the books before the Damsel-In-Distressing quiz on the 17th? I may or may not have been paying attention to the class lately.