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Azarian Chanteur is the intelligent, but somewhat dorky, amatuer astronomer son of the Blue Bird from the tale by Madame d'Aulnoy. He was created by BarbarianKnight3.



Azarian is rather bright and whimsical. He can be a bit of an awkward dork and is quite clumsy too (the reason why he's wary to get himself that super expensive telescope he's been wanting). He'll extend the hand of kindness to those who need it but don't expect him to loose grudges easily.

Azarian is a massively keen astronomer. He kinds the night sky to be something of great beauty. He is quite mathmatically minded but that doesn't mean he can't have a more romantic, creative side too, because he does. Thanks to a rogue curse from a fairy godmother-in-training when he was younger, he has the ability to transform into a blue bird for short periods. This is confuses him slightly as that part of his story comes much later on, however he finds night time flying rather theraputic and calming.


Azarian has light brown skin, lilac eyes and pale indigo hair he wears shoulder length, often in a ponytail.

In bird form, Azarian has pale blue feathers and the appearance of a songbird with long tail feathers.

Fairy Tale

How The Story Goes

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How does Azarian come into it?

Azarian first starts out as a Royal by default but sides with the Rebels once the cause starts. He doesn't find his destiny particularly terrible but he'd rather pursue a future in astronomy than rule a kingdom. Plus his heart is completely head over feathers with a certian green bird.



Azarian's parents are The Blue Bird and Florine. He gets on well with them but is scared of talking to them about him changing his destiny. They also aren't fond of forking out money for star gazing equipment their dear Zarian ends up breaking two weeks later.

Azarian is distantly related to the Charmings through his father.


Azarian is friends with his roommate Richard Whittington. The two get on well and can rely on the other to help them study.


Azarian's pet is a young snowy owl called Orion.


Azarian eventually falls in love with Jade Cavall after the two become friends.




Legacy Day


Mirror Blog

I can't help but think running a kingdom is really for me.

The good thing about being able to shapeshift into a bird is that you're never without a quill.

The balconies are hexellent spots for stargazing.


  • His birthday is 9th March.
  • His favourite food is violet creams.
  • Azarian's class shedule consists of Crown-culus, Wooing 101, Grimm-nastics, Science & Sorcery, Good Kingdom Management and Magicolgy.


  • Azarian's first name comes from the French word "azur" which means "blue". Azure is also a shade of blue. His surname comes from the French word meaning singer or song (as in songbird).
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