Bad End Shipping is a series of one-shots by the author under the penname Takeshi Ashirogi (aka: MichealfabioTheotherbackgrounderAbarekillerOmeganaruto).; and was a "Shipping Meme" posted by the writer where Tumblr users and Anonymous were able to request of him of doing stories based on Crack Shippings. These stories were themed around something bad happening to these characters. As of now, "Bad End Shipping" is on hiatus until the next time the author gets into a rut with his other stories.


Lizzie Hearts

Cedar Wood

C. A. Cupid

Farrah Good Fairy

Duchess Swan

Justine Dancer

Faybelle Thorn

Cerise Hood

Raven Queen


Briar Beauty


TruthinLies- Lizzie/Cedar

Black Rose - Briar Beauty/Raven Queen requested by Anonymous

Tattered Wings - Duchess/Asnlynn

Pas de deux - Duchess/Justine requested by Lastqueenofmars

Heart2Heart - Cupid/Lizzie requested by Anonymous

Dark Beasts - Faybelle/Cerise Requested by Anonymous

Black Feather - Duchess/Raven requested by Thegreatstorycollector

Dark Magic - Faybelle/Raven requested by Anonymous


Please, Help - Lizzie/Cedar

Dance of Death - Duchess/Justine

Queen of my Heart - Lizzie/Cupid

Light and Shadows- Faybelle/Cerise

Jump - Duchess/Raven

Just Another Day - Faybelle/Raven

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