Chapter 1: Tales Of The Story

Bailey Beauty watched Chaton Boots and Minou 'Minnie' Boots walk into Magicalistic Cinemas to watch the 4:00 screening of Legally Goldilocks. Bailey didn't join the fellow student as she had watched the movie 3 times that week. She was so bored so she ordered a popcorn while she waited for Cameron Wolf and Jace Charming. She finished the carton and placed the empty container roughly in the bin. Cameron and Jace casually walked into the cinemas at that very moment. "Finally, your here! I've been waiting forever!" Bailey moaned. "Chill, Bails. What have you been doing to actually entertain yourself?" Jace said 'poshly'. "Hexually, I've been eating popcorn, listening to Sabrina Carpet, looking at Hexico's weather for the next month, but best of all, thinking of a new awesome prank" Bailey had a sparkly glare in her eyes, which mean she had something awesome planned.

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