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Her Royal Highness Princess Ballette LaDance [she/her] is a 2015-introduced/2020-revamped and all-around character. She is the daughter of the current generation's Third Dancing Princess (Vienna LaDance) from the German fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses written by the Brothers Grimm.

At the time of the Rebel Movement, Ballette is attending her Freedom Year and currently rooms with Elvira Alvarez. Extremely happy and excited for her destiny, Ballette happily sides with the Royals. However, she often finds herself debating with herself, as she cannot do what her legacy wants her to do, she can't dance no matter how hard she tries. 

[This character was originally created by RoybelGirl, then adopted by GrimmsDePytheLover, and later adopted by ShadowSpirit020]




Ballette is rather pretty- she has long, thick dark brown hair streaked with cream-colored highlights that cascade down to her shoulders in messy waves. Ballette's skin is a light shade of brown and her eyes are a blue-violet color. Her lips are strawberry red and her height is average.

Fairy Tale

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Anton Dancer
Sylvi Dancer
Amalia Dancer
Vienna LaDance
Deirdre Dancer
Juliana Dancer
Seven Sisters
Justice Dancer
Giselle Dancer
Ballete LaDance
Delancey Dancer
Adalius Dancer
Alejandro Dancer
Arcelia Dancer


Mother - Vienna LaDance

Her name is a pun on the Viennese waltz.

Father - Unnamed Prince Charming

Aunts & Uncles

Aunt - Juliana Dancer
Aunt - Amalia Dancer
Aunt - Justice Dancer


Cousin - Adalius Dancer
Cousin - Alejandro Dancer
Cousin - Arcelia Dancer
Cousin - Giselle Dancer



Ballette has had a cat named Gold Leaf for as long as she can remember. The old cat has white fur with gold and ginger specks covering her body and bright blue eyes. In animal calling, Ballette received a flamingo whom she named Pink Silver.


She is open for ships.


Signature - Royals

Ballette's dress reflects a modern mix of a ballet outfit. (I really am having a hard time describing this, maybe it'll be easier when I upload some art of her)


  • Her full name is Ballette Ramona LaDance.



  • As Ballete was originally created by RoybelGirl, most of what is on this page were written by her.
  • In Bel's own words, this is why Ballette has her name "Well, Ballette is just a little pun on Ballet. Her last name is "dance" for obvious reasons and La was really just something I added for fun"



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