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Bane O'Rouge [he/him] is the successor to Johnny from the folk song The Banks of Red Roses. Although Bane has never liked his destiny, he feels it’s best to stay and prevent his curse from hurting other people. Far too nice for a rake but far too determined as a student, Bane’s doing what he can to prove his worth as Johnny without losing himself in the process.



He’s got a love hate relationship with the staff. On the one hand, Bane does well in most of his classes. On the other hand, he’s openly disinterested in becoming a villain.


Abilities & Interests

Folk song - The Banks of Red Roses

How it goes

How does Bane come into it

Bane’s mother was a musician under the patronage of the last Johnny. She was nearly killed for refusing his advances but luckily survived to tell the tale. Later on, she married a clockmaker who would become Bane’s dad.

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Dipper Owlister

Grizzabella Penumbra

Along with Dipper, Grizz and Bane form the band Tragic Tree Huggers. If there's one thing these weirdos share, it's the fact they're #tragique af. And they all love plants.


  • Bane’s face claim would be Jamie Campbell Bower, while his voice claim would be Blindboy Boatclub from The Rubberbandits, who comes from Limerick.
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