BarbarianKnight3, also known as GraphicsGirl-luvs-UK (deviantART) or Laura, is a rather quiet participater in the Ever After High fandom, but is crazy about non the less.


Laura could be described as "mad as the hatter" but she's unsure if that could mean mad as in "eccentric", mad as in "angry" or mad as in "suffering a disorder of the mind". She's been called all three by others so it's hard to tell. She loves to be creative through various mediums such as drawing, writing and handicrafts. Her other intrests include reading, history and her various fandoms. She is rather introverted, bad at socialising and incredibly shy.

She is drawn to Ever After High because of the characters and the creativity of their world. Her favourite characters tend to be Rebels or Wonderlandians but if she's honest, any character with an interesting design are fair game as she's just a huge storytelling and design geek.

Original Characters

Icon-Rebel Torquille Mock- Daughter of the Mock Turtle

Icon-Rebel Brynneth Muffet- Daughter of Little Miss Muffet

Icon-Royal Hawklan "Hawke" Gryphon- Son of the Gryphon

Icon-Rebel Jade Cavall- Daughter of the Green Knight

Coming Soon/In-Progress

Icon-Royal Richard Whittington Jnr- Son of Dick Whittington

Icon-Rebel Azarian Chanteur- Son of the Blue Bird


Laura will eventually get round to writing diaries/bookmark stories and Mirror Blogs for her OCs and maybe even some non-diary-type stories.



  • Laura comes from the land of Carroll, Dickens and Shakespeare- England. She doesn't drink tea, though.
  • If she was a fairytale character, Laura would most likely be something along the lines of a good fairy or a Wonderlandian.
  • She's an unnecessarily massive history geek and likes putting stupid references into everything. She's even writing a story that is basically one big collection of history puns.
  • She'd love to have lilac hair only dying is way too much hastle. She really needs magic powers...then she could do it.
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