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Bastian Schwan is the son of the princess from The Six Swans by the Brothers Grimm. He is the older brother of Mia Schwan.



Bastian is of average height, with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a white sweater, a white scarf made of swan feathers, and black pants.


Bastian is somewhat of a jerk, and he is very overly concerned about his appearance. He likes to woo the ladies. He will often boast that he's dated two girls at once. Bastian is often in a good mood, and he loves to smile. He is often primping his hair.

Bastian does have some redeeming qualities, though. He is very trustworthy and can always keep a secret. He is also very kind to animals.


Bastian's family, the Schwans, is one of the most famous family in Grimmland. His father, Dieter Schwan, is king of the Northern Schwan kingdom, while his mother is a princess from the Southern Schwan kingdom. His family is one of the families favored by HM Grimm for producing many great Royals.

Bastian, a third-year student, would like to continue the time-honored tradition. He is supported by his parents, as well as his maternal grandfather, King Johann Schwan. He receives little support from his mother's black-hearted stepmother, Valeria Schwan, who is the daughter of a witch and a substitute teacher for History of Evil Spells.

Bastian is one of the skilled charmers and likes to participate in charm-offs with Daring Charming. Bastian doesn't like it when Daring constantly one-ups him, but the two do manage to get along.



Bastian is the middle child in his family. He has an older brother named Fabian and a younger sister named Mia. His mother has six older brothers; Anton, Michael. Peter, Christian, Marcus, and Felix. His mother also has three half-siblings, Lars, Hermine, and Robert, from her father's second wife, the witch's daughter.

Bastian's father has a younger sister and a younger brother. His father's younger brother, who was adopted by a fairy, is the father of Kamilla Gyik.

Bastian also has several cousins from his uncles. Bastian's parents are second cousins.


Bastian is friends with Daring Charming and the other popular boys. He is also friends with his sister Mia, his cousin Kamilla, and his uncle Robert.


Bastian is enemies with his step-grandmother Valeria.


Bastian is dating Alix Spirituel.


  • Bastian's surname means "swan" in German.
  • Bastian is a second cousin once removed of Isidore L'Orange and Simon Paisible - his great-grandmother was one of the sisters of Isidore and Simon's grandfather.
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