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Character Profile
Parent Story Snow White and Red Rose
Age 17
Alignment Rebel
Roommate Aerten Fyrsten
Secret Heart's Desire My greatest wish is to find my love, and have my happily ever after all my true love will get rid of the curse and be a bear forever, and become the prince that ever was.
My "Magic" Touch Because of this my side "animal" I have a close connection with nature, so I can talk to and understand animals, after all they are not these monsters that everyone thinks to be.
Storybook Romance Status Rosabella Beauty is the only one who understands me, she's the one that helps me control my side "beast"
Oh "Curses!" Moments When I'm stressed turn into a dreadful brown bear, sharp teeth and scare everyone around me, that's unintentionally after all always want to have my friends with me.
Favourite Subject Environmental Magic, enchanted animals and forests, you have something better to study?
Least Favourite Subject

Beast Training & Care not call them beasts after all it is an offense, are actually docile and affectionate animals, you simply take care of them.

Best Friends Forever After I like everyone to like me, but Rosabella Beauty is the only one who really understands me.

Bearnard Prince is son of The Prince and also son of the Snow White for the tale Snow White and Rose Red

Personality and Skills

Bearnie (as he likes to be called) is a boy "fierce" and intelligent, he tends to be a little stressed and being most often angry at something is a boy who likes to help his friends and is always willing to lend a "paw" to help those in need.

Appearance and Style

He dresses wildly, and tends to have a punk style, opting to wear torn clothes with hair, but also like clothes that remind the forest with a style "forest punk"

Bearnie, has blonde hair with blue streaks, shaved on the sides has brown eyes and peach skin

In his bear form, he is brown maintains common characteristics with human form.

Original Story

Snow White and Rose Red




He is the son of Prince who becomes a bear in the fable Snow White and Rose Red, then it is also the son of Snow White


It is a sociable boy, but tends to be a friend of Hunter Huntsman, Ashlynn Ella and Rosabella Beauty


He likes to have a close connection with nature, and not think it's right to have an animal to call your "pet"


He has a "crush" with Rosabella Beauty but she does not recognize this fact, but both are friends

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