Belinda Arcuri is the daughter of Samaritana (and the next Samaritana herself) from the Italian fairy tale Biancabella and the Snake.



Belinda is a mix between a SoCal girl and a "bro" type of person: chill, goes with the flow, a little bit spirited, and ready to kick ass at any given moment.

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  • Enjoys working with wood and can be found in the Woodshop area.
  • Often works on calisthenics stuff in the gym.
  • Enjoys shopping in Book End.
  • Plays in Dragon Games events as an aggressive player.


small (about 5 flat), a bit tan, Sicilian, has her hair in a ponytail with bangs, has a toned physique.

The Story: Biancabella and The Snake

The Story

How Belinda Fits In

She is the next Samaritana, which means she basically is the benevolent personification of the snake emoji.



tba, but she has her Biancabella


she needs them



no one lmao


She has a pet emperor scorpion named Diamante that came to her during Animal Calling.


her style is chill instagram baddie with an affinity for leather and pastel nude colors.

Class Schedule


I can't believe you threw a goddamn lion cub at the director.
Belinda; excerpt from an unnamed fic


  • Belinda's FC (face claim) is Ariana Grande.
  • Her name means "beautiful", but could also mean "bright serpent".
  • She is Sicilian/American.
  • Her Thronecoming gift was a set of carving tools with diamonds inlaid into the handle (and unbreakable diamond tipped blades) neatly arranged in a holder made from rose colored leather.
  • Her pet scorpion is a reference to another variation of the story.
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