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Do you have ANY idea how slimy it feels when a toad crawls out of your throat? Gross!
Belinda Blackwell to Ella Glamourwing

Belinda Blackwell is a 2019-introduced and all-around fanon character. She is the daughter of Fanny from the story Diamonds and Toads and is a student at Ever After High. On the destiny conflict, she sides with the Rebels because she wants to marry a prince and have a Happily Ever After.



Belinda shares many similar traits with her mother and she is fit for her role in her shared story with her cousin Fleur. She is haughty, disagreeable, cunning, and rude. Her bad reputation in school causes many students to avoid her out of fear. She is ambitious, fearless, and wouldn't hesitate to speak her mind.

At some point before attending her Legacy Year in Ever After High, Belinda realizes that she can use her curse to get others to do what she wants. She is extremely competitive and hates to lose, so watch out when she starts yelling out her frustrations!


Belinda is a girl of average height with pale skin and golden/amber eyes. She has short, straight, black hair with bright green streaks.

Fairy tale

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She is the daughter of Fanny from Diamonds and Toads.



Belinda is only interested in princes as marrying into royal family will allow her to live a luxurious lifestyle. So far she is interested in her cousin Fleur's future prince, Richard Charming, since he is one of the wealthiest royals in Ever After.


She has a pet toad named Toadstool.

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