A messy story, isn't it? And the best thing about it is that I have to follow it.
Bella answers questioned about her story.

Bella Ann Butterfly is obviously the daughter of the Bread-and-Butterfly, a small creature and a background character in Through the Looking Glass, and what Alice found there.

Bella has got excellent decencies and a pretty lady-like attitude. She's still a stranger to the Fairytale world, so she tries to fit in. Even if Bella loves her destiny, she's worried about it as she can't fly.


Bella seems serious, good looking and preppy by her appearance, but deep inside she's a childish girl that wants to throw her decencies away and follow her own path. That's deep, very deep inside thought. She's currently a "royal" keeping her freedom thoughts for herself. Although she's not exactly sure for her alignment choice, it seems like that the others will never know. Quite funny fact for her to imagine. First of all she's a quite energetic type of person. She loves action and adventure, but she has the bad habit to poke in everywhere.

She is also too creative and she loves to bake off wonderful sweets, often with a bit of magic in them. She is able to help people, by granting their wishes by making just a muffin. Luckily the owner of the tea and sweets shop, hates this "muffins" and brings her the magic herbs only twice a month.

Bella is the absolute perfectionist. She loves being in time, in detail and of course in style. You could say that she still lives in the Victorian times, as she's girly, preppy and talkative. Her biggest flaw, is that she can't easily protect herself and usually needs someone else to do this. She's pretty sensitive, as she lost her father during her early years in the looking glass-wonderland. She had spent some sadistic years as a child.

Bella loves being friendly and open minded, She likes to impress people and get rewarded by their friendship. Simpleminded,perfectionist and a second thoughts royal, Bella is ready to face the world in front of her,


Bella is very tall. She is taller than the normal term of height. She's also quite skinny. Her hair has got a light turquoise color and light yellow steaks. The locks reach her back. Her deep eyes are dark purple and lighting blue. Her skin tone is very pale. It could remind you of roses. She has got blue freckles around her small nose. Bella's wings are two long pieces of bread, with butter and crystal sugar spread on them. She usually uses them as an accessory. Bella often covers the smell of butter with flower perfumes.

Most people call Her unique and beautiful, although Bella believes that she's a little freak.



Bella is the daughter of the Bread-And-Butterfly.







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