Bella Rose
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Parent Story Beauty and the Beast
Alignment Royal! Yep! Harry is back alive! He is officially my prince!
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Just transferred to Ever After High. I'm kinda scared...

Just got this Magic Mirror, and it works awesome!

First week of Ever After High wasn't as bad as I thought. Let's see how it goes next week!

Decided to check out the library, and there were so many books! I checked out about 10 books and left straight to my dorm to read.

Tried to read a book in grimmnastics, and got hit by a dodgeball.

My mom just called. She said there has been trouble with my older siblings. I have to stay at home for the weekend, thanks to the fact that my father was a beast, my mother gave birth to a lot of children! A lot of thorny older siblings!

OMG Arabella surprised me with a stuffed bear! Oh, and she gave me a rose shaped cookie! Forget my last post! Best sister EVER!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!! I think Cupid just hooked me up with the right guy! I think I found him! I think I found my beast!

Harry and I are going out tonight at 6:30. Can't wait to see how it goes!

Tonight went fairy well! I'm going out with him again on Saturday! Don't worry, I will tell you how it goes on Saturday!

Arabella has been seeming upset lately. I wonder what happened...

Im scared! I try to talk to Arabella, but she won't let me!

Im gonna go visit my parents and have a talk with them. Harry gave me a mirror and a ring... I think my parents might know what they mean.

OMG NO!!! I SHOULD'VE LISTENED TO ARABELLA!!!... I'm- I'm so sorry... Harry...

I... I can't do anything else but... but become a rebel again...

Omg... Harry... he's back alive! My story is continuing! This is hexellent! ... But currently, I feel bad for Arabella and Rosabelle... I should tell them the news!

Harry and I went on an early date after he turned into a prince. It went Hexellent! He gave me a rose, and, lol, I gave him a stuffed animal. But it looked exactly like him when he was a beast! The best part, we finished the date with a kiss.

Arabella apologized. It was scary, but he's back alive. I wonder how she is doing...