Belladonna or also known as Donya, is Rolana Candeliere, Romia Candeliere and Luciana "Luci" Candeliere's caretaker and ,' motherly' figure although not being there for them a lot. 



Donya is a couch potato. She is so lazy she cant help her kids learn and grow properly, making them fail. She tries to be motherly, but ends up failing horribly. The only thing she isnt lazy about is Genieology, which involves dead things. She is denying the fact that Candlewick is dead and wants him to come back. Because of this denial is the reason why she is so lazy. She feels she cant do anything about death and lets death thoughts slowly devour her. She also has an emporium in the town of Bookend, where she sells candy and candles and books. 


Donya has silky curly yet messy hair, green-brown swampy eyes, two grey-brown donkey ears and a tail, and her bottom half of her body is that of a donkey, similar to the Esel family. 



Cherry Esel

Cherry Esel was Donya's beloved sister, and best friend. She was heart broken when she had died since she had just lost her husband not to long before. 


Lucignolo was Donya's mate, and a side character in the Adventures of Pinocchio. She loved him so much and denied his death, still waiting for him to come back to her. 




Her mate was Lucignolo, who had died. 


  • She and Cherry Esel are sisters

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