Note: A lot of this page is still under construction, and may be like this for a while, please do not delete! Betony and Honey Nutkin are the daughter of Squirrel Nutkin from the Beatrix Potter tale of the same name. The girls do not really know what side they are on, and when asked will respond with, "Will it get us to any cool party faster if we say rebel or royal?"

The twins were both created by MeredithAgnesPoe and Flamette.

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Betony & Honey Nutkin
Parent Story The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
Age 15
Alignment Neutral.
Roommate We are each other's roommate.
Secret Heart's Desire I don't really know. I guess to really find out more about my father's tale, seeing as me and Honey are half-sisters and all that...
My "Magic" Touch Both me and Betony are  riddle experts, and its totally fun to confused everyone!
Storybook Romance Status We really don't have time for that. 
Oh "Curses!" Moments Well, supposedly, when we've been drinking a lot of fermented pumpkin juice, apparently we act all crazy and stuff. I wouldn't really know because I never really remember what happens though.
Favourite Subject TBA
Least Favourite Subject TBA
Best Friends Forever After Well, we are each other's best friend..but Thistle Resmorso is also our friend as well.

Parent Story: The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Squirrel Nutkin, his brother Twinkleberry, and their many cousins sail to Owl Island on little rafts they have constructed of twigs. They offer resident owl Old Brown a gift and ask his permission to do their nut-collecting on his island. Nutkin however dances about impertinently singing a silly riddle. Old Brown pays no attention to Nutkin, but permits the squirrels to go about their work. Every day for six days, the squirrels offer gifts to Old Brown, and every day as well, Nutkin taunts the owl with another sing-song riddle. Eventually, Nutkin annoys Old Brown once too often. The owl seizes Nutkin and tries to skin him alive. Nutkin escapes, but not without losing most of his tail. After this he becomes furious when he is asked riddles.


Personality Betony  is a relaxed, calm and slightly stupid. She enjoys making up riddles to annoy her fellow classmates. She loves hanging around with her sister, and assisting Thistle Resmorso...even though she probably doesn't really appreciate it.

Honey  is similar to her sister, but is slightly more intelligent. She also is fond of shiny things, and starting fights for the sake of it.




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