Into the Blizzard

I am the next Snow Queen. AAAARGHHH! Who am I kidding? I hate my destiny and I don't want to be Headmaster Grimm's puppet! So what do I do? Let me start from the beginning...

Chapter 1

Ever since I came to Ever After High,I've been plagued with depression because of that fool Apple White's constant bullying and endless emotional blackmail. Ever since I chose to be a Rebel, Apple has been bullying me. She sends me nasty hexts, busts into my room and hits me with a blunt instrument called a ruler.Here is one of her hexts to me:

Apple White: YOU'RE SO UGLY! LOL!>:-D
Bianca Blizzard:Stop.Bullying.ME!!!!!!!!! :.-(
Apple White:SHUT UP LOSER!!!!!!!
Bianca Blizzard is offline

Chapter 2

I have a new roommate. Her name is Genevieve Goose and she is the daughter of the goose girl. She always puts on really,REALLY loud punk muse-ic. Me who loves silence + her who loves noise = trouble.We don't get along at all,not even a bit. On the day of Legacy Day, I saw Genevieve's normal smirk change into a pitied,sad face and I felt sorry for her. When Raven Queen refused to sign, Genevieve smiled and a fire of hope and joy lit up in my heart.

Chapter 3

Headmaster Grimm just stormed into my room and said this: " I have found out that your parents went off-script. However, your story is so important that you will not be banished but your parents will." That was the last straw for me. I punched him so hard he was instantly frozen into a block of solid ice. Then I flew out of my room to Raven Queen's room. After all, she was a fellow rebel and she could help me. We talked for a while until Apple came in and spotted us. Apple reached for the ruler but I quickly slapped her and she froze immediately after. Genevieve came running in and she smiled and held her hand out. I took it and I smiled back. I had never been so happy before.

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