"Why hello baby. I'm Blackbird Witchy. What's your name sweetheart?" Blackbird introducing herself to...anyone.

Blackbird Witchy is the daughter of the witch from Bella Venezia. She is a Rebel because she doesn't want to kill anyone, not even for half of a rich woman's fortune.


Blackbird has baby fine black hair she wears cut in a pixie, blackish-purple eyes and dark skin. She wears a stone grey headband with a small grey witch's hat attached. She wears a blue tanktop printed with the outline of a bird in flight, and a black domed skirt done up higher on one side with a silver pin tucked in the hem. She has on dark blue netting tights, dark blue fingerless gloves, and black shoes.


Blackbird is flirtatious. She's pretty much the definition of a flirt, always loving to flatter and charm her way into everyone's heart, but she likes to break them, as she loves her freedom. She isn't afraid to use her flirtations to find out what she wants to know.

Beneath the flirty outer shell, she's a brave, strong, yet sassy girl, who's very sweet. But she has built up the outer shell for not wanting others to know who she really is. She doesn't like people to look beneath the shell and see who she really is.


Annabella Venezia

Despite Annabella being the girl she's supposed to kill, those two aren't entirely enemies. They're frenemies, being the best way to put Blackbird's awkwardness and flirty mix around Annabella.


She's to much of a player for a real romance, I think she's been with everyone.


Blackbird was named after something of great beauty to her mother. But a lot of people call her "BB", "Little Bird", or "Birdy."

The pin in her skirt is the pin her mother used to kill the girl, it's enchanted, though Blackbird isn't sure what else it will do, other than killing people by stabbing it through their skull.

She has moments when she'll black out and wake up a few minutes later. It's the worst possible thing, when she's flirting with someone when her world goes black. The longest that it takes for her to wake up is five minutes. A lot of people tease her about it and she now tries her hardest to stop it.

Personal Theme Song

"Breakaway." Blackbird loves the message behind it.


Magic: Birdy knows how to cast dark magic spells and she specializes in trickster spells.

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