No, I'm not the daughter of Odette. So what ? My mother's way prettier than Odette, if you want my opinion.
Blanche when someone asks her if she's the daughter of Odette
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Blanche Swanlake is the graceful and sweet daughter of one of the Swan Maidens from "The Swan Lake".

She's a Rebel, since she wants a bigger and better role in her fairytale.



Blanche is nice... unless you talk about her destiny to her. 'Cause it's a very slippery slope to go on. Also, Blanche can appear as capricious, even spoiled sometimes, but it's because of her destiny. She would totally want to take Duchess's place as Odette... and she thinks she'd be better in that role.

She may be spoiled and everything, but it doesn't mean she's not sweet or nice, because she is to most people, Schwanne von Rothbart included. She kind of understand Schwanne's evilness because it's her destiny... (well, actually she sometimes lecture her and tell her to be nicer and everything...

Also, Blanche is a total fashion-addict. She always wear clothes at the top of fashion, and is very proud about it.


Blanche has a pale skin, blue-grey eyes and a very graceful way to move. When she walks, she looks like she's dancing. (Well, actually Blanche practices ballet.) She also has long, wavy black hair with white strands.

Her clothes are swan-themed, with white dresses and feather features on those white dresses. Yes, Blanche loves white color.

Fairy tale – Swan Lake

How the Story Goes



Blanche has a very ordinary familylife, with her mother who's always nice to her and her father... who's absent, in fact. When Blanche's mother met him, they were at first very in love, but soon he cheated on Blanche's mother. (Actually, Blanche's father is French.)


Blanche doesn't really have any precise friend : she likes being with everyone.


Blanche has a pet swan cub named Dancer


Blanche isn't in love but she dreams about meeting her true Prince Charming.


Blanche hasn't any enemies, except the ones who tease her about her destiny.


  • Blanche is born from the user's will to create another French character
  • Blanche is fluent in Russian, English and French
  • Blanche has been created very, very fastly


Well, actually I'm lucky I'm not Odette. At least I won't lose my Prince Charming !
Blanche trying to convince someone she's better than Duchess
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