• Unholyacolyte

    Please be safe

    March 27, 2020 by Unholyacolyte

    Not trying to instill panic or anything like that, but just wanted to check in and say well wishes to all of you. Please be safe and take care of yourselves okay? We're having bad in South Korea, but for the most part, it's under control (minus the recent case that was on post and putting us all on lockdown but that is a different story).

    It's getting worse in the United States? I don't know everyone's situation because I know all of you don't live in the States.

    Regardless this Wiki is always in my thoughts and I wish you all well. Tumblr is on my driver, so if you want to talk about anything at all that inbox is open. It hasn't gone past my notice that a lot of you are there for each other and that's great too, keeping each others spirits …

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  • RoseSummers1

    You guys should know how this works by now. Pick one of my OCs  and have me write a letter to anyone who they have a relationship with.

    Check out the blog posts of Zena, Nyx, Coral, Ris, Zola , and Neecy.

    Dear Jaiden,

    My sweet firecracker. First things first, thank you so much for the new pin cushion, Jai!! Mine was almost destroyed!!! And second, I can't believe you. You took the blame for me and served my dentention. You knew good and well that what happened was my fault, and you still took the punishment. If I had better control of Mariposa ... I honestly have no idea how we ended up together. I don't deserve you as a boyfriend. I just wish people could see that in you.

    With endless love,

    Your sweet little butterfly


    I'd say it's a ple…

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  • NeecyWizzle

    And I am finally getting to this! This was a hundred percent not my idea (credit to Zena!), and go look at the ones Ris, Nyx, Coral, and Sola have done! But anyway, this will be request based and it can be from my OCs to anyone they know! (Future and present) Friends, family, love interests etc. Anything goes!

    FAMMMMMMM I miss you all so f**king much and I wish you were here. Also one of you hurry up and volunteer for my destiny so you can come here too. I’M LONELY

    Tabby – You better be taking care of yourself! I sh*t you not I will hunt you down and kill you if you aren’t. Counter-intuitive, but I DON’T GIVE A F**K

    Sassi— As SOON as I see you we’re having a rap battle and I WILL BEAT YOU THIS TIME. SERIOUSLY, I WILL NOT LOSE AGAIN. Also I th…

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  • Cerisefan03

    So I am by far not the first to do this. Thanks Zena for coming up with the idea. Check out Nyx's , Coral's , and Sola's too!

    You know how it goes. You can request a letter from any of my OC's to anyone the may have  interacted with, exes, friends, family, you get it. It can even be a request to their future children or something.

    I am not going to show one single shred of respect to you in this letter, so let's skip the greeting, shall we?

    I just wanted to let you know a few things. One, i am going to tell you again that you shouldn't be here. You should be in a cage, in a zoo or something, your an animal and need to be treated as such.

    Second, don't try anything wit hmy girlfriend. I dont think you'll try to get a date with her, but i just …

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  • Madame O'Front

    While I know that I currently have a lot of wips (pages and art) I do want to get back to writing character voices again and do something that I wouldn’t demand too much from myself so I decided to join in on writing letters. Credits to Zena who came up with the idea and you should also check out the ones by Nyx and Coral too. (And more people to come)

    So choose one of my characters and someone they know whom they’d be writing to. And I’ll try to write a letter from them.

    Yes, you can totally ask the future versions of some characters. You might get to see some not previously shared information about them and perceptions about their relationships straight from the horse’s mouth.

    Dear mother,

    I’m sorry for what happened on Parents’ Day. I shou…

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  • Riliane De Lucifen

    I'm absolutely jumping on the trend set by Zena and Nyx so... you know how that goes fhbgfhgt

    (Also there's a typo in the title, it was supposed to be "to" another but eh)

    "Dear Launcer, 

    I'm an idiot. Why? Because only an idiot writes letters to the one person they keep avoiding. But... anyway here we are, I guess.  I want to tell you... well there's a lot I would like to tell you. But I'll try to keep it short. I'm... confused about you. And I can't tell if that's a good thing or not. Mostly, I can't tell. Most princesses would go on a paragraph-long rant about the guy they're in love with, but-- here's the thing. I've never been in love. Like, in "for-real" love. I know that might sound suprising, given how I act, but that's the truth. And…

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  • EtherealNyx

    wow hey it's 2020

    anyway!!! zee did this first here but here's how this goes basically!!! hand over the accursed name of one of my characters along with someone they'd reasonably know, like an ex, a parent, or whatever else comes to mind. i'll do my best to write it in the way they'd do it!

    oh, and be sure to send requests to zena and whoever else does this!! woo!!!

    Dear Mommy

    Dear Mama

    Dear Mother


    It feels weird to be writing these to you still. I mean, I'm not a fucking kid anymore. You'd be happy to know that I barely ever dream about you these days. You were always like 'the past is in the past' and 'live for today' when you used to be around.

    Well, I'm trying. I'd really like to do that, just so you can smile wherever you are and preten…

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  • DatAsymptote

    This post was inspired by Tumblr RP blogs ask memes, specifically this one, which I had answered once upon a time. 

    Basically, give me the name of one of my OCs, and then someone else that they probably know - whether it be an old love, whether it be their parent, etc, you don't have to name them explicitly, and I will write a letter in that style from them.

    I also recommend if you really like this idea, please repost it in your own blog so I can send requests for your OCs as well!


    I’m at the cousins’ this winter, and Rudolphus has taught me how to shoot. The story bars him from saving cannons, so we’ve been practising to the 1812 Overture. With each cannon, we fire. I’m sure the trees in the woods fear us now.

    I’ll return to Copenhagen…

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  • Cerisefan03

    Okay, technically it's three years on the wiki in 3 days, but who cares about details.

    The point is i love this site, and i love all of you. I feel like I've made a lot of friends here, Jane, Neecy, Coral, to name a few, and everyone here is so nice!

    Thankfully, you all were really understanding to me. (Memories of 2017 me still make me cringe). And I feel like I've grown in many areas.

    When i have a question, i just ask it. When i like an OC that isnt mine, i let them know. I'm a lot more confident which is nice. And I've stopped over apologizing for everything! Now i only apoplogize if I've done something really bad, not if I've asked three questions in a row.

    Thats not the only area ive grown in.

    I actually finish the stories i start, for th…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    hi all! long time no see! 

    dont have any oc content but can offer my knowledge of pq icons u.u

    a lot of people have asked me how i make the icons i have made for this blog so i thought itd be more helpful for me to put some instructions in one place for easy access. since making that blog, a lot more users have made icons as well, which i am so grateful for bc theres no way i couldve made all those icons myself. thanks to yall, this community has a huge collection of icons to decorate our infoboxes with and that means a lot to me. so big thanks to everyone who has made some or helped make some < 3 !!!

    anyways, onto how i make them, in case that helps anyone!

    This section is designed to be simple steps, but I've added some clarification/help wi…

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  • NeecyWizzle


    March 19, 2020 by NeecyWizzle

    I'm so sorry I've been inactive! Not that you noticed haha, but I've had a shiz-ton of school and I haven't been able to donate as much time to the wiki as I would like. I'm still not going to be that active but I will try! Also, everyone stay safe during this pandemic. I will be praying about it and I hope this passes soon.

    P.S - If we've talked about oc relationships before my break and I didn't add anything, please let me know! I've had a lot on my mind :)

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    im rly bored and will be bored all of tomorrow SO please give me an oc (i'll need a visual ref, sorry!) and i'll draw them terribly in mspaint

    note: once ive completed your request youre free to ask again!! please be courteous and don't spam me lots tho, i'll run my creativity out rip

    note 2: make a meme out of images here + comment and u'll get an extra draw

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    me. its me. ive been doing it for like 15 minutes and so far it sucks and is lonely

    at least i have no excuse to not do wikia jobs now i guess !

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  • DatAsymptote

    hi all!

    as you are probably aware already, a bunch of ivy leagues and other east-coast universities have been shut down. While I do plan to use this extra time to get my life together + study, it does mean that I will be online a lot more! which might mean more OCs! and writing! maybe art!

    as per aquamarinesandopals's request, i am writing more fic! one of them has a working title that references a certain Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel, so keep an eye peeled, I guess. 

    how are you guys dealing with this national emergency + quarantine? other than my civic duty (isolate myself, stay sanitised/clean), i've been letting people use my apartment as storage/couch surf. i wish i could do more for my community but it's difficult when you don't have a …

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  • Cerisefan03

    The Italian Trio Timeline

    February 25, 2020 by Cerisefan03

    Guess who has free time and thought long and hard about this? This guy!

    January 18th 1980: Francesco Stregone is born

    June 4th 1983:  Prunella Fesso is born

    September 7th 1994: Francesco goes to Ever After High for the first time

    March 30th 1997: Prunella and Francesco meet for the first time

    May 1st 1997: Prunella and Francesco go on a date for the first time

    October 4th 2001: Prunella and Francesco are married

    Febuary 14th 2005: Ginger is born

    December 21st 2005: Giorgia is born

    July 10th 2010: Ginger is dropped off to live with Francesco and Prunella

    July 20th 2010: Ginger and Gio meet Tony and the trio is formed!

    Feburary 21st 2018: Gio and Tony try dating

    March 3rd 2018: Gio and Tony break up

    March 8th 2018: Ginger meets Armand

    August 5th 2021; Ging…

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  • Taleart

    Navigation Tabs Voting Stats

    February 22, 2020 by Taleart

    Hello! Y’all might know what this blog post is about, after the spam on the wiki activity page a while back asking for census HAHA but if you didn’t, I’m a fan of stats and pretty numbers so here’s some stats of the navigation tab nominees!


    • COTM stats
    • The FFC for helping with the race/ethnicity/nationality categorisation
      • Seriously, thank y'all so much for obliging my frequent questions about nationality, race and ethinicity
    • I also need to thank everyone for your enthusiastic replies and help in compiling the stats! Especially inactive users who answered the questions, that was really appreciated
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  • Hiddenfolk

    Ok so hi, I felt like doing one! This is gonna be about Marcus Contrary, Margit, the angel from the last pearl, and Malachi, son of the queen of the copper mountains. I figured they all needed a bit extra love lmao

    Im skipping fandom questions plus a few others that i dont have good answers for, u get the gist

    Marcus would probably say Darwin, cause the dude ate every species he done met, and Marcus can respect that level of chaos in science. Either that or whoever made that poison garden.

    Margit almost certainly would have a few classical literary figures he admires, but im not smart enough to think of them. Just know that he cares a lot about them, and can articulate why better than i am rn.

    Malachi likes explorers, he can appreciate their dri…

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  • Taleart

    OC autographs!

    February 21, 2020 by Taleart

    I was supposed to upload these on discord a few days back, but thought it’ll be neat it upload them here instead! this is inspired by Spades’ blog post last year ♡

    1. Addy’s the type to have fun, so her autograph’s loopy. There’s a grinning face with freckles, though she’ll probably customise it for whoever the signature’s for!
    2. Ting is more serious when signing, and tends to press her pen down too hard, which causes her lines to be straighter. Her role is also tied to lakes, so the dots look like water droplets. Fun fact: Chinese is traditionally written top-down, which is referenced here with ‘ting’ and ‘an’!
    3. Kingston probably had penmanship classes in his prince cram school, but he's the sort to ignore the lessons and ditch traditional cursive.…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    i made a sorter for my eah ocs! 

    if you dont know what a sorter is, its a series of choices that, at the end, produce a list of things in order from most to least favourite. zena has made one for their ocs and encouraged me to do the same, so here it is! if anyone fancies taking it and sharing the results, please go ahead. (this felt less egotistical earlier, rip)

    the sorter is hosted on tumblr but you should access it through a browser, not the tumblr app if youre a mobile user, otherwise it wont work. it works fine as is on desktop!

    of note to anyone who does do it: id just like to see the top 10, or, 15, or 20, or similar. i know a lot of my ocs will be low due to not having pages and dont think i can handle the self esteem hit that is var…

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  • RoseSummers1

    Valentine's Day

    February 15, 2020 by RoseSummers1

    Yeah, I meant to post this yesterday, but here are Valentine's Day Headcanons for my couples (posted and developed)

    • Amorette makes a new outfit for Jaiden (including a new mask) because she didn't really have any orders.
    • Jaiden, having no idea what to give to Amorette for Valentine's Day or her birthday. Eventually settled for a regular in-dorm movie date.

    • Praxton gave Eira her favorite candy from the Land of Sweets.
    • Eira gives Praxton the day off from service (to no avail).
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  • Cerisefan03

    Valentine's Day!

    February 14, 2020 by Cerisefan03

    Happy Valentine's day! Just a few headcannons on how my ships will spend the day.

    • Arthur spends most of the day wondering if it's considered platonic to give a girl flowers on Valentine's day, but in the end, he just does, bluebells, not roses, he's not an idiot.
    • Naomi buys him a new saddle, though insists that it's not for Valentine's day, and the pair spend the whole night in the stables, remembering and laughing, but the word love is never mentioned.

    • Larkin stands outside her room, reciting the cheesiest love poems ever, over and over at the top of his lungs, until she emerges, giving him both a smack and a kiss.
    • Opal tries to use her magic to make fireworks because Larkin likes those, but he ends up getting singed instead, and Opal is mort…

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  • Rai-Knightshade

    Remember those comedic Valentines I made, like, forever ago? They're back and they're new and improved!!!

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  • Taleart

    ♡ Valentine's Cards ♡

    February 14, 2020 by Taleart

    Happy Valentine's!! Here are some cards :D

    • hume’s role mentions the human body and the bloodstream, so he gets an actual heart
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  • Cerisefan03

    So I was browsing my Pinterest, and realized that I have one board solely dedicated to inspirational quotes. Ok, obviously I knew that beforehand, but the thing that really stood out to me today was how many of them I could match to my OC's. And I am bored so...this is what we get.

    "Fools take a knife and stab people in the back. A wise person takes the knife and cuts the cord to free them from the fools."

    "The biggest coward, (him), is a man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her."

    "The world loves crazy girls, until we actually start being crazy."

    "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

    "She is like the moon, part of her is always hidden."

    "The tiger and lion may be strongest, but …

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  • DatAsymptote

    Back in May 2017, I wrote this thinkpiece. I called it a thinkpiece then, and I’ll call it a thinkpiece now. It’s about one thing that really upsets me in this fandom, which is how, out of all the classes to dunk on, people tend to dunk on Damsel-in-Distressing.

    A very feminist part of me was uncomfortable with this, and sat down to break down why it was so. I was eighteen when I wrote this, and this piece is definitely a very, very simple take. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in reading this, please do!

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  • Cerisefan03

    Another what does x think of blog, this time done with two upcoming OC's, Corina Ertrinken, and Damballa Demonic, people who cannot stand each other, and each have their strong opinions. Please specify which one you want to answer and you can ask about whichever one you want.

    D: "Can i preface this with that i don't like her brother? Juniper herself...i wish I was as scary as she is. Yes, i can admit that I'm not perfect at being scary, but she is. However, I don't think she likes me. (Not that I need her too of course, but you know, it might be nice to have someone other than Jay who thinks well of me.) Also, she hasn't been expelled? I am both in awe, and quite frankly terrified. What did she threaten to do to the faculty that they've kep…

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  • ShadowSpirit020

    Name Deciding 2.0

    February 2, 2020 by ShadowSpirit020
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  • DatAsymptote

    Hi all! The votes from Navigation Tab nominations have been collected, and OC creators have been contacted, so we now have lists of all the finalists. Thank you for all your votes, we’ve cultivated a beautiful list of nominees.

    But the time has come to vote on them. This is as simple as checking the boxes of the OCs you wish to vote for on a Google Form.

    To maintain the “one set of votes per person” rule, the Google Forms requires you to be logged onto a Google account before you proceed. I am under the impression that most people should have one, given Google Docs, YouTube, etc, but if this is a problem, shoot me a message.

    To confirm, the Top 10 of each alignment category will achieve a spot on the Navigation Bar. Given the sheer number of O…

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  • ShadowSpirit020

    Hey all, So I'm in need of some help with renaming a few OCs. Their names are slightly changing to match the rules.

    Closing Monday February 3, 2020

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  • TheWiseUnicorn

    what an edgy name right

    anyway!! coming up with new babies mean coming up with new relationships, right?? lemme introduce the new members of the wise cast (and some old pals in need of pals)! :D

    • marisha morevna - mom friend future russian tsarina and someone who constantly needs to stop her friends from doing stupid things. mainly needs friends and acquaintances, I don't think she'd be the type of gal to have enemies or anything like that. she's baby. open for roommates (oh my gosh they were roommates)!
    • natasha moroz - she. deserves so much. yeet friends at her please. also rivals/enemies would be good!! all in all, she will yeet gifts at you just because she can.
    • breadie barmbrack - she just wants tall friends to give her warm hugs and give h…
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  • NeecyWizzle

    Hey Guys!

    January 29, 2020 by NeecyWizzle

    Ok so I’m kinda, sorta, back everyone. I’ve managed to get my school life mostly on track again but I still have a little way to go 😔 Nevertheless, I’m sorted out for the most part and I can come back now! I might not be on all the time, but I will try and I’m really glad to be back. Also if anyone here is on Quotev, can you please checkout my acc? Here’s my url: Thank you all! 🖤🖤🖤

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  • Cerisefan03


    January 28, 2020 by Cerisefan03

    So now that Merlena is in the picture and I'm mostly happy with her page, I figured it was time to put some of my newer kids out for relationships.

    • Friends
    • Romance
    • Enemies
    • Acquaintances

    • Friends
    • Enemies
    • Acquaintances

    • Friends (He needs real friends)
    • Enemies
    • Acquaintances
    • Roomate

    • Friends
    • Enemies
    • Acquaintaces
    • Romance (She is dating someone, but it's a unhealthy relationship

    • Friends, but come on, who'd befriend him?
    • Enemies
    • Acquaintances
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  • Riliane De Lucifen

    Been a while since I've done this so... doing it with my upcoming gal Liesel!

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  • DatAsymptote

    As straightforward as the title sounds, I'd love to get more interactions with my OCs! I'm happy to explore these through RP or fic or brainstorming in general or whatever, though I'm getting super limited on time. Let's flesh out our OCs' highschool experiences together~

    When was the last time I put up one of these? A long time ago. I'll quit rambling now and get to the point.

    Lively Charming, true to her name, is the life of the party and a perpetual bachelorette. Coy with a desire of being the centre of attention, rumours do fly about her, but hey, she's also an in to some of the best parties. Her crowd seems to be the likes of Briar Beauty and Orleans le Nouveau. If your OCs also frequent those circles, they're likely to run into her.


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  • RoseSummers1

    Need Relationships

    January 26, 2020 by RoseSummers1

    Hey y'all. So, I have a new OC Eira Shivers.

    Some of you already saw her page and thank you all for your compliments.

    I need some relationships for her.

    Any relationship is fine by me, execpt for romance. She already has someone and is very cold to most people.

    But everything else is good.

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  • Cerisefan03

    Name help?

    January 25, 2020 by Cerisefan03

    Drumroll please and a fanfare...Ris is being indescive again! I have an upcoming OC, and I don't like the name I have for her right now very much. Right now her name is Maddy Mer. She's one of the Little Mermaid's sisters and a minor destiny as a Neverland mermaid.

    I don't know how I feel about this one, I like Marley, but Maid makes her sound like she's destined to be a servant

    I like the last name a bit better, even if it just means maid in Danish

    I like this one but Lagoon just seems to be a bit obvious

    I can't find a last name that I really love!

    This literally translates to "Water Sister" (okay, water is Vand, but Vanda makes a better name in my mind), that would work if she was just destined to be the Mermaid's sister...but I don't know a…

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  • Cerisefan03


    January 21, 2020 by Cerisefan03

    Is Ris procastinating on finishing Wing Clipping? Maybe, maybe not. (I totally am.)

    But I digress. I have thought of scenes from stories that the entire concept of the story I don't want to stick with, but I really like the scenes. they are!

    (Kind of like frozen I understand, but it with an open mind please)

    "We need to make him a troll."

    "Nu--uh!" Centinnialla stares defiantly at Faybelle.

    "Okay, so what do you think this snow man should be?" Belle was older than Nialla, so at times it was up to her to keep her little sister calm, even though all she wants to do right now is dump snow down the back of Nialla's blue coat.

    "A prince!" Five year old Nialla claps her hands together as she giggles.

    Belle doesn't hide her disgust…

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  • RoseSummers1

    Moodboard Requests

    January 20, 2020 by RoseSummers1

    Hey! Rose here and I am taking requests!

    No, not art requests (because that's not up my alley). But moodboard requests.

    I love making moodboards and I'm getting better at making them prettier.

    So, if you want me to make a moodboard (or moodboards) of your OCs, then comment below. Also, don't forget to give me credit for these.

    Be sure to follow the form:

    OC (please provide a link if you don't have a pintrest board on them):

    Colors (three is the maximum):

    VSCO filter (if you want one, use this link to my pintrest):

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  • Kallenaiden2134

    Man, this has been a long journey. 

    I used to be quite active on this wiki in the summer of 2017 but basically disappeared in the next two years. Then 2020 began. After two years of inactivity, I have returned to this wiki with a new sense of inspiration. 

    In those two years, I had faced many dramas through the transition from middle to high school. I created my own wiki which I semi-frequently update as founder and beaurecrat. As the New Year has come about and I have stabilized completely in the second half of the year, I have also returned to Ever After High Fandom Wiki.

    What made me return was the one drop of inspiration - Rashid Shahryar. Though he is now known as Reza Mirza. I looked at the OCs I had made here and felt like they were si…

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  • Cerisefan03

    Request a one shot (2)

    January 11, 2020 by Cerisefan03

    Now i really love writing and i really, really love writing for other people because i love all of your OC's and this is my way of showing it! So i decided to do it again!

    Small = 800 to 1,000 words

    Medium = 1,000 to 1,500 words

    Large = 1,500 to 2,500 words

    Very Large = 2,500 to 3,000 words

    Same as last time, just pick a size from the above listed, and let me know in the comments what plot you had in mind, if anything. You can have up to three OC's as main characters in the one shot, and if you have any special notes about them or extra things you want to mention for the one shot. Please either give me a link or if their upcoming, as detailed of a description of them that you can, okay?

    I will be posting them on your message wall when finished, …

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  • Taleart

    ♡ Whether you are passionate to delight customers or just love watching love blossom, ♡
    ♡ come join our lovely family at Hearts and Roses Cafe today! ♡

    1. Chef^
    2. Pastry Chef^
    3. Barista
    4. Waiters/Waitresses

    • Cheerful and sociable team player
    • Someone who cares about love
    • ^experienced in cooking respective cuisines

    • Send in your application in the comments below
    • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a personal interview.
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  • Kiramigo GD

    What's up, fairytales! I'm Kiramigo GD, but you might already have known me as Rexadon294.
    I closed that account back on December 27th, 2019 because I changed my nickname, but now I've decided to return with some updates!

    I'll be recreating my characters (including Poseidon Hook, Phineas Pan and Yazmina Sereya) as new ones and writing new stories for them. So excited to start a brand new history~!

    Bye ;)

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  • RoseSummers1

    OC Relationships

    January 5, 2020 by RoseSummers1

    The title is just what is says. I need some relationships with some of my OCs. 

    - Roommate

    - Friends

    - Enemies/Bullying Victims

    - Friends

    - Bullying Victims

    - Roommate

    - Friends

    - Enemies

    - Acquatiances

    - Friends

    - Ex-crushes

    - (Possibly) Girlfriend/Boyfriend

    - Enemies

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  • EtherealNyx

    ok wow

    January 5, 2020 by EtherealNyx


    That being said, I told y'all a while ago that I'd be posting pages and working on Depression (the fic part, not my mental illness) and then I did not do that. Very typical of me. But let me explain why!!!

    I'm a junior right now in high school, and this year has been one of the worst in my entire life in terms of workload and stress. For context, I take three AP courses (one of which I'm finally getting tutored for), along with genetics and a three hour long research class. It's brutal, and I even dropped calculus, so that gives you a clear picture of what sort of academic strain I've been going through. I've been juggling projects for months while also cramming for the SAT, PSAT, and ACT. To be honest, I hate all…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    EDIT: hi i lost my laptop charger and my laptops about to die so idk when ill be actually uploading the art but i can always show it to u on discord in the meantime

    hi guys ; w ;

    i know i always joke abt myself having too many art request blogs (queue airy bc i told him 24578349 times to never let me make another one) but i rlly do love making them. i dont ever do art of an oc without reading their page bc i want to capture their personality when i draw them, so doing art requests blogs has introduced me to so many lovely ocs and people on this wiki and i want to continue to do that in this community bc it makes me so happy. 

    but i guess why i havent allowed myself to do one of these blogs in so long is that i put a lot of stress on myself to…

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  • NibiruMul

    Updates + plans for 2020

    January 2, 2020 by NibiruMul

    (I meant to post this yesterday, but I kinda got sidetracked.)

    Hello there! 2019 is officially over and 2020 has started, and with it a whole new decade. I've come a long way since the beginning of the decade. When 2010 started, I was a bratty teenager trying to get through high school, but now I am a full-fledged adult and I've seen lots of changes in my life (both good and bad), plus I feel like I matured a lot since ten years ago.

    I've been doing good with Pokemon Shield. I got all eight badges and am on my way to Wyndon. I've spent a little less time playing it now that the novelty is starting to wear off a bit (though I'm still having fun with it!). That's why I've had more time for the Ever After High Fandom Wiki.

    In terms of new OCs pl…

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  • Taleart

    @everyone thank you for voting! I’ve decided to go with Iris-Vivienne ultimately ♡

    Hello! I've been working on an OC, the next Snow Maiden (or Snegurochka), and I'm stuck on deciding her name.

    You might ask, tale you've been calling her Ivy pretty much every time, isn't that her name?

    Well, hypothetical self-inserted question, good point! I'm probably going to call this kid Ivy as a nickname HAHA

    My issue with Ivy Madden is that it's really short as a name, so it's sorta unbalanced? And there's a lot of other OCs on the wiki named Ivy, so I would prefer if this kid isn't mixed up with all the other Ivys, it might even become,, an Ivy League.

    And on that note, please answer the following polls!

    if y'all have any ideas (or thoughts), please comment b…

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  • Cerisefan03

    Random head cannons

    December 31, 2019 by Cerisefan03

    Just what it says. I have random Headcannons about my children, and have yet to figure out what to do with them.

    Mozzie calls Mano "Moro Fidi" in her head.

    Ember will legally adopt Aaron after she marries

    Naomi will spend the year after graduation, searching for the story of her mother's past.

    Comely hates the color pink.

    Mozzie's ungelled hair is just a simple bob that reaches her chin, but she gels it within an inch of it's life.

    Opal is afraid of porcelain dolls

    Larkin once pretended to not be the oldest princes son for two years.

    Diana can eat paint and most poisons.

    She can not, on the other hand, eat grapes.

    Jeremiah will walk Naomi down the aisle when she marries.

    Charles nearly drowned once, but he returned to the water the next day.

    Melinda i…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    Merry Christmas!

    December 27, 2019 by Aquamarinesandopals

    i hope everyone had a very merry christmas! the eafansa gifts are lovely this year, i hope we will be able to do a fifth exchange in 2020!

    some updates for fansa:

    1. users Patchworks Inc and TheWiseUnicorn should expect their gifts on the 31st and the 28th, respectively
    2. Artemis Donut should expect theirs ASAP

    thank you for taking part!! 

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  • Rexadon294

    See You Later

    December 27, 2019 by Rexadon294

    Hi everyone, I'm Rexadon294 and I have something to say: I will be closing this account.
    I have got no problems with this fandom (this might actually be my most favorite), but I've changed my writer username on my social media, so I'm leaving my past as Rexadon294 behind.

    I might return to this Wiki with a new username and do what that lyric of the EAH theme song said: "Rewrite, Ignite, Restart!".

    The pages I've made will still be up and I can probably still use them with my next account (or not, I still don't know how this Wiki works with changing accounts!) or the adminstrators and moderators can delete everything (including the pictures I posted) or some of you guys can take over my pages and make them yours, feel free to ask me!

    Bye ;)

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