• NibiruMul

    Hi there! Sorry I haven't been very active for a couple of days. I've gotten some bad news. My step-grandmother (my dad's stepmother) died a few days ago. Her death came very suddenly - she had a blood clot (which is what my dad's mother died of too). I've been feeling very upset because of it. Later today I'm going to be going to the wake with the rest of my family, so I won't be on here. I don't know if I'll be available tomorrow - Mom and Dad said that I could stay home for the funeral (just this once since funerals really, really stress me out, plus it's too soon since my grandfather died last year), but I don't know if I'll be here. Doesn't help that the weather's been crap around here lately - it's rained literally every single day f…

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  • ShadowSpirit020

    A Life Update

    June 16, 2019 by ShadowSpirit020

    I'm back with a Life Update Blog... Since finishing High School/Graduating College last August, I now have a Part-time Job with some insane hours (2 pm to 11 pm [EST]), and I do not know when I'll have time to even write/update OCs... But hopefully, I can find the time! Just figured I'd give people a heads up in case they don't see me updating OCs/posting on Discord and stuff. I'll be around, just won't have time to do anything, at least until I know my Work Schedule (which I should know by Monday or something). 

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  • DatAsymptote

    Happy Pride Month, everyone! My name is Zena, and I am a proud they/them bisexual!

    For pride month, I wanted to open up some simple pride icon requests. Here's a quick one I did of Ablative Charming on the right - with the bi flag as a background.

    These are designed to be icons so they will be square in shape, and 300x300 pixels in size! You don't necessarily have to use them as icons, though.

    Just comment with a link to your OC and their identities! You're welcome to list multiple, and I will do my best to include them all!

    They won't necessarily be flag backgrounds - they might be a heart on the cheek or the OC holding a flag. I do intend for these to be fairly experimental! If you do want something specific, let me know.

    Right now I'm limiti…

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  • Airbenderfreak

    so long story short my “airbenderfreak” account has lots of baggage tied to it that im not itching to keep dragging around so after this blog post i should only be seen using my emperorpeacock profile c :

    dont worry i dont expect anyone to refer to me as anything other than “airy”. ive grown immensely fond of the name and will only ever answer to it tbh

    on that note if i havent answered to ur pms thats bc ive been melodramatic lately and i assure u its not personal. sometimes a dude just needs to sulk alrighty

    oh also i identify as a rebel now so,,,, sorry apple dearest. ravens still irritating af tho > : (

    i know all this prob has a blunt vibe to it but its either this or rehashing old drama of yore and we neednt go there 

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  • DatAsymptote

    Congratulations to all the winners! Glaucio and Tense Ghosts deserve the world

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  • Rai-Knightshade

    If any of y'all would like to send birthday wishes here, be my guest. Right now I'm off to the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure that I can keep driving legally at 21 years old. And also purchase alcohol I guess but mostly the driving thing.

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  • Cerisefan03


    May 29, 2019 by Cerisefan03

    Okay, bear with me, I know this is weird, but I have a reason. I was thinking how Ares has enhanced senses and therefore can identify a person by their scent. And, well, this showed up and begged to be written down. (I have got too much free time on my hands.)

    • Leather, from her choice in attire, it's the strongest scent from her.
    • Salt water, though she doesn't go near the water, a little bit still lingers on her.
    • Wool, (from her beanie? She doesn't know.)
    • actually in all honesty she doesn't know she smells like anything other than maybe the leather.

    • Horses, the scent always clings to him no matter what.
    • Hay. Not as strong, though still pretty strong.
    • Sweat, it's mostly masked by the hay and horses, but it's there.
    • And he knows he smells like this,…

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  • DatAsymptote

    Inspired by a question Hidden asked on Discord, I redrew some retired OCs.

    I came to the realisation that I retired a lot of these OCs not because I didn't like them, or because I didn't think they were solid characters, but because I didn't feel like I was doing their stories/roles justice, or because they didn't have any internal conflict that made for engaging storylines of their own.

    Nevertheless, even if I granted them those things, I don't think I'll bring them back. Even if they were fun to RP, or write, or draw, they are still products of a different era of my development. So I'd rather focus on my current and upcoming OCs. Forward and onwards!

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  • ShadowSpirit020


    May 17, 2019 by ShadowSpirit020

    Happy to say, I am finally home. The vacation was awesome, even though it was too a beach and I hate walking/going into the ocean. I still had fun. 

    Heading home and yes I am writing this as we are driving... Phone Data rocks! :D  

    Heya, everyone! Shadows here, I know I probably haven't been very active (I blame life and other stuff), but wanted to let you konw I may be more inactive tomorrow to the following Saturday/Sunday. I will be on vacation with the family and won't be on much here, I'll check in once in a while and read new characters and remember to comment on pages. Once I'm done on vacation I'll be back to contributing to the Wikia!

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  • Cerisefan03 may or may not remember the blog post I did awhile back, where I took my favorite soulmate aus and matched the best one with my OC ship. Well, I've found more (of course) that I love, so I decided to do it again, only this time with different ships.

    This is the au where if your soulmate feels a strong enough emotion, whether a positive or negative one, you feel it too. I love this one, because if your really upset, chances are your soulmate's going to do their best to make you feel better.

    The ship it best fits? Arthur and Naomi. Naomi has felt unloved, and abandoned many times throughout her life, and Arthur would do his best to cheer her up, likewise, he would feel like a freak of nature, like he shouldn't be alive, and she would …

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  • DatAsymptote
    Voting is now closed for this month

    Congrats to Hiddenfolk for the ever-so-pantastic Minton! Also to Fanfarinet 451 25th of May at 23h59 GMT.


    • We have some new updates with how we want votes to be formatted! This is because votes are counted by "feeding" comment text through an algorithm. By formatting your vote properly, you can prevent us from having to "clean up" text, making for more efficient counting!
    To see instructions on how to format your vote, read the newly updated How to Vote section on this very blog.
    • Additionally, we notice that people have been voting for OCs that interfere with current COTM rules. Please re-familiarise yourself with the rules.
    • If you a…
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  • EtherealNyx


    May 5, 2019 by EtherealNyx

    It's that time of year, folks!

    I got saddled with two AP courses this year, and both exams are coming up very soon (Thursday is the AP Psych one and next Monday is AP Bio's turn), so I'm not going to be active until I'm all done with them. Naturally, this bums me out, but I'll be up and raring to go once that's all taken care of.

    See y'all later!

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  • Cerisefan03

    So...anyone know of a good story with an angel in it?

    This charecter probably will never get a page, at least not in the mear future, but he will be vital to my (ever expanding 😑) world.

    He's shy.


    Emotionally clingy.


    Feels too much.



    Neved understands other cultures.

    Though he does try.

    Doesn't get why racism and stereotyping is a thing.

    So yeah, i got that figured pretty much out, but i dont know what his story should be because i don't know hardly any with one in it.

    Please help?

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  • NibiruMul

    I figured I'd do one of these with my OCs.

    You know how to do it. Describe one or more of my OCs in five words or less, and I'll try to guess which one of my OCs it is.

    You can pick any of the OCs from this list.

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  • Riliane De Lucifen

    So, you know the thing! In the comments, you post five words or less that you think describe one of my OC's, and I must guess which one it is! 

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  • Amatoresx

    (i debated making a blog post for this announcement since i already announced it on the ffc, but spades is very wise and directed me to make a blog post since this regards wiki shenanigans. anyways, since i already talked about it on discord, i'll just copy + paste my message here!!!)

    hello y'all, idk if i should make a blog post on the wiki to announce this but i might as well announce it here: i'll be taking a small break from making edits on the wiki just so i can put more focus into my school work + drama club business (my performance is in a couple weeks!!!). my finals and mcas exams are quickly approaching so i need some time to study for those as well. i'm likely to return to editing and producing more content once summer vacation co…

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  • Cerisefan03

    Yes, another What does X think of...and this time its with Naomi Orcades and  Arthur Stonely .

    Naomi has her opinions, and if you can get her to say she respects you, you know you're doing something right. And chances are she'll comment on what the best method to get them to fall in love with her is, should the need ever arise.

    Artie is a much more easygoing person, likes to give people the benefit of the doubt, doesn't want to come off sounding to harsh or judgy. The only exception to the rule is the way they treat animals. He tends to like them more than people.

    So...specify who you would like to answer and lets get this thing started!

    N: Isabelle LaFortune, now there's a girl you don't want on your bad side. I do admire how long she can kee…

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  • AutumnalBreeze


    April 22, 2019 by AutumnalBreeze

    I don't know if anyone reads blog posts anymore on this site, but I wanted to make this attempt, and I believe this is the best format in which to present it.

    Hi. Remember RoseCupid?

    Well, that's me. I want to return to this place, but I don't know how everybody would feel about that.

    For those of you who have heard of me, but do not remember any aspects of me—or even those of you who have never heard of me to begin with—I am a former Driver on this Wiki who was incredibly active during 2015. I used to post my original work, but when that ceased, I became a roleplayer and OC creation assistant—not a wonderful version of either, mind you. I was able to develop and strengthen friendships with several other Drivers here, and you don't know what …

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  • Riliane De Lucifen

    So yeah! I'm going to do critiques for your OCs!

    Pearl : Yeah, what's that?

    Me : Well, I'll be giving an opinion on your OCS!  I'll try to be as precise as possible,  and remember! Nobody is perfect so if you find I'm a little too harsh on your OCs' problems/defects, just tell me nicely! And also it's not a big deal if your OC has problems! Mine have too! If I point them out, it's to help you fix them! And don't worry, I'll also be pointing out their qualities! 

    Britta : We hope you'll appreciate! (Might give a word or two actually ...)

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  • Cerisefan03

    Request a One Shot!

    April 15, 2019 by Cerisefan03

    Much like the one Coral did, I decided to make a one shot request station! I can't draw and I really love to write, so why not do one of my own?

    Small: 800 to 1,000 words

    Medium: 1,000 to 1,500

    Large: 1.500 to 2,500

    Very Large: 2,500 to 3,000

    Just ask me in the comments if you want a one shot, what size you want, (from the above listed) and what plot you had in mind, if anything. You can have up to three OC's as main characters in the one shot, and if you have any special notes about them or extra things you want to mention for the one shot. Please either give me a link or if their upcoming, as detailed of a description of them that you can, okay?

    Like Coral did, I will be posting them on your message wall when finished, (it may take a while bu…

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  • Riliane De Lucifen

    So! It's the same thing as "What does X think of..?" but it will include a part of the Arthurian Knights!

    NOTE : Only the future Knights of the Round Table will be included, not the Honorary Members for convenience purposes (plus the newcomer, Galan Eschin, next Galeschin and the sarcastic-est boi)

    Britta : She's... okay. I mean, she's a tough girl but I think she should soften a bit maybe?

    Pearl : I p'much agree but she seem super cool!~ She's a tough gal and that's-

    Leo : ...Cool, you've already said it. Anyway, she kinda reminds me of myself.

    Galan : Yourself? In what exactly?

    Leo : She can't sit still, she's quick-tempered...

    Galan : I agree here. I think you'd get along with her. As for me... I don't think I could stand her for more than a m…

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  • Rose0250


    April 11, 2019 by Rose0250

    Hello!! this is a sight to see!! So as most of y'all know, I am back!! I am really excited to work more on characters/finally do those damn stories i have been talking about since forever!! I'm putting my plans on here to hold myself accountable and actually do work.

    1. Retire characters that I never used. There are a lot of vacant characters that I created pages for but never use. Therefore, I need to retire some. It's been three years and I still haven't...oops
    2. Work on my oc concepts!! I've had ideas for years but I've never really approached them/thought about them. I really want to, though!!
    3. 'Create a "roses universe" 'page for my driver!! Look, honestly i need to refresh myself on this plus I think it'd be kind of interesting for other peop…
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  • Douzerth

    Pls no bully uwu

    April 9, 2019 by Douzerth

    I am smol bean pls no bully, thank yew.

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  • Scythe Sasin

    Heyo! it's ya boi, Scythe here!  Throwback central looking through the wiki. I missed so much! 

    Story with me? I got lost, did some things I shouldn't have. Didn't do somethings I should have.  Got into college whoo. Probably gonna be kicked out of college. 

    But that's enough about my problems, HOW'S EVERYONE ELSE?!

    Hecking it's been so long. 

    Shoot me a message, have some fun. I kinda wanna RP once again. 

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  • NibiruMul

    I decided to do another one of these "what does X think of" posts, and I decided to do it with another one of my OCs, This time, I'm doing it with Candido Fontes. He's going to be pretty friendly, but he's going to be honest too. If there's anything in your OC's profile that's food-related, he'll comment on it.


    1. You can go as many times as you want, but wait until I answer before throwing another OC at me.

    2. Please link your OC's page in the comment.

    3. Have fun!

    I like that he's laid back. That's always a good thing. I hear he's afraid of being judged harshly by others . I admit, I am too, so we have that in common./ It's also cool that he speaks Portuguese as his native language, although we speak different dialects since he's Portu…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    where i've been

    April 6, 2019 by Patchworks Inc

    some may have noticed i haven't been hugely active recently, neither on the wiki or the discord. i suppose i'd just like to explain what's been going on. if i have talked to u recently and i seemed upset i want you to know that no one on this wiki is in no way responsible for the way ive been feeling and none of you have done anything to make it worse. i love u all and coming on the discord this morning to open arms full of people who missed made me especially happy.

    CONTENT WARNING: suicidal thoughts and ideation

    to make a long story short, my family isn't the most stable. I've experienced parental separation numerous times and was in foster care for a good amount of time when i was younger. some of you i remember telling you in excitement …

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  • TheLuckyKira

    While I enjoy helping with the admins, I usually lull in activity. In the past, I used to be able to develop OCs more easily, but EAH is one of those fandoms I actually struggle with! I love creating OCs for it though. I feel like I have a lot of concepts, but not any time/motivation to write them sometimes. So I'm going to throw them in here and track them.

    1. Kayle Echo Cynyr - Daughter of Sir Kay - She is already on my concept page, and is in progress in line with Zena's Arthurian OCs but I'm yet to put up a page for her. It is, however, mostly written already. I'm just delaying posting it.
    2. Kayden Eckhart Cynyr - Son of Sir Ector - Kayle's twin, and doesn't even have a page started, but is in development and I have so many ideas for him alre…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    theres been some issues irt community on the discord and this very long message was drawn up in regards to it. while it is about the discord and etiquette in a big group chat, it is being posted here for ease and as a reminder to users on the website too that community is important.

    comments and interactions with other users have gone way down, its incredibly sad. please dont forget that while we are all here to be getting attention and sharing, someone needs to be giving it back.

    as was said in the discord, we expect all users to read this and to comment a compliment for a non otm winning oc to prove they have. users on the discord must also react to the discord message with a paella.

    here is a link to a google doc with the same message so y…

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  • Cerisefan03

    So, I may or may not be obsessed with this fairy tale, and therefore have thought alot about the Royal Family, and have come up with a lot of facts that don't really fit on any pages, mostly about the adults, and I don't want to make pages for every adult, so what's my solution...put it in a blog post!

    Garvey is the husband of Eliza Wilder, and the father to Fauve Wilder and Opal Wicked. 

    • Hated the idea of villains suffering in fairytales when he was little, and even up till he fulfilled his destiny
    • Rewrote many fairytales so that the villain would be reformed at the end and everyone had a happy ending
    • First meant Eliza when she was selling jewelry at a street fair booth
    • He asked her if he could turn it into a kissing booth and she punched him …

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  • Riliane De Lucifen

    Well, what does that title means?

    It means that I'll be writing you a one-shot! ~

    Characters : Which of your OC's you want to be in the one-shot (Please note that it will be focused only on them, and that you can not give more that 4 to use. And  it's best for me if you could provide a link!)

    Plot : A very quick summary of what you want to happen. You can also just write Surprise Me if you have no idea or if you want me to suprise you! ~

    Size : -Very Small (500-1000 words

     -Small (1000-1500 words)

     -Medium : (1500-2000 words)

      -Large (2000-3000 words) 

    Extra Note : Anything you may wanna add!!

    PLEASE NOTE that it may take a while!! Also, the OS will be posted on your message wall when finished! After that, you can do whatever you want with it as l…

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  • Rai-Knightshade


    April 1, 2019 by Rai-Knightshade

    Edit: aiight joke's over we're going back to our regularly scheduled eah oc's now. Although all three are actually keeping the art cause even if it's not their true new versions it IS updated from what they had before (Andre will change later when I get his true re-release up later.) I'm rebranding y'all! I've realized that Ever After High is a dying fandom (gasp!) So I've decided to join the Enchantimals instead. I'll be retiring everyone except three oc's, who have been reworked into Enchantimals. So, let's meet the rebranded kids!

    Andre Asp is the Snake Enchantimal, he loves sneaking up on his friends and pranking them.

    Reginald Redwing is the Red Canary Enchantimal. He's a parkour expert who takes care of tunnel systems along with the Ba…

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  • Rai-Knightshade

    Author's Note: I wanted to write about my salt son and my sunshine son and see how my writing style actually works, and so I did. Unadulterated fluff abounds. You're welcome.


    The locker room was quiet, only the soft trickling of water through the filters of the pools could be heard. The area was empty, understandable since it was still early spring and not many students outside of those who came from the water were eager to visit. That didn't seem to stop a pair of voices, however, as they drew closer to the door of the room.

    With a creak the door opened and two young men walked through, continuing their conversation as they did so.

    " in short I helped her figure out her compass and bonded with her in the process," the taller boy said…

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  • EtherealNyx

    personality swap au

    March 24, 2019 by EtherealNyx

    anyway. i have no energy for caps right now, so this is what we're getting.

    my brain: wouldn't it be funny if dude swore but still had some of his core traits? just... with a sheen of ark brand rudeness?

    me, immediately: personality swap when

    without any further ado because i'm genuinely not about to make up a backstory for this, let's dive into the nyx-verse and look at an alternate reality for however long it'll take you to read about some lukewarm concepts of mine

    ark!dude is literally this video. i can't top this just watch it

    anyway said version of dude is obviously one that's willing to cuss gojfgjgfjoo he's also willing to drag you over the coals for acting the fool anywhere near him but he's still very passionate about chores and destin…

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  • Rai-Knightshade

    Arion Rusalka!AU

    March 24, 2019 by Rai-Knightshade

    I've been toying around with this idea of a dark AU for Arion where he completes his tale but instead of turning into sea foam, he turns into a Rusalka (which logically makes sense since Rusalkas are spirits of people, usually women but I'm taking artistic liberties here, who've been jilted or killed by their lovers). So I drew him as such, with two different versions: the traditional watercolor "day" version and the digital "night" version. The day version is softer and lighter, meant to feel somewhat melancholy and soft; it's the "awww, poor guy :(" aesthetic. The second is much darker, more "this is an otherworldly being who could snap me in two should he wish to do so" aesthetic wise. One of my goals when drawing Arion is to lean into …

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  • Riliane De Lucifen

    Okay, I'm re-doing that thing, this time with my little lady!

    Oh, Luna? To be completely honest, I don't find her very likeable. I'm not saying she is a bad person, but I think she could be a bit more... open. I do think being friendly, or at the very least polite with everyone is something good, but she is not really like that, is she? Though, I have seen some signs that she is not as mean ans she looks like, and I am pretty sure she is really nice when we know her. Or... is she? Oh, and the stubbornness. Not always a good trait, if you want my opinion. Luna should learn to be a bit more flexible, I think. 

    He is... how can I put that? Adorable. In all honesty, I find him really endearing, He is friendly, and that's an undoubtedly good trai…

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  • Taleart

    It’s difficult to bring across the smell of fragrances through media, so perfumes are often described with flowery, descriptive language to paint a picture of the mood the scent brings (this is an interesting article that explains this much better than I can). Often times, this description can parallel the OC-creating process as the stories/descriptions are very vivid.

    For example, the perfume Geranium Pour Monsieur by Dominique Ropion has a very strong Mood:

    Artistic flamboyance.

    Like the eccentric Englishman in a blue velvet jacket, pink striped shirt and a cashmere-print pocket square, this perfume is an extravagant unravelling of colors and textures. A cool whiff of mint and aniseed, imbued with Chinese geranium, spills over into nuances of…

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  • DatAsymptote

    Congrats to the winners this month: Aquamarinesandopals for Auliver Midas, and to everyone part of the Arthurian Legends!

    This vote will close on 10th of April at 23h59 GMT.

    Discord "Postal" Votes received this month: 0

    1. Users should not vote for OCs that belong to them.
    2. An OC who has already won cannot win again.
    3. A character with the same destiny as a previous winner cannot win.
    4. You (the driver/creator) cannot win an OTM twice in a row.
    5. You can only win the OTMs of a given month if you have partaken in the voting for that month.

    1. You can vote for a ship you have an OC in.
    2. OC/Canon is allowed.
    3. The ship does not have to be a romantic relationship nor does it have to contain just two OCs. Poly ships or friendships are accepted.
    4. All the OCs in your ship m…

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  • Rai-Knightshade

    Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all! Arion doesn't get this holiday but he's dead serious about the punching thing sooooo yeah.

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  • Rai-Knightshade

    I've been doing some general world building in the Discord on the crew that hasn't made it to their wiki pages, so here's a master list of what I've got so far! Will be updated as needed to add more headcanons.

    The Legacy Day visions (if each character had pulled up the Storybook):

    Arion: scenes include Myrtil falling off a modern yacht, Arion going to Circe and gaining legs permanently/giving up the ability to change forms, chasing after Myrtil who only has eyes for Tempis, a ball where Myrtil dances with Tempis in white while Arion watches from the background (and another boy looks on in sadness, though Arion isn't sure why he's there or so prominent), and finally, Arion's reflection in a sea glass dagger, the sea visible in the backgroun…

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  • Rai-Knightshade

    Venetia is Here!

    March 16, 2019 by Rai-Knightshade

    Venetia has been rereleased! Check her out!

    Here: Venetia Soulsong Instagram: Venetia on Instagram Blanket's Amino: Venetia on Amino

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  • Rai-Knightshade

    Venetia is coming sometime today! In the meantime I'mma refresh y'all's memory on her while also giving a sneak peak into her new look via this Instagram post! Venetia: Then vs Now

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  • Unholyacolyte

    A Big Thank You

    March 14, 2019 by Unholyacolyte

    I suck so far trying to be active on here. But I figured I could just drop this little note here:

    "Shoutout to all the people who work tirelessly to keep their fandoms going, even after canon has ended. Kudos to the mods who organize rewatches, fic challenges, and other fandom events. High fives to the people who keep posting new art, fic, meta, and headcanons. A collective pat on the back for the people who like, reblog, and comment on the new fanworks and remember the older works as well." 

    ~ by user jackabelle73

    Saw this post on tumblr that made me smile.

    A big thank you to the community as a whole, you guys are amazing. I love seeing new OCs, fanfiction, etc. on this Wikia even after Ever After High's unfortunate end. An even bigger thank …

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  • Madame O'Front

    I realized I never published any fics on here (or anywhere online to be honest). Since I only have some old fanfics that I'll unlikely finish, I decided to dump them all here.

    I only made some minor edits to fix some errors and make some sentences clearer. Other than that, they should be the same as when they were written.

    An AU where Sam gets shipwrecked and befriends a merman Bane to believes in the good in humans despite his kind having a grudge on humans. Sam saved Bane from being beached, so he was grateful and decided to help Sam find his way home.

    “You can walk on land?”

    “Yes, but only until sunrise.”

    “I thought it was the other way around?”

    “That’s what your human media wants you to believe. No one wants to get caught in broad daylight, …

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  • Amazamazing

    I noticed a trend that there is no character that is friends with more than one R!Charming, so I figured I'd make it a fun little personality quiz.

    I don't think wikia has a system for this, and each answer has a percentage for each R!Charming instead of a direct corresponding one (think the Pottermore Sorting Quiz). So basically, you should just tell me what your answers for each question, and I'll tell you who your token R!Charming friend is.

    And yes! You can also answer as your OCs!

    A) Based on my gut
    B) By weighing pros and cons
    C) With great difficulty

    A) Phoenix
    B) Dragon
    C) Griffin
    D) Pegasus

    A) Laughter
    B) Rushing water
    C) Jingling coins
    D) Leaves rustling

    A) Underwater with merfolk
    B) Deep in the forest with the fairies
    C) Up in the clouds with the…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    hello! i'm working on a korean moon rabbit oc and i'm really stuck picking her name, as i'm sure people on our discord have noticed.

    because her name will be korean and korean has a different alphabet, it can be written in a few different ways in english. the following polls are about potential names and which spelling you prefer : ')

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  • Madame O'Front

    Insipred by Hiddenfolk’s post

    • Frosty Snow
    • Pamela Plum

    Frosty Snow was my first Eahoc. She was a chess and puzzle loving daughter of the Snow Queen. And that’s it. Then there was Pamela Plum, daughter of Prunella (because I thought her name meant dried prunes) who had a guy whose surname meant b*ner for a boyfriend and destined prince (that was an accident).

    I created many OCs in this early period in the form of drawings but only a few of them had pages and not one of them had more than a few lines of text. Several of these were based on Vietnamese fairy tales like The Crystal Heart and a variant of Cinderella called Tấm Cám.

    • Dobrya Kost
    • Sophia Jenkins
    • Cordi Orionis
    • Seelia Carventail

    Same as the first era but a few characters managed to gain decent …

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  • Cerisefan03

    This is a little bit like the questions and answers blogs, except its comment about the cliques. I'll list the clubs, cliques, friends groups, etc, and all you need to do is comment about one of them as one of your OC's, say what they think of the group or the people in it, and see how they react to it. Some will tale it better than others, fair warning.

    Comments and their reactions.

    The French King Squad

    Melinda Templeton: "Unless the others have something to say about them that I don't cover, I will give the answer for this. It's a it a clique? I don't think it's a club, but I'm not sure that "clique" is the right word for it either. Anyway, each member can be helped by another member and/or can help another member. Sometimes thou…

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  • Hiddenfolk
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  • Riliane De Lucifen

    A bit of despellopment with the ambition boi!

    Let's start off with something simple! What Hogwarts House would your OC be sorted in?

    Slytherin, definitely! 

    Is your OC more flight or fight?


    What is the most unique facial feature of your OC?

    Eye color. It's not an ordinary hazel. 

    What are your OCs’ “theme colours”? Are these colours used for aesthetic, or is there a deeper reasoning behind them?

    Yellow, bronze, brown and a bit of gold. Yellow symbolizes energy and, by extention, ambition, bronze is often seen as less worthy/valuable than gold, which alludes to Mael's role as a minor king, and the bits of gold symbolizes his royal status.

    What Deadly Sin and Heavenly Virtue does your OC most represent?

    Deadly Sin : Pride

    Heavenly Virtue : Justi…

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  • Taleart

    I’m not going to be updating my OCs and their relationships (sorry Destiny and Fay) for a while due to some irl issues taking up my time, so here’s something small to develop Addy in the meantime!

    Let's start off with something simple! What Hogwarts House would your OC be sorted in?

    Hufflepuff. She values friendship and can be hardworking when it comes to things she likes (not that it stops her from dropping the task when she gets bored though)

    Is your OC more flight or fight?

    ......Why is this question so appropriate? Definitely flight. Literally and metaphorically. While she is still under the curse, she’s unable to understand any events that require gravitas. When her curse is broken, she would probably ignore unpleasant situations instead of …

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