DatAsymptote DatAsymptote 8 days ago

OC Siblings: a reference and a compilation

hi, this blog is for my own reference, and it will essentially be treated like a page (with frequent updates, etc), and likely formatted as one. the reason for this page is because i have siblings for my characters, some of which are somewhat relevant, and whom i would like to talk abt, but don't think have sufficient content to make a page for.

this will be expanded on, i promise this isn't just /relationships pages part ii

  • 1 Grimms
    • 1.1 Raider Espouse's brother
  • 2 Andersen
    • 2.1 Neon Tetra Sandersen
    • 2.2 Weslynn Whales Sandersen
    • 2.3 Luscious Charming, MD
    • 2.4 Lavish Charming
    • 2.5 Lissome Charming
  • 3 D'Aulnoy
    • 3.1 Brutus Wyllt
    • 3.2 Argus-Mateo Belledame
    • 3.3 "Riley" Cordelear
    • 3.4 "Teagan" Cordelear
    • 3.5 Ramsey Baartholomew's older brother
    • 3.6 Laverne Bartholomew
    • 3.7 Ramsey's younger s…

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TheLuckyKira TheLuckyKira 9 days ago

Witch AU

So we were messing around with this picrew on discord and while I can't show off the designs I made as we don't allow dollmakers, I can talk about what it inspired me to think about! I had a cool idea about a witch AU, which is really just more a Witch School AU.

The basic premise of the world is that witches are a genuine profession in the world, and it's not all that rare for people to train as one - it is rarer for one to work as a witch full-time though. Often witches in the world use their magical talents to assist with more standard jobs. Witches aren't considered bad, but they are viewed as being a little odd, and tend to be avoided by superstitious types who believe all witches are evil - this could not be further from the truth. In…

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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 10 days ago

Phone Photos

Edit: please don't upload any images at all. This is a temporary measure and we will let you know when this has changed. Any images uploaded from now on will be marked for deletion and, quickly, taken down by mods.

Unfortunately we can't give a lot of information about what is happening due to the fact that posting about it will be a very public sign post to a rather serious issue, but anyone who is Wiki only is absolutely free to contact an admin for some private contact information where we will gladly explain more. I hope you guys understand, we know it isn't ideal.

Kind of urgent, really quick admin announcement: please do not upload any photos to the Wiki that have been taken with your phone camera without previously being opened into edi…

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TheLuckyKira TheLuckyKira 11 days ago

Going By A New Name!

Hey, so I've decided a new name to go by and I'll be going by Cass/Casey! It's up to you which to use :D I like both. I've updated my pages I believe!

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NibiruMul NibiruMul 12 days ago

Plans for 2021

My first blog post of 2021.

Hi there! I haven't blogged in a while, so I figured that this would be a great time to post. I've been doing good - I've been hanging in there. Today I'm going to outline some of my plans for 2021. I hope I can follow through all of them! (I'm the type of person who rarely keeps New Year's resolutions.)

  • I'm going to try to work on some fanfiction this year. I have so many characters, and I feel like RPs aren't enough. I need to write myself some fanfiction so I can show my characters' interactions with each other.
  • I've been looking into more sources for fairy tales. Lately, I've been making use of non-English websites, which has helped me find lots of fairy tales that can't be found in English. (I hate to say it, …
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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 13 days ago

February OTM Voting (2021)

Hello, welcome back to the OTMs! Thank you for holding with us while we sorted out February’s.

Please remember that per our most recent update, there will be no SOTM this month. However, to increase the number of SOTM votes, please still vote for it! Votes will be counted and added to the next vote.

Also note that we have rewritten our voting format rules in order to work with UCP -- please give it a read before voting!

  • 1 OTM rules
    • 1.1 COTM rules
    • 1.2 SOTM rules
  • 2 How to vote
    • 2.1 Voting basics
    • 2.2 Vote formatting
  • 3 Things to remember
  • 4 How the admins pick a winner

Voting will close on January 25th 2021, 11:59pm GMT.

  1. You can vote for a maximum of ten characters, and ten ships.
  2. Half of your characters, and half of your ships, must have a comment attached.
    1. This means that…

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Cerisefan03 Cerisefan03 16 days ago

Relationships Galore


One of my Post Holiday Plans is to make relationship pages and I have been, and it got me thinking about possible interactions and relationships with some of my characters.

  • 1 Amra Aakarshak
  • 2 Naomi Orcades
  • 3 Lily Frech
  • 4 Abanoub Jalad
  • 5 Armand Malheur
  • 6 Giovanni Pettine

Open for

  • Roommate
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Enemies

Open For

  • Roommate
  • Acquaintances
  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • People who had a crush on her before but it will not be requitted

Open For

  • Friends
  • Romance
  • Acquaintances
  • Enemies

Open for

  • Friends
  • Roommate
  • Romance
  • Past romance
  • Enemies
  • Acquaintances

Open for

  • Friends (Though if you befriend one member you befriend
  • Enemies
  • Acquaintances

Open For

  • Romance
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Roommate
  • Enemies
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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 17 days ago

New Year, New SOTM Changes

Hello everyone, Spades here!

Firstly, happy new year! A lot went down in 2020, to say the very least, and I hope our 2021s are all much, much happier and peaceful.

And of course, happy new OTMs! We are incredibly happy to have our OTMs up and running again and I hope this is the start of something good. We know there are still things we owe in relation to this, like a breakdown of race and colourism, and promise that these things will be out when we can manage it.

However, we are rolling out some more SOTM changes in light of how voting went down in this first round. Please note, as always, we have the permission of people involved to talk about the voting month and this is in no way any form of public shaming.

December is always a busy month …

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DatAsymptote DatAsymptote 21 days ago

zena's 2020 in review

you might be wondering - why did zena make this blog post? i made this blog post because 2020 has been a year, to put it lightly, and it's a year in which i've spent, quite possibly, the most time ever on the Wiki since my highschool years

i think a lot has changed in my cast, there's been a lot of updates, some new ocs and definitely some new plots. and of course, i think i've published more fic this year than in past years.

welcome to my year in review! where i aim to categorise my growth over time! note: while i sort everything in the correct month, things within the same month aren't in correct order, mostly because i could not be bothered.


  • published Veritas Virumque part ii! fun fact - ive actually made a lot of progress on veritas part…
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Maryritai Maryritai 24 days ago

New Year, New Start

Guess who's back, back again?

Hopefully this one will be a bit more permanent than whatever abortive attempt I made a few years ago lmfao

Anyways, hi! I figured I should introduce myself, since it's been quite a long time since I've really been active on this site.

My name is Sarah, I'm 22 years old and I go by she/her pronouns. I used to be an admin way back when, although these days I'm a uni student studying Business Administration. If we want to treat this as an icebreaker - I like horror movies, visual novels and FMV games, and tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade.

Right now, I'm trying to work on Vasilisa and Vikentiy Polzin's pages and get them up. If you want, you can check them out; although Vasilisa's …

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Rai-Knightshade Rai-Knightshade 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! And a belated Chag Sameach, io saturnalia, god jul, Happy Candle Nights, and any other holiday greetings I might be forgetting! I'm spending the day with only close family so I'm just gonna drop these little sketches here and get back to Christmas. And if we don't talk again, I wish you all a Happy New Year!! Hopefully it goes better than this year smh

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Cerisefan03 Cerisefan03 24 December 2020

Super Hero Au

Merry Christmas Eve!

One of my Post Holiday Plans is to create a super hero Au. The only problem is, there's more than one way I could do that. And you all know my most notable character quality is being indecisive so I need help.

Basically it boils down to two options

You know, have one be a version of iron man, have a hulk type, have a black widow, hawk-eye, falcon, thor, captain America, you get it. The story itself would not necessarily follow the plot lone of any Avengers movie, (especially since I did not like Endgame or Infinity War one little bit) but the heroes would have their powers like them.

This is a bit more...out there when it comes to Au's, but what it boils down to is have like...Puss in Boot's successor have extreme agility,…

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Taleart Taleart 19 December 2020

Character Design Contest: Kingsley “Leah” Rulington

hello y’all! there’s 2 weeks left to the deadline for leah’s design competition! due to the recent admin blog post about a temporary block on uploading images, if y’all are submitting a design draw, please either send it to me via my socials (discord/ tumblr/ pinterest/ deviantart), or upload it on ANOTHER platform and attach the link!

it’s been a rough few weeks for everyone, so hopefully this could be a break or distraction!

hello hello tale here! I've some troubles designing for my OC leah, and was inspired by Patch's blog post to hold a character design contest for leah ! The top 3 designs will get art too haha

this is from leah's appearance section:

Leah doesn’t enjoy going out and doesn’t have much freckles. Even so, she’s comparatively…

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Cerisefan03 Cerisefan03 17 December 2020

Post Holiday Plans

Most likely in the New Year, or at least after Christmas, these are my plans for my OC's and Fanfics. Just making a list because I am notoriously bad at remembering things I should do. To be accomplished in no particular order.

  • 1 Fanfics
    • 1.1 Rewrite Changing
    • 1.2 Some kind of a Superhero AU series
    • 1.3 A Jane and Ember story
  • 2 OC's
    • 2.1 Revamp: Kaya Ector
    • 2.2 Revamp: Joey Lucky
    • 2.3 Revamp: Panacea Pipt
    • 2.4 Relationship Pages
    • 2.5 Revamp: Chloe Le Poulet
    • 2.6 Create: Amra Aakarshak
  • 3 School Groups
    • 3.1 Revamp the Muses

I have come up with another similiar but different enough I need to rewrite rather than edit, story of Lie, Rory and Kevin.

Just an idea that's starting to form, more later.

I feel like two half dragons would get along in a kind of reluctant guess I'm adopting…

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EmperorPeacock EmperorPeacock 12 December 2020

The Myth of Chastity

Like the Galvin and Lunarius blogs before it, here I will feature the third in a series of complete life overviews for characters who have them.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Chastity - she is my first Hera OC for Ever After High. She was created for the Ever After Mythology High Wikia as Heather von Olympus, and was fairly popular in her day. She had a planned arc within the “Mythology Program”, but I ended up leaving that particular wikia before it was able to be implemented.

I moved her over to this site, renaming her Chastity, hoping to consolidate my Ever After High cast. Because of the move, her Parent Story was swapped from proper mythology to Aesop’s fables.

However, she remained the daughter of the original Hera and Z…

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Kingperson45123 Kingperson45123 8 December 2020

OC Naming

Hi! I can't think of a surname (last name) for my OC Eleonore, who is destined to be the next Cowardly Lion. If anyone would could please suggest one, that would be very helpful and appreciated. Remember even the tiniest of suggestions will do. I don't mind if you don't suggest a name, but you can if you wish. Thank you!!

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DatAsymptote DatAsymptote 8 December 2020

Headcanons of Ruinous & Conner celebrating Saturnalia & Hanukkah

I was going to write a fanfiction of Ruinous asking his roommate Conner if he would like to join in some Saturnalia & Hanukkah celebrations with him, and all the shenanigans that the two get up to, but I found writing fic really difficult when there wasn't any conflict, just casual scenarios of two OCs that deserve a break.

So, instead, with Airy's suggestion, I decided to compile a list of headcanons of what they get up to!

  • When Ruinous asks Conner if he would like to join him in spellebrating, it probably sounded more like a plea than a request.
    • “Unless you’re busy with Christmas stuff, of course, I don’t want to intrude--” is how he asks.
    • Conner says ‘yes’. Part of it is because hearing the downtrodden-ness in his roommate’s voice is upsettin…
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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 8 December 2020


hi! just to let everyone know on behalf of me and hope that there have been personal issues impacting hope that may leave us both less available to do admin and mod work over the short term. i know i've left a few things hanging and i'm very sorry, i will still be trying to do what i can, but please understand any delays from the both of us, particularly hope.

irt me this is very subject to change and i may not be very busy at all, but i thought i'd put the warning out just in case. thanks guys.

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Taleart Taleart 7 December 2020

Snapdragon's Playlist

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Kingperson45123 Kingperson45123 3 December 2020

OC Adoption List

Here is the list of my OCs, that I am putting up for adoption. As I have stated, earlier, I would really appreciate it if they are adopted before the end of the year. I am not able to figure out what to write for them, so I have decided on this. I will miss them very, very much, after all I came up with them!! But now, I am afraid, I must let them go. TT Please take good care of them. For me..

Thank you and here they are:

  1. August Greenleaf
  2. Berry Muffin
  3. Clarity Glasshill
  4. Lacy Velveteen
  5. Laura Oakwood
  6. Marylin Lamb
  7. Merle Blue
  8. Robert Stiltskin
  9. Ruby Gardener
  10. Valentino Love
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DatAsymptote DatAsymptote 3 December 2020

January OTM Voting (2021)

It’s certainly been a year. Among many of the things to return are OTMs!

You might remember Spades’ blog post on how we planned to bring back OTMs & how OTMs have been updated. If you haven’t read it, please do! It covers our new rules and guidelines in further depth and explains our choices behind them.

Overall, I’m optimistic and excited to see what our new OTM structure will bring. 2021, here we come!

  • 1 OTM Rules
    • 1.1 COTM Rules
    • 1.2 SOTM Rules
  • 2 How to Vote
    • 2.1 Voting Basics
    • 2.2 COTM Vote Formatting
  • 3 Things to Remember
  • 4 How the admins pick a winner

Voting will close on December 25th 2020, 11:59pm GMT. This should be easy to remember,

  1. You can vote for a maximum of ten characters, and ten ships.
  2. Half of your characters, and half of your ships, must have a comment a…

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Galaxies-Far-Away Galaxies-Far-Away 2 December 2020

relationship blog

Some of my characters needs some relationships outside of family.

If you would like, you can go to each of their pages to see if any relationship is possible

  • 1 MC d'Auloney
  • 2 Maeve Marie
  • 3 Catherine Cavenwings
  • 4 Maleeka Mansouri
  • 5 Fairfax Blondette

  • Roommate
  • Friends
    • BFFA(s)
    • Acquaintances
  • Romance
  • Enemies

  • Friends
    • BFFA(s)
    • Acquaintances
  • (Future) Romance
  • Enemies

  • Roommate
  • Friends
    • BFFA(s)
    • Acquaintances
  • (Future) Romance
  • Enemies

  • Friends
    • BFFA(s)
    • Acquaintances
  • Romance (a lovely bisexual)
  • Enemies

  • Roommate
  • Friends
    • BFFA(s)
    • Acquaintances
  • Romance (lesbian all the way)
  • Enemies
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Cerisefan03 Cerisefan03 30 November 2020

The Italian Trio + Armand

Just some headcannons on the Italian Trio and Armand

  • 1 The roles
  • 2 Relationships with "outsiders"
  • 3 Totally real life conversations
  • 4 Common Enemies
  • 5 These definitely happened
  • 6 How they refer to the future kids when their not around
  • 7 Nicknames for the others exclusive to the group
  • 8 How they refer to the others when not speaking directly to them
  • 9 Christmas time traditions
  • 10 "Parenting" Styles
  • 11 Topics you do not discuss with any member

  • Mom of the group
    • Gio, (even if Ginger is a mom friend, the rest of the trio and Armand end up taking care of her more than vice versa so Gio is the mom of the group)
  • Dad of the group
    • Tony (He's always been the dad.)
  • The "children"
    • Ginger (oldest child)
    • Armand (youngest child)

  • Anyone can be nice to anyone, regardless of whether or n…

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Kingperson45123 Kingperson45123 30 November 2020

I Have Made A Tough Decision

As you can see by the title, I have decided on something. I am putting up several of my OCs for adoption. I just have a difficult time trying write about them. Whoever adopts them please take good care of them (but you can do whatever you want with them, although I am going to ask you to try not to change their name to much). I would appreciate it if they are adopted before the new year arrives.

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Madame O'Front Madame O'Front 30 November 2020

Updates on my OCs

Inspired by some reason blog posts and to provide information for Secret Santa, I wanted to make this post to update and keep track of content I’m working on and what ideas I have that haven’t made it to the pages.

You should check out my content page to see which characters belong to which categories while reading this. It’s also were you can find all their links if not already in this post.

  • 1 First continuity and standalones
  • 2 Second continuity
    • 2.1 Sophinx Riddleton
    • 2.2 Morgane Berlingot
    • 2.3 Moe/ Jewels Leblanc
    • 2.4 Prisma
    • 2.5 Honorable mentions

These are characters that I’ve had for a long time and while they still have a place in my heart and some are in need of rewording, they’re currently not my top priority. Most of the information on these characte…

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ArtemisDonut ArtemisDonut 28 November 2020

a brief summary of my ocs

hey there! inspired by spades' own blog about this matter, i wanted to write a post giving a hopefully concise look at my ocs. though this is mainly for fansa (shoutout to my secret santa), this is also useful at summarizing my ocs who are currently going through construction on their pages, plus giving details on what makes an oc look like them (something i usually worry about when portraying other ocs).

i would recommend reading the ocs' actual pages as 4/5 times they're up to date. i'll be emphasizing the parts of the oc i feel go underlooked (unless they've a page has little information, in which i'll be more extensive).

you'll notice that some ocs are not on here, and that's because i don't feel comfortable with a gift being made of them for…

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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 28 November 2020

Spades' OCs: A FanSa TLDR

echoing a post from our discord, with secret santa here i want to make sure whoever is making me a gift this year has a headstart, what with so many of my pages being seemingly empty. this blog will be a clarification of the status of my pages + a little tldr of my ocs and major ships, as ocs and ship content tends to be the most commonly exchanged gifts.

if my secret santa is reading this (which hopefully you are! its for you!): this isnt me requesting certain content, which i find to be against the spirit of how our wiki runs ours. i just wanted to make sure you werent stressed about the fact most of my pages were empty and, if you arent in the discord, know what the status of a lot of my ships are, as i totally recognise the lack of cont…

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Jade Encrusted Bugs Jade Encrusted Bugs 28 November 2020

OC Page Progress & Checklist

Hiyah folks! As some people may know (and others perhaps not, I've been a user on the EAHFW nearly from the start. Throughout the years my activity has waxed and waned, and within the last few of these years it's only been until this September that I've been around more consistently. Perhaps not as much as others of course -- it's been fairly hectic around these parts -- however, this also means that a number of my OC pages aren't as up to par as they could be. Therefore, between forging OC interaccs with other users and the upcoming EAHFanSa, I'm using this blog to keep track of what needs to be done!

A small note for those who a.) have OCs tied to mine/want to discuss OC interactions or b.) are involved in this year's Secret Santa: with t…

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Cerisefan03 Cerisefan03 27 November 2020

Incorrect Quotes and Scenes

You should know how it goes by now, but in case you don't, I take a quote from something and I match it with my OC's.

  • 1 He's used to it
  • 2 This will definitely happen
  • 3 Yep
  • 4 That pretty much sums it up
  • 5 That's him alright
  • 6 When he first dated Danielle
  • 7 Smart move Corina
  • 8 This will not end well
  • 9 Fauve has a point
  • 10 That was unexpected
  • 11 This is how he flirts
  • 12 Duty calls

Damien: "May I offer you something to drink?"

Julia: "The tears of my enemies wrenched from their bodies as their bones are crushed..."

Damien: "I have Jasmine tea..."

Julia: "Ooh Jasmine!"

Comely: "Ember, what would you say if I came home with three more cats?"

Ember: "What's in the box?"

Comely: "..."

Ember: "What's in the box Comely?"

Comely: "I think you know!"

Mano: "Guess what's in this box?'


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Taleart Taleart 26 November 2020

Taleart Request Station: round 3 prayer circle for tale's grades

Same rules as the previous few art requests stations: requests will be closed either in a week (4th December) or when I'm out of inspiration.

  • provide references or a description of their appearance (body shape, skin tone, hair), clothes, pose. You can link references like picrews too!
  • credit me if you post the pictures! (if the pictures are posted off-site, link my tumblr/my account on that site)
  • I might also post the images drawn in this station to my social media, tell me if you’re not comfortable with that!
  • you may request interactions, but if it’s too hard i’ll just draw the OCs separately haha
    • interaction draws will not be coloured. it takes way too long
  • I’ll be drawing in my personal art style rather than EAH style.
    • check out the other art r…
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NibiruMul NibiruMul 25 November 2020

What does Jessica Bostwick think of...

Because I haven't done one of these since June.

It's time for another "what does X think of...?" blog post. This time, I'm going to be using one of my perennial favorites, Jessica Bostwick. Here she will be judging everyone's OCs. She's honest, sometimes brutally so, and she won't always say the nicest things (though of course she does have her limits). So feel free to ask what she thinks of your OCs.

NOTE: This is due to close on December 9. Until then...ask away!


1. I'd prefer that you throw only one or two OCs at me at a time. Wait until I answer before throwing another OC at me.

2. No Next Generation OCs. Current Generation OCs only.

3. Please link to your OC's page in the comment.

4. Have fun!

  • 1 Fairfax Blondette
  • 2 Sophia Giuliani
  • 3 Orion B…

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DatAsymptote DatAsymptote 21 November 2020

insights on beauty et al through zena ocs

A bit of context. Last night and this morning, we were talking a lot on the EAHFW Discord about themes of love, beauty, romance, desirability, and how those are woven through EAH OCs. It turns out that this theme is actually one that comes up a lot in my OCs, since I find it a really important coming-of-age topic. Bug suggested that all of us share how this theme comes up in our OCs, and then Na suggested I post what I typed up onto a blog post.

Like always, I'm going to do this by author/genre. D'Aulnoys are at the end, since I talked about them last and since it's a big topic involving them. I also have final notes at the end.

Content warning for some heavy topics, like objectification, eating disorders, and other issues that come out of th…

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TheLuckyKira TheLuckyKira 19 November 2020

November Challenge: Forest Fire

So I'm a little late and I hope that I can at least do half of the challenge, but Spades inspired me to work on it, and suggested Chiharu Kyubi and Archer. Forest Fire is the name I chose because it feels fitting as to the absolute disaster this ship is meant to be. To give a little explanation as Archer isn't up yet, Archer is the hero of Chiharu's story, and the two used to be childhood sweethearts, and continued dating when Chiharu came to school the following year.

Find the Admin Blog Post HERE

  • 1 Question 1 - How do the members of the ship feel about the other(s)?
  • 2 Question 2 - What are some commonalities between the ship? What are things that they would do together which they both enjoy?
  • 3 Community Prompt - Week 1
  • 4 Question 3 - Tell us abou…

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Galaxies-Far-Away Galaxies-Far-Away 18 November 2020

Fic Trading Service

Hello, people!

I would like to announce that I am opening a fic trade service/business.

Now, I probably won't get them all done so quickly in the span of the next two months (EAHFanSa, school, etc.). But I'll still try to get your fics done.

  1. This is a fic trade. I make a fic for you and I would like a fic (or art, not picky) in return. Only then would the trade be complete.
  2. Each user is entitled to one trade each
  3. I can only do a limit of 3-4 characters per request.
  4. Please be patient on the trade.
  5. EAHsonas are included.

Simply just comment the characters you want to use and a plot to go with it.

And for the trade, you can pick any of mine to use.

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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 16 November 2020

De-spell-opment Nomination Deadline

Hello everyone, Spades here!

Truthfully can't remember if I've discussed this here, but please note we would like to get nominations for your De-spell-opment feautre ships in by the 24th, so we have time to sort things before December proper.

You can nominate a ship via my DMs or by posting on my message wall here.

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Patchworks Inc Patchworks Inc 15 November 2020

November Despell: Powder Sisters

happy november despell to everyone!!

i was super mega excited abt this one mainly because i get to make things for others WITH the added benefit of nominating a ship i admire!

this month i’m going for a non-romantic theme! my personal ship that i will be using for the weekly prompts is powder sisters: the ship between my oc angeline “angie” patchwork and airy’s oc glassidy van bungard. they lived together as siblings and friends before angie left for ever after high. i’m rlly excited for u guys to learn abt them bc they are one of my favorite ships!

im also especially excited for all the ships ill be showcasing in my community prompts, who are all platonic or familial and all of whom i rlly enjoy < 3 i have all the ships im doing lined up but…

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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 15 November 2020

Bringing Back the OTMs

Hello everyone!

We thought today we’d outline what changes we are set to change before the changes come into play, to allow you guys to ask any questions about them or about our reasoning (though, we are going to explain why we’ve done what we have here!).

We know it’s a bit odd to post this on the same day as FanSa, but assuming most people would sign up and not have many questions about our fifth one (!), we decided to post this on the day we discussed it.

You should see these changes fairly soon! All the people involved with the potential wins of the last vote have declined to take a feature moving forward (instead, they have been put back in the pool of potential future winners). This means we will open OTM voting in December, with our ne…

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DatAsymptote DatAsymptote 14 November 2020

EAHFanSa 2020

Scroll up, scroll up, for our fifth Ever After High Fandom Secret Santa!

"FanSa" for short, this Secret Santa has been one of our favourite December Holiday traditions on the EAHFW.

In a Secret Santa, you will get the opportunity to create a gift for another user, which will be exchanged on December 25. You will also get to recieve a gift from a user.

  • 1 Timeline
  • 2 Guidelines
  • 3 How to Sign Up
  • 4 Making a Gift
  • 5 Participants

  • Sign ups will run from today (November 14, 2020) until November 22nd.
  • Matches will be finalised by November 25th.
  • You will have until December 25th to create your gift.
    • There is a check-in on December 11th, to make sure that you're still happy to participate. December 11 is also the last day you will be able to drop out.

  • Everyone participat…

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NeecyWizzle NeecyWizzle 11 November 2020

November De-spell-opment: Love and Lilies

For the November De-spell I'm using Antinea De Winter and Sasha du Vallon (along with a hastily made up ship name)! I hope you'll enjoy reading it!

  • 1 Week 1 - Questions
    • 1.1 How do the members of the ship feel about the other(s)?
    • 1.2 What are some commonalities between the ship? What are things they would do together which they both enjoy?
  • 2 Week 2 - Questions
    • 2.1 Where did they first met?
    • 2.2 What is a dream trip, which they both want to go on?
  • 3 Week 3 - Questions
    • 3.1 Is the relationship between the characters impacted by destiny at all?
    • 3.2 Is there or do your characters perceive there to be an “end” to the ship?
  • 4 Week 4 - Questions
    • 4.1 What is a source of tension between the ship?
    • 4.2 How has the ship made its members grow as people?
  • 5 Week 1 - Community Prompt…

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Kingperson45123 Kingperson45123 9 November 2020

November De-spell-opment: Sword-Crossed Lovers

For this month's hexciting De-Spell-Opment Challenge I am using two of my personal favorite OCs, Bella and Ley, I really hope you enjoy reading this.

  • 1 Week 1 - Questions
    • 1.1 How do the members of the ship feel about the other(s)?
    • 1.2 What are some commonalities between the ship? What are things they would do together which they both enjoy?
  • 2 Week 2 - Questions
    • 2.1 Where did they first met?
    • 2.2 What is a dream trip, which they both want to go on?
  • 3 Week 3 - Questions
    • 3.1 Is the relationship between the characters impacted by destiny at all?
    • 3.2 Is there or do your characters perceive there to be an “end” to the ship?
  • 4 Week 4 - Questions
    • 4.1 What is a source of tension between the ship?
    • 4.2 How has the ship made its members grow as people?
  • 5 Week 1 - Community Prom…

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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 9 November 2020

November Nominations

It's the 9th here in Scotland, which means nominations are open!

Please only contact me via DMs on Discord or my message wall here in order to discuss them. This'll help me keep track and ensure I don't lose any, and guarantee things are considered on a first come first serve basis!

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Amatoresx Amatoresx 8 November 2020

November De-spell-opment: Gerda & the Little Robber Girl

i've decided that for this month's de-spell-opment, i will be answering the questions for ginny and tyvie : D they're gay and i care them. that is all.

  • 1 The De-spell-opment Questions
    • 1.1 Week 1
    • 1.2 Week 2
    • 1.3 Week 3
    • 1.4 Week 4

De-spell-opment question 1: How do the members of the ship feel about the other(s)?

Tyv and Ginny are currently dating and they absolutely adore each other to bits. Their relationship hadn't always been so loving, however. But that part of their history is one which they both reminisce on and regard with giggles. And tears, both from laughing and from genuine upset.

When they first met as young children, Ginny and Tyv got off on the wrong foot and tried avoiding one another as much as they could from that point, with Ginny feelin…

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BlanketGhost BlanketGhost 7 November 2020

November De-spell-opment: Moon Knight

  • 1 The Couple
  • 2 The De-spell-opment
    • 2.1 Week 1
    • 2.2 Week 2
    • 2.3 Week 3
    • 2.4 Week 4

Moon Knight consists of the friendship/romance between the characters Atlas Myddrin and Caspion Arthwys. Both classic students when the Rebel Movement arises, their budding relationship would be put to the test as they both represent different parts to the faction- one much more extreme than the other.

  • Despellopment question 1: How do the members of the ship feel about the other?

    • Atlas: It took Atlas a bit before warming up to Caspion. Having experienced years of teasing from Camelot’s knights, being met with another possible bully was nerve-wracking, and he really didn’t want to take any chances. Either way, it seemed destiny had other plans for him, as he kept encountering C…

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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 6 November 2020

FAQ for November's De-spell-opment

Hello, Spades here!

We've had a lot of questions about some small technicalities wth November's De-spell, so here are my attempts to answer them.

Before we start, Emilia Trude has been added to the front page for completing the October De-spell-opment. To the users who have been asking about changing the art I've used, see here.

  • 1 If I am doing multiple De-spell-opments, are the prompts allowed to overlap?
  • 2 If I do the De-spell-opment twice, do I get to nominate two ships to feature on the front page?
  • 3 What kind of ships am I allowed to nominate?
  • 4 What kind of ships am I allowed to answer the non-community prompts for?
  • 5 What happens if I am trying to fulfill the prompt for "has no art" but the ship gets art?
  • 6 How do you keep track of the community …

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Rai-Knightshade Rai-Knightshade 6 November 2020

November De-Spell-Opment Challenge: Salted Roses

I'm joining the De-spell-Opment challenge this month y'all! I felt it was time to dig a little deeper into my characters' relationships, and this is the perfect way to do it! My main ship that I'll be working on this month is Salted Roses, or the friendship between Rose and Arion, but as a bonus, each question will also be answered individually for one of my other ships, romantic or platonic! Community Gifts are to be announced as I haven't quite decided which ships I'm doing for what. Wish me luck!

(Note: Ship Members are linked in their associated word in each ship name, i.e. for Salted Roses, Salted is linked to Arion's page, while Roses is linked to Rose's page.)

  • 1 Week 1:
    • 1.1 De-spell-opment Question 1: How do the members of the ship feel …

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EmperorPeacock EmperorPeacock 6 November 2020

nov despell: when in rome

my naem is ariy and i liek supraman and loss lane

  • 1 the questions
    • 1.1 1. how do members of the ship feel about the other? (plus their personal histories with love and romance because for some reason i felt the need to offer that)
    • 1.2 2. what are some commonalities between the ship?
    • 1.3 3. tell us about a first between the characters
    • 1.4 4. tell us about a “dream” between the characters
    • 1.5 5. is the relationship between the characters impacted by destiny at all?
    • 1.6 6. is there or do your characters perceive there to be an “end” to the ship?
    • 1.7 7. what is a source of tension between the ship?
    • 1.8 8. how has the ship made its members grow as people?
  • 2 bonus stuffs
  • 3 gifts
    • 3.1 one mississippi
    • 3.2 two mississippi
    • 3.3 three mississippi
    • 3.4 four mississippi

haul... haul str…

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Hiddenfolk Hiddenfolk 5 November 2020

November despellopment- the Divine Jokes

So uh ill get to their pages later but this is for Virgil Dextrum, Dante Sinistrum, and Beatrice Miller, the angel/devil/human girl without hands trio. Theyre very dear to my heart tbh

  • 1 Week 1
    • 1.1 Despellopment question 1: How do the members of the ship feel about the other(s)?
      • 1.1.1 irt Dante
      • 1.1.2 irt Virgil
      • 1.1.3 irt Beatrice
    • 1.2 Despellopment question 2: What are some commonalities between the ship? What are things that they would do together which they all enjoy?
      • 1.2.1 Beatrice/Virgil
      • 1.2.2 Beatrice/Dante
      • 1.2.3 Dante/Virgil
  • 2 Week 2
    • 2.1 Despellopment question 3: Tell us about a “first” between the characters. A first meeting, a first date, first time meeting the parents, etc.
    • 2.2 Despellopment question 4: Tell us about a “dream” between the characters. A dre…

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GrimmsDePytheLover GrimmsDePytheLover 4 November 2020

November De-spell-opment Challenge - Rhyme & Reason

ive tried to right this blog post like three times alright i cant have a witty introduction

for this month, im doing the dynamic of poem and common sense! i know non-romantic relationships were encouraged, so i decided to go with a familial duo! they used to be pretty popular characters, and ive really neglected them the past few months/years for others (squints at three science related nerds), so i really wanted to do something more with them, since their characters, like many, really dear to my heart

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MonsooonSeasonn MonsooonSeasonn 4 November 2020

November Despell: Asquared

i got real busy during october and couldn’t do kari’s and harreson’s challenges fully, but i’m very hype for november’s ship challenge! i really enjoyed thinking of what and how my ocs interact with each other in the ship, and i found it a good way to develop not only the ship but the characters too. plus, i won’t pass up the chance to make nice stuff for ships within the wiki because i appreciate everyone (pleading face emoji)

this one is for one of my og romantic ships, Asquared, featuring Atarau Kahiwai and Aster Zhi!

  • 1 the questions
    • 1.1 week 1
      • 1.1.1 how do the members of the ship think about each other?
      • 1.1.2 what are some commonalities in the ship?
    • 1.2 week 2
      • 1.2.1 tell us about a “first” between the characters.
      • 1.2.2 tell us about a “dream” between…

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Aquamarinesandopals Aquamarinesandopals 4 November 2020

Quick October De-spell-opment Update

Spades again, already.

Antinea has just been added to the features after her challenge was completed. I just wanted to remind people that features are absolutely available if you complete the challenge in November.

To those who posted on my message wall asking to check if your challenges were okay: these are annoyingly the few message wall messages I've had deleted! I am happy to recheck/reclarify what you need to do to get the feature, especially if you have completed the De-spell but not been awarded one.

Tale has kindly been doing some art for the people who successfully completed the De-spell. If you want the art used for your character changed you will need to let me know, which you can do via my message wall or in the comments here.


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