Brady Footman is the son of The prince's footman from, "Cinderella". Brady is a rebel, however, he knows he is an important part of Ashlynn's fairytale. He's supposed to be the one who invites Ashlynn's stepfamily to the ball. Without him, Ashlynn's stepfamily might've not gone to the ball with an invite. He is a rebel because he would rather do something else than handing out invites. 



Brady is a nice funny person. He is always joking around.  


Brady had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a gray EAH sweatshirt and black athletic pants. He also finishes the look with black shoes. 


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He is the son of the Footman


He is a wicked awesome bookball player and an awesome runner. He enjoys hanging with friends and loves to dance.

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