Brandon Beast has light brown long hair that goes down to his rib cage. He has big blue eyes that seem to shine when he smiles. He always has long finger and toe nails no matter how many times he cuts them.


Brandon is a naturally happy and kind person. He feels bad if he talks about himself, but he loves to help others with their problems. He can always put your frown upsidedown and make you happy. Brandon Beast is the son of the Beast which can cause some ever afters to feel frightened when they're near him. However, Twinkle Bell was able to show them that Brandon was different, but he shouldn't feel ashamed of his appearance. He's always felt confident since that day and he fell in love with the fairy who brought out the mirror and revealed his true reflection.



Brandon seems to always wear a rose clip on the side of his hair and his hair is tied to a ponytail with a red-orange bow. He wears an light green undershirt and a gray jacket that is usually zipped up with white cuffs. He wears blue jeans and brown running shoes

Legacy Day

Brandon wears a white buttoned up shirt with a dark green coat that has blue decorations on it and a green bowtie. He wears pitch black pants and dark green heel boots.



Only the existence of anything bad.


He is friends with everyone but he has a close relationship with his roommate Johnny Bean, from Jack and the beanstalk.


Brandon has a very complicated love life. He secretly dates Twinkle Bell who is his true love, but he hasn't tested it yet. He doesn't tell anyone about it because he doesn't want Becca to find out and have her feelings hurt. Twinkle Bell is passionate and kind to Brandon and doesn't treat him like a pet boyfriend like Becca. He loves her and believes that she is the one.(If you want to see details on his love life go to Twinkle Bell and look at her love life)


He is a rebel; although, he makes everyone thinks he is a royal, in order to not hurt Becca's feelings. (He is destined to be with Becca- Becca is the daughter of Belle from Beauty and the Beast)



Brandon has the power to understand anyone's circumstances and be able to help them.


If Brandon gets angry enough, which rarely happens and only happened once, he turns into a terrible beast.

Magical object

A rose. Any rose that he gives to his true love glows, but if he gives a rose to any other girl, it wilts at her touch.

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