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Brangwen Von Dark

Brangwen Von Dark, often referred to as "Gwen", is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. She is part of the Swan Lake ballet as the next Von Rothbart, and currently attends Ever After High in her Yearbook Year. On the destiny conflict, Brangwen hesitantly sides with the Royals, mainly for the sake of her twin brother, Blake, and due to her general belief that there is no escape from her unfortunate fate.


Before Attending Ever After High

Childhood & Preadolescence

Brangwen and Blake were born to unknown parents and, weeks after their birth, they were adopted by Vasilisa Novaya - a sorceress and servant to no one less than Von Rothbart. They were raised by her under the lie that they were Von Rothbart's illegitimate children and, eventually, his heirs.

Since their childhood, Brangwen has always been the one set to inhert Von Rothbart's legacy, while Blake always opposed to become anything slightly similar to their "father". Therefore, Gwen has always been raised to become Von Rothbart and prepared for this role. The twins have always been wonderful magicians, but Brangwen mastered at the arts of dark magic, potion brewing, hexes, spells, witchcraft and wizardry. She never minded the fate she would one day receive - despite its unfortunate end - and has always been proud to be the one taking after Von Rothbart.

Days before the twins came to Ever After High, their supposed mother told them the truth, and both Brangwen and Blake were devastated to learn the truth about their lives, their past and their family. With nothing left to them, no hopes or expectations, they decided to eventually attend Ever After High, looking forward the possibility of a better future.

Attending Ever After High

Freedom Year

Villains have such a fame in Ever After High - and it's obviously not different for Von Rothbart and his successors. The Von Rothbart legacy is something, since almost everyone in his story dies because of him. Brangwen began attending EAH as the infamous evil daughter of the sorcerer - something she has gained even before starting high school.

Gwen and Blake have decided to keep the lie about their father to avoid further problems, at least in their Freedom Year.

Legacy Year

On her Legacy Year, Brangwen eventually brought up the truth about her story to Headmaster Grimm, and only to him. In a private conversation, they have decided to keep the secret - both to avoid problems in the storytelling and to save Blake or anyone else from ending up with Von Rothbart's legacy.

Brangwen ultimately pledged to follow her destiny, as she was chosen by The Storybook of Legends, and is now tied to The Swan Lake as the main villain.

Yearbook Year




Brangwen's personality is somewhat hard to describe. It's difficult to most people to actually know who she truly is. Mysterious, serious and strict, Brangwen rarely opens up to people and finds it hard to trust anyone. She is naturally feared by most students due to her wicked destiny, and given that fact, it's almost impossible for her to approach anyone, what makes her quite antisocial. Gwen avoids to be around people and simply doesn't know how to interact with them, and when surrounded by a crowd, she gets extremely irritated and annoyed (which isn't good, since her magical powers tend to somehwat explode at moments like that).

Particularly wicked and rather evil, Brangwen can't even try to seem good on the outside. Everything in her life led the sorceress to be like this. Gwen, being the successor to such a cruel villain, has a reputation to uphold as so. She kind of enjoys being the bad girl now, and got used to it at this point, and being feared doesn't seem to bother her anymore. If it has to be this way, then be this way. She knows she has tried to change in the past, to show everyone that she isn't as bad as they think, but if it didn't work, then the only thing she can do, in her opinion, is to accept that. Therefore, Brangwen learned to incorporate what her adoptive father was before her. She is manipulative, sly and fairly selfish, and barely cares about what others say about her.

However, deep down in Brangwen, there hides uncertainty and fear, and a mind that constantly wanders about her future. Even though she does not let it show, the enchantress is deadly afraid of what her future holds for her, especially knowing that her destiny requires her to give her life in order to fulfill it. Gwen isn't afraid of death itself, but she's deadly afraid of what comes after death and, knowing that she wasn't a good person in life, she's sure there's something horrible waiting for her. This leads Gwen to be constantly anxious and she frequently has panic attacks out of nothing, and the magic within her destroys her when it happens.

On the qualities side, Brangwen is focused and very skilled. Her grades are always impeccable, and she truly likes to study. Rather organized and perfectionist, the sorceress has a perfect schedule for everyday, and follows it strictly. Gwen hates to feel useless and is always doing something to distract her from her unfortunate thoughts and feelings.

In addition, Gwen is a very loyal friend who will do everything she can for those she loves. If she is genuinely attached to someone, then she will be the best girl she can be to them. She will stand up and fight for them and do her best to make them happy.


Brangwen is, as considered by most, a beautiful slender girl of average height and pale skin. Her face is framed by dark blue curls, and she inherted her mother's brilliant dark blue eyes. Gwen keeps close to her witch heritage when it comes to her outfits, and she mainly wears black and dark shades of blue. Her motifs include feathers and owl patterns, and she is often seem wearing dark makeup.

Due to taking a potion when she was younger, Brangwen inherted Von Rothbart's ability of turning into an owl. She sports black feathers and big blue eyes when she's in her owl form.

Hobbies & Interests

Brangwen has an obsession with magic and witchcraft, and anything that involves it, since it's a huge part of her destiny, plus she is really magical by birth. She's an acknowledged expert in potion brewing, hexes, spells, witchcraft and wizardry. Brangwen is always selling illegal magical potions to students at Ever After High, and they're generally for bad things. The sorceress is frequently hired to cast evil hexes and/or spells on someone, doing this frequently to Apple White, Raven Queen, Blondie Lockes, Daring Charming and oh so many people out there. She buys things in the dark market for low prices, but her "favours" are not really cheap. When the students need it badly but can't afford it, Brangwen can ask them various, various things to pay for her services. Nights of love, diamond rings and crowns, there are plenty of things. Let's just say Gwen really loves to use all her powers to "help" other students. 

Brangwen is a huge fan of fashion and designing clothes. She's the one who makes all of her outfits, without asking people to help her. She's also commissioned to make outfits for other students frequently, and if it envolves money, Gwen is totally in. She also makes all the outfits for her twin brother, Blake, and often "generously" makes outfits for her roommate, Astral. Lowkey, though, Gwen also cooks and bakes, and uses this to conquer people. Sometimes she will put a spell or a potion in her baking goods without telling anyone, but they're naturally delicious. 

Brangwen's favourite activity is, obviously, dancing. She is a skilled dancer, but doesn't like doing this in front of other people. She does it in her room, when Astral's not around, and has three hours of practice per day. Since her story is practically all about dancing, Brangwen wants to do it greatly and maybe even overcome Duchess Swan's dancing skills. Besides ballet, Brangwen enjoys tango and belly dance, but since it's not in her story, she practices less of it and focus on ballet.

Once, when she was young, Brangwen spoke to a spirit. She passed years without doing it again, but she recently found out about her ability of talking to ghosts and enjoys it. As nobody shall know about that peculiar skill, Brangwen chats with her "friends from other world" when alone, generally in the girls' bathroom during night. She believes her spirit friends understand her and help her, but they might give her some troubles. She has been spotted talking to a ghost woman once and brought to Headmaster Grimm's office, and he has prohibited her to do it again. Anyway, Brangwen still talks to ghosts almost everynight before sleeping. She also does rituals to talk to more important spirits, but has to do them somewhere out of school.

Nobody knows that Brangwen is a lover of animals. She genuinely loves all kinds of critters, especially the big ones: bears, lions, elephants etc. In her free time, she likes to be a voluntary in a sanctuary near to school and rescue animals in danger. Blake does know about this softer spot of Brangwen, but keeps it a secret.

Fairy Tale - Swan Lake

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How Does Brangwen Come Into It?

Brangwen has always been raised to be the next Von Rothbart, and the Storybook of Legends truly chose her to fill this role - even before she was adopted as Von Rothbart's daughter. For the sake of her twin brother (and, by consequence, the storytelling of Swan Lake), Brangwen has pledged to follow her destiny and will, soon, become the Von Rothbart of her generation.


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Art Brangwen's Outfits
Brangwen von Dark 1

Signature - Royals

Brangwen's daily outfit is composed by a knee-length dark blue large dress with flare sleeves and slightly darker feather patterns. She wears a long, black sleeveless cape and a delicate, silver rope belt decorated with an owl face and feathers. Brangwen wears a pair of dark, feathery shoes graced with silver owls and ropes. Her neck is decorated by a small, delicate owl pendant, and Gwen has a golden feather hairclip on her hair. She carries with her a dark owl purse, and wears dark makeup.


Legacy Day



Getting Fairest



Mirror Beach






Fairest on Ice



Dragon Games



Epic Winter


Class-ic Schedule

1st Period: Dance Class-ic

2nd Period: Advanced Villainy

3rd Period: Magicology

4th Period: Chemythstry

5th Period: History of Evil Spells

6th Period: Spells, Hexes and Evil Witchery

Brangwen takes extra classes of Dance and Advanced Villainy in order to fulfill her destiny properly. She is part of various school groups, being the founder of the secret group The Dark Mages.


  • Brangwen means "Dark and Pure" in Welsh.
  • Her birthday is on September 28th, making her a Libra.
  • Blake is actually 6 minutes older than Brangwen.
  • Brangwen's magic aura is a mix of periwinkle and ciano. When she uses her dark magic, its aura is dark blue.
  • She and her brother were born and raised in Russia.
  • Gwen's first language is Russian. She speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian fluently.
    • She speaks with a heavy Russian accent.
  • Brangwen loves spicy food.
  • Brangwen's birth name, originally given to her by her mother, was Viktoria Tatiana Ivashov.
  • Check her Pinterest board here!
  • She tends to speak in a very formal manner, and rarely uses abbreviations and such.
  • Gwen, thanks to Astral, is a huge fan of Nirvana and is constantly humming their songs.


Your existence is unnecessary.
My name is Brangwen Von Dark, destined to be the next Von Rothbart - and I pledge to follow my destiny and curse the Swan Princess!
Brangwen Von Dark
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