BreZ goes by Bre, BreZ, Brey Brey, brehzen, Brendan and Z.


Self-created OCs:

Bluebell Bête; The mean daughter of Beauty and the Beast who believes her destiny is to become the next beauty, but she's actually the next beast.

Beau Charming; Son of Goldilockes and Prince Charming from the Story of Pretty Goldilocks and the real future beauty.

Wolfy Cry; Truthtelling and gullible Rebel son of the Boy who cried Wolf. Noone believes it when he says he isn't a liar.

Leroy Blue; The always tired and sleepy son of Little Boy Blue.

Savanne “Svane” Ælling; The bully target and daughter of the Ugly Duckling.

Wolfgang Badwolf; The would-be villain of the Big Bad Wolf, the General Villainy teacher Mr. Badwolf and secretly half-brother to Cerise.

Pete Pan; The polar opposite son of Peter Pan who is mature, manipulative, has a great bussiness mind, but zero money to invest in anything.

Emma Davies; Bubbly, stupid, easily manipulated rich descendant of Wendy Darling and the daughter of a Prince Charming.

Pixie Bell; The Fairy Dust Dealing daughter of Tinker Bell

Bianca White; The Jealous cousin of Apple White and daughter of Snow-White

Jolie Avenant Charming, daughter of Goldilocks and Prince Charming from The story of Pretty Goldilocks


Steve Hest; Son of the Knight in Shinings Armor's Horse created by Mishachu Tubby

Upcoming (Once upon a time, maybe):

Ross Red, daughter of Rose-Red and the prince's brother

Ürsus Bären, son of the Prince that was cursed into a bear from Snow-White and Rose-Red

Harry March, son of the March Hare

JR Smee, son of Mr. Smee

Tim Woodman

Hayley Scarecrow

Leo Cowardly

Rupert Stiltskin


Untitled Fantale: Starring Bluebell, Beau and Savanne

Upcoming (Once upon a time, maybe):

Untitled Fantale 2: Starring Wolfy, Cerise and Wolfgang

Untitled Fantale 3: Starring Pete, Emma, Pixie and various Lost Boys


  • BreZ only refers to Dexterous using his full first name.
  • For some reason BreZ refers to his fanfics as fantales.
  • I keep adding new characters to my upcoming OC lists, but everytime he makes a new one it doesn't come from that list
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