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Brianna Ball is the granddaughter of Ball-Carrier from Ball-Carrier and the Bad One (and its sequel, How Ball-Carrier Finished His Task), a Native American fairy tale appearing in Andrew Lang's Brown Fairy Book.



Brianna is tall, with bronze skin, black hair tied back in a ponytail, and brown eyes. She wears a brown jacket over a yellow shirt and an orange skirt.


Brianna is a very intelligent girl who loves exploring. She loves to travel through the woods.

Brianna is also good at most sports that involve balls. She is especially good at volleyball and she is on the volleyball team. She is also good at hunting and making leather. She has a jacket made of buffalo leather that she wears frequently.



Brianna lives with her mother and father. She has an older sister named Brooke (age 20), an older brother named Benjamin (age 18), a younger brother named Bryce (age 10), and a younger sister named Bella (age 8). Not too far away is her grandfather Ball-Carrier, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother. Brianna's great-grandfather died four years ago and he left her a beaded necklace to Brianna in his will. Brianna often wears it at parties.


Brianna is close with Henry Mulgoa and Anthime Zinzolantin.


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