Bridget Fairy is the daughter of the Blue Fairy or the Fairy with Turquoise hair from Pinocchio.

Bridget Fairy is a rebel, she doesn't want to spend her time turning inanimate objects into "real boys".


Bridget is spunky and outgoing. She does kind of care about being popular but, she's not overly consumed about it. She used to be a downer (and sorta obsessed with popularity) due to the fact that she was extremely horrible at magic. But, (after being tutored by Miranda-Melissa Brambles) she became nicer. And although, she's a rebel, she still likes to help people.


Bridget has long flowing blonde hair with dark-ish shimmering turquoise ends. She also has fair skin, dark blue-ish sparkling eyes, and shimmering midnight and sky blue wings. She typically wears long glittering blue flowing dresses (designed by her roomie) and high heels.


Her portrayer would be Elle Fanning. Why? Because, Bridget and Elle look extremely alike (Except Bridget has blue tips on her hair). Plus, Elle has this faye-like look.



Her mother is the blue fairy, and her cousin is Bella Mother.


Cedar Wood: Even though Bridget doesn't want to turn Cedar into a "real girl" Cedar and Bridget are still close friends. They met when they were 4 and have been friends ever since.

Legacy Day

Bridget wears a blue dress with blue flowers and blue high heals and she has wand earings and she has her hair in a French braid.



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