A round table is the best place to discuss about serious things !
Brittania to two pupils arguing
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Princess Brittania Berlewen Pendragon (more simply called Brittania or Britta) is the daughter of King Arthur Pendragon and Queen Guinevere.

She has a fierce personality and she is dedicated to her friends, who she defends with energy.



Brittania is a very kind person and she has a golden heart. She is also lit, bubbly and fierce. She is very dedicated to her friends and she defends them with sometimes too much ardor. Yeah, Britta is someone who never gives up and takes everything she does very seriously. But she's not mean AT ALL and if you have a problem, Brittania will listen to you very carefully, think a little and provide some advice to fix your problem. She likes being with her friends and she really doesn't like loneliness. That's why she is always hanging up with someone and trying to befriend everyone.

She has a lot of courtesy and she's never rude to anyone, even to someone she hates -well, there's not much people whom she hates. She has a very correct language and never says swear words or things like that (well, if you REALLY get on her nerves, she'll do.) She really loves her destiny and she's eager to take after her father on the throne of the Logres Kingdom... and she hopes she'll be able to find the Grail. (That's why she collect cups.)


She is a little taller than average and always keep her chin up. She's not being despising anyone or anything like that, that's just what she learned from her parents. Brittania has a pale skin and long black hair she ties in a bun with a tiny little silver tiara on it. She often wears blue and silver (or alternatively red and gold) dresses with golden jewellery. She also has green eyes and small freckles. Brittania smiles a lot and it lits up all her face up.

When she is worried, her sea-green eyes become darker and she will never look at people straight. If you don't notice it and if you ask to Britta if she's fine... she'll always answer that it's okay.

Fairy tale – King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

How the Story Goes

How Does Britta Come Into It?

Well, Britta was born shortly before the infamous affair of Queen Guinevere and Lancelot. When it happened, she was way too young to understand what was going on around her, and doesn't remember anything about that, apart of what glimpses she caught by hearing her parents talking -or rather arguing. But of course, she knows her story, and what is supposed to happen and all...



Father : Arzh Pendragon

Britta and her dad get along pretty well. Arzh loves his only daughter and technically heiress, but he sometimes can be kind of short tempered and put a lot of pressure on his daughter's shoulders. And the fact that she isn't that good at swordfighting doesn't exactly help.

Mother : Gwyneth Ivere

The current Queen Guinevere. She's basically the one who taught Britta all about being kind, polite and princess-y, but Britta... has a weird relationship with her mom. On one hand, she loves her, and on the other hand, there's well, the affair. Even though she was nothing much more than a toddler when it happened, Britta still kinds of wonder what pushed her mom to have this affair.

Half-Brother : Launcer du Lac

Don't put those two in the same room. Just don't. Launcer and his twin sister Lancey were taken by Arzh (albeit not entirely with good grace) and Gwyneth at Camelot, and he and Britta used to play together a lot. That was before. Before one time, when Launcer tried to convince Britta to not follow her destiny. At first, it was out of sheer good intentions -he didn't want to have to abandon her and all-, but Britta took it very bad. They argued, and now they can't stand each other anymore.

Half-Sister ; Lancey du Lac

Unlike Launcer, Britta still appreciates Lancey's company. Since there is no destiny for Lancey, their relationship is much more chill. Lancey admires Britta and likes to ask her advice -even though Britta can't be of much help when it comes to swordfighting.


Marlie Myrddin

It's no wonder the daughter of King Arthur and Merlin would get along! Marlie is really a sweetheart to Britta and is always ready to help her.

Kaya Ector

Even though they shouldn't get along given their destinies, they are the bestest of friends. They're always here for each other and are ready to fight anyone who stands against their friendship or criticizes it.

Arthurian Knights

Britta is the leader and founder of the group. She loves all of them to bits, even though they can get on her nerves.


Brittania has a pet bear cub which she named Nima


Gwenny is Britta's destined Guinevere. The two get along pretty well, but it's not exactly "love" between them. Britta is fine with the idea of Gwenny ruling alongside her, but she doesn't see her as a potential crush.


We could say that Launcer is now her enemy.


  • Her first name is the Latin word for Britain, the former name of England.
  • She loves bread
  • She has a pet bear cub because the name of her father, Arthur, means "bear" in the ancient Celtic language


Don't you even DARE to lay a SINGLE FINGER on my friends !
Brittania to Launcer
So... what's your problem dear ?
Brittania to someone who asked for her help

Has Also Been Called

By her parents

Britts, Berlewen, Berl

By others


By her friends

Britsy, Tania

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