brittwit, better known as Britt, is an amateur writer and fairytale lover who joined the Ever After High Fandom wiki in August 2016. Previously the owner of Bellatrix Wicked, Britt decided to create a new account after re-discovering her love for Ever After High this summer because why the heck not. Her first (and currently only) original character on this account, Esmerelda Westwick, is basically an updated version of Bellatrix. Britt is currently a sophomore in high school, and enjoys writing in her spare time, though rarely actually finishes anything.

Britt doesn't consider herself to be particularly rebellious- the most rebellious thing she's ever done is ocassionally skip class due to severe anxiety and depression. However, she ultimately sympathizes with both sides, and considers herself to be a Roybel.

Fandom Stuff

Original Characters

  • Esmerelda Westwick



  • Raven Queen/Apple White
  • Darling Charming/Apple White
  • Raven Queen/Darling Charming/Apple White
  • Briar Beauty/Faybelle Thorn
  • Rosabella Beauty/Daring Charming
  • Chase Redford/Dexter Charming
  • Chase Redford/Alistair Wonderland
  • Daring Charming/Cerise Hood (platonic)
  • Darling Charming/Chase Redford (platonic)
  • Briar Beauty/Hopper Croakington (platonic)



Even-tempered and inquisitive, Britt is a soft-spoken introvert who values her intelligence and creativety above all else. Having grown up being heralded as an "academically gifted" child, Britt tends to define her self-worth by her grades, which have been less-than-exemplary since entering high school. Aside from this, Britt is kind, caring and helpful, and loyal to her friends to the point of jeopardizing her own well-being. She is emotional, understanding and intuitive, though also resourceful, ambitious, and even ruthless when needed. Britt is also extremely sarcastic outside of the internet, and has a rather morbid sense of humour.


Britt is a pale, spectacled individual, who is said to rather resemble a mole with her plump physique and dark attire.



Britt considers herself to have a great relationship with her parents, and close relatives such as her aunt.



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