Broken Crown is a short drabble written by Captain Frosty.



  • Realistic fiction


Charlotte tugged on her periwinkle and gold embroidered cloak before settling down in the sand. The cool, fresh sea breeze was felt refreshing against her pale face. Rain sprinkled down from the sky gradually as Charlotte watched from her spot on the beach. She didn’t know why she was watching or why she was here. Perhaps being deep in thought ended up there.

Maybe it was the fight she and her brother had this morning. It was an appalling feeling, a lousy feeling. She hated the feeling. Her and Lionel never fought, well, it was a rare occasion. Very rare. Since they didn’t fight, it was hard to take the emotional damage of the fight afterwards. She never liked the rare fights they would have, she cared and loved her brother, after being together after separation, she was so happy and relieved. But right now the two Belleroses needed to be alone.

The feeling of the breeze waving her chocolate brown hair around managed to bring a small smile to her lips. Tracing little lines into the sand, she made her own little checker board without even thinking. Perhaps because it reminded her of simpler times, times where responsibilities simply didn’t matter. “Can’t play with just one shell and one person can I?” She brought a slight chuckle to her lips as her fingers trailed on the spotted seashell, feeling every little groove and crack. 

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