Brother & Sister...Or Maybe Not
Vital statistics
Author RoyallyRebelliousRoybel
Illustrator Unknown
Published on May 8,2015
Published by RoyallyRebelliousRoybel
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Unknown Magic Doesn't Worth It
Brother & Sister...Or Maybe Not is a fanfiction written by RoyallyRebelliousRoybel. The story focuses on the cousins Sisa Sestra & Brace Brat, the children of Brother & Sister. It'll all start on their first day in Ever After High, telling all the tales of their doings, arguments and bonding moments.

A New Day

"WAKE UP! RISE & SHINE!" Brace exclaimed, nagging his cousin Sisa again and again. "Brace, why do have to be SO noisy?" asked Sisa, arching an eyebrow to her own cousin. "Sisa, it's the first

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