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I am not a princesses i am a knight and no matter what condition i am in i will fight with you.
Bryony to the knight of the round
Bryony Pendragon
Com bryony pendragon by anigirl5-d9kiore
Nicknames Princess
Basic Info
Hair color Blonde
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type B-
Age 14
Birthday June 19
Parent Story King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table.
Alignment Icon-Royal Royal
roommate Nicole Knightley

Bryony Pendragon is a 2015-introduced and all-around character. Bryony Pendragon is the daughter of King Arthur Pendragon and his wife. Despite knowing one day she will die to protect her country Bryony is happy to have this destiny. She spends most of her time training with a fake version of Excalibur that the headmaster gave her.  Though she needs to be careful due to her having osteogenesis which means she spent most of her days in either bed or in a wheelchair to prevent herself from getting hurt. 

She hopes she believes to become queen or at least help someone rule her father's kingdom. 



Bryony even with being disabled doesn't affect her. Though she does wish to be like a normal and able to fight with her knights, she believes that being ill most of been a crush by her elder sister who she has never met before. Though even with this crush she knows that she can still be a good queen by either expanding her mind with books or helping her knight stay calm  She is a great listener and able to give helpful advice whenever it is needed. She hates being treated differently just because of her illness, which would sometimes make her stubborn or even hard-headed because she might refuse to ask others for help.    

Bryony often is seen giving Nichole her phone saying deal with this. Most believed Bryony to be one that does not wish to be near others.    


Bryony is a very sickly looking young girl. She has pale skin that looks like she almost white. Her golden hair often seems to put up in a ballet sort of bun to keep it from falling her chair. Her eyes have been like the ocean as they are a deep light blue.  The color scheme is that of blues m slivers and gold. Her style of dressing has often to said a plane for being a princess.

Bryony often wears and long white French puffed shirt and a blue skirt that goes to her waist. 

Fairy Tale - The Nightingale and The Rose

How the Story Goes.


Class Schedule

1st Period: TBA

2nd Period: TBA

3rd Period: TBA

4th Period: TBA

5th Period: TBA

6th Period: TBA



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