This is Bunny Ticktock's diary.

A New Orientation

When I walked up to the tall castle, like school, I noticed a lot of different people a goth, a rich-y and meanies no-one knew anyone it's as if this is there new school as well lots of tall teachers and weird lockers but the moment that teacher came up to me, the tall, croakity one I just stood there thinking to myself "This is gonna be a long year....."

Chapter 1

I went too my dorm room with my Best Friend Forever After, Kitty Cheshire, she is my only friend at Ever After High she is kinda "mean" but not as much as the other people around here, a girl walked in when me and Kitty were in my dorm, she was very friendly. Then my roommate Cody walked in, we already knew each other from kindergarten and primary school, I forgot how hot he was, but I forgot I have a boyfriend. Kitty said "This is Gigi Genie" she greeted me with a "Hello, I am Gigi and I've heard a lot of great things about you!" That's when we formed The BA-BAMS, that's are group name and everyday we would form a meeting in the spot we met in. Cody walked out of the girly meeting. Man, he is so cute!

Chapter 2

And the secret is out! I'm dating a rebel, I went around the whole school about who told them I went from person to person asking until I finally found out it was Duchess Swan. Ooo, my she got two black eyes. But Gigi Genie stopped the fight. Gigi and Kitty and I are gonna go hang out at the Fairydust cafe.

Chapter 3

Gigi was really worried that I am dating a rebel, but me and Kitty told her it's gonna be ok. Then I told them I fancy Cody Wolf.

They were so shocked, but at the same time, they were exchanging looks like "I knew it!" or "I told you so!", I was so torn thoug, I didn't want to make my boyfriend angry, he gets REAL angry most times.

We were called by Cerise Hood (daughter of little red riding hood) so me, Kitty and Gigi went to her and Cedar Wood's dorm. There we saw, Lizzie Hearts (daughter of the queen of hearts), Cedar Wood (daughter of pinocchio) and Cerise. All of us looked confused. Cerise said "You guys are my BFFA's, right?" we all said "of course" and then she lifted down her hood, to reveal two pointy ears, at first, we were all confused, but then we were shocked. How long has she kept this from us? and Why did Little Red Riding Hood marry the Big Bad Wolf?

Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


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