you have been warned.
march's theme of his characters is horror so i recommend that viewer discretion as it'll mention unsatisfying pleasures
...We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 6

CHˊSHIRES will explain his creations here:


(aka The Secondary)

Bovine Blindworm

  • Daughter of The Blindworm.
  • She's secondary because most people there were kind to her.

Tyrant Okerlo

  • Son of The Okerlo.
  • He's rebelling against his destiny.

Liam White

  • Son of The White Queen.
  • He's rebelling for the fun of it all.


(aka The Forgotten)

Bucky Butcher

  • Younger son of the child who played the butcher.
  • He's forgotten because of his story's horrific events.

Grimmling Gunsting

  • Son of one of the girl's brothers.
  • He's forgotten because of his gory destiny.

Justice Judge

  • Son of The Judge in Bucky's story.
  • He's a royal because he stays true to the laws.

Harry Chester Andersen

  • Son of Hans Christan Andersen, the author.
  • He's a royal because, like Justice, he stays true to the laws.


(aka The Undecided)

Slaughtra Butcher

  • Older daughter of the child who played the butcher.
  • During her capture, she hasn't really thought about this.

Timothy Riddle

  • Son of The Prince of The Riddle.
  • To stay mischievous, he won't say.

Zero Charming

  • Son of The Forgotten Princess.
  • His story was completely forgotten by the world that he forgot about himself.
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