This page belongs to Caillik. Please don't edit or steal! Thanks! Hiyas! I'm Caillik, and I joined EAHFW (EAH Fandom Wiki) in 2016. I absolutely LOVE making OCs, although I'm always making more than I can remember.


The word that I would use to describe me is... weird. Very weird, and I consider that a complement. I'd also call myself playful, outgoing, and slightly childish at times. And if I hadn't edited this page, you would call me bad at typing.

One thing about me that you may find interesting is that I am a red panda. And red pandas are awesome.


I love EAH (obviously), acting, singing, baking, sewing, playing video games, and putting smiley faces on things. =D

I have a youtube channel; not about EAH, but about video games, specifically Minecraft. I'm not forcing you to check it out, but... you can search "Caillik" on youtube if you wanna see.

To-Do List

Whitney Bear - Not Started

Wyatt Bear - Not Started

Darcie Thread - Not Started

Starflower Shirt - Not Started

Goldie Fish - Not Started

Art for Henny Trueman - Not Started

Art for Evening Gale - Started

Art for Swanaliese Cygnus - Not Started

Art for Nanny Horn - Not Started

Art for Prism Hill - Started

New Art for Ambrosia Plum - Not Started

My OCs

I try to flesh out my OCs as best as I can, but if there's a part you think could be done better, please leave a comment on that page.


Ambrosia Plum, daughter of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Evening Gale, daughter of the Nightingale

Swanaliese Cygnus, daughter of the Swan Maiden

Prism Hill, daughter of the Princess on Glass Hill


Lotus Marcia Marsh, daughter of the Marsh King's Daughter

Nanny Horn, daughter of the Horned Goat


Henny Trueman, daughter of the Hen


  • I have over 20 OCs made, but I'm to lazy to upload them. =D
  • I try to base my OCs off of less known fairy tales, partly to make them more known.
  • In the future, I might be available to draw art for peoples OCs. Maybe.
  • My favorite youtube channel, besides myself (=D) is Sqaishey Quack.
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