Calli Latrans
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Nurulhuda Samad:
Character Profile
Parent Story Native American Legends
Alignment Neutral

We got Thronecoming presents today. Got a new smoking pipe my grandfather. Vaguely heard that Blondie got running shoes. "Those bears will never catch me!" she said. HA! They might not Blondie, but a coyote certainly will. :)

Kitty Cheshire can be fairy annoying but I consider her to be a BFFA. I just never tell her that because I know she'll laugh at me....

Me and my close pack mate, Lyallie, had race through the Enchanted Forest today! It was spellbinding except when Lyallie cheated.

I think that Quinn girl may have a crush on me…I have no clue why though. It’s not like I’m good enough for her or anything… I don’t even know why she considers me a friend.

My grandpa keeps telling me to be nicer to wolves as they are a part of my story. I am nice to wolves! I'm nice to Lyallie most of the time... not so much her uncle. Eh, it's fine. I heard he was recovering nicely since my last prank. :)

Someone needs to tell Lizzie that a dodo bird escaped from Wonderland and its name is Daring Charming.

I saw Apple hanging out with Raven at the Hocus Latte today. I find it cute that fairytale princesses can get along so well with their villains.

I want to be friends with Lizzie so bad but all she does is yell at me for being a "sniveling tosspot". What's a tosspot anyway? :( Kitty thinks this is funny for some reason.

I'm glad me and Quinn are dating. But every time I try hugging her or holding her hand she just clams up? Do I make her uncomfortable?

Tried that new face swap app on the MirrorPhone with Courtly today.... I can say that I definitely don't plan on sleeping anytime soon. About a couple of weeks I'd reckon.

some weird rag doll girl keeps hugging me and i don't even know who she is???


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