Careful What You Wish For is the 4th episode of shorts for Off the Island


"Theme Song"

"Alex's doing his Magicology homework & Rocky storms in"

Alex: Can I-whoa! That looks great.

Rocky: No it doesn't, I look like a train wreck.

Alex: Your words not mine.

Rocky: I need your help.

Alex: Oh look, the day where Rocky needs my help.

Rocky: Can you?

Alex: Well-

Nicky: "walks in" I need help w/ my Crownculus homework.

Rocky: Hey, he's helping me.

Nicky: He's my BFFA.

Alex: Ah geez.

"Franny came running in w/ a lamp"

Franny: Hold this for me, thanks. "running out"

Alex: What the-

Rocky: I'm 1st!

Nicky: No, I am!

Girl: You stole my lamp!

Alex: No I-

Girl: Thief!

Rocky: Genevieve, calm down.

Genevieve: Give it! "snatches lamp then storms out"

Alex: "sighs" I wish I could go back to the island, we didn't have this much drama.

Owen: Hey guys, I was wondering-

"Alex & others get transported to the island"

Rocky: Where are we?

Nicky: Alex, we're home.

Alex: Oh no.



  • Alex
  • Nicky
  • Rocky
  • Genevieve
  • Owen
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