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Carole Nurys is the next nurse of “The Light Princess”. Though her destiny is to be a wet nurse who’s plot-relevant only in the last chapters, her grace and courtliness belies her minor role. From her bearing, it seems as though she’s destined for more prestige than a few mentions in an obscure tale. Regardless, Carole aligns as a royal and appears to embrace her destiny.



Warm, charming and dignified, the next nurse from "the Light Princess" is well-known in her cohort. Despite her commoner status, Carole easily mingles with the most prestigious of royalty. Additionally, the maiden is not only capable, she's also soothing to talk to - one of those people who's popular because she's well-liked, Carole backs up her reputation with a sweet smile and wave at the ready; the picture perfect image of a future nurse.

Few know that her “perfect” act is entirely calculated.

Carole's nurturing nature is a facade that intentionally plays into other’s expectations of her. Skilled at misdirection, Carole avoids telling people her true opinions of things and allows confirmation bias to fill in the gaps. When pressed to give her truthful thoughts on things, she defaults to a winsome smile and gentle push, disarming her conversation partners. As a result, Carole is generally an easy person to chat with.

Furthermore, Carole is hextremely focused on maintaining her public image. To blend in with the high profile royalty, she studies the style and behaviour of “perfect princesses” like Apple White, and adapts them to her own version.

Where royalty like Ashlynn Ella are just as sweet and good-natured as their role, Carole leads people to believe that she's just as soothing as a wet-nurse should be. Where the future rulers dress in motifs and crowns, Carole wears a nurse hat and incorporates the caduceus (not the Rod of Asclepius). Where high profile destinies are born into (or granted) their privilege, Carole covers her bases with hard work and intellect.

While some might call her actions manipulative, Carole justifies them with her social status (or lack thereof). After all, the Nurys family fell out with the royal family of their story and she's essentially left to fend for herself without their backing. In a school with the future pillars of the fairytale world, she opines that it’s important to be able to integrate herself with the powerful.

What Carole would not hypothetically reveal would be the true reasons driving her actions: She's an ambitious person. She's self-aware. Driven by a want for success but limited by her birth, Carole relies on social capital, ability and hard work to compete with fairy gifts and old money.

At her core, Carole is ruthlessly pragmatic. She's morally ambivalent and generally apathetic when things do not affect her. Cynical and observant, Carole is aware of the harsher sides of life and is determined to thrive in the fairytale world.

Ultimately, Carole's not the sweet and kind person she pretends to be. She's sharp and harsh. She's cynical. Most importantly, she's learning to position herself in the world and gain the autonomy and power she wants. And armed with confidence and charisma, Carole has the potential to attain them.



Partying is a great way to meet new people and talk to them. Carole’s able to nurse her drinks well, but she prefers to stay sober — alcohol loosen lips and sobriety keeps ears open.


Though Carole has a wide range of reading material, newspapers and magazines are her go-to purchases. She enjoys learning about events occurring around the world, and thinks it’s important to be informed. After all, she’s studying with children of major world leaders and the future foundations of Ever After — who knows what might happen if she misspoke.

Magazines, on the other hand, not only carry debates on the socio-political and economic developments, but also the latest cultural shifts. Carole doesn’t necessarily find it interesting to read about what spellbrities did or the latest mirrorphone, but she enjoys discussing these topics with her peers.


Carole’s a tall girl about Cerise’s height. In an attempt to blend into the royal students, she makes sure that she appears conventionally attractive at any given time — from careful application of cosmetics to following the fashion trends. As a result, she wears her hair in the style favoured by Ever After socialites.

Fairy tale – The Light Princess

How the Story Goes

A king and queen had a daughter after many years, and the king forgot to invite his sister, Princess Makemnoit to the christening. Unfortunately, Princess Makemnoit is a spiteful and clever woman, and after arriving without an invitation, causes the princess to have no gravity.

“Light of spirit, by my charms,
Light of body, every part,
Never weary human arms—
Only crush thy parents’ heart!”

As the princess grows up, she never cries and is unable to see the seriousness of situations. The court philosophers are unable to propose any solution which the king and queen could morally and ethically adopt.

Soon, it was learned that the princess regained her gravity in water, which led to the proposal that the curse would be broken if the princess cried. In the meantime, a prince came across the princess swimming and, thinking that she was drowning, tried to rescue her. The princess scolded him for doing so, and the prince falls in love with her. The prince and princess go swimming constantly.

When Princess Makemnoit learns that the princess loves the lake, she sets to drain it, as well as all water in nature. As the lake drains, the princess becomes sickly and despondent. It is later discovered that in order to stop the lake from drying up, a living man has to block the hole the water is escaping from.

The prince volunteers on the condition that the princess accompanies him while the lake fills up. While initially unfeeling, the princess eventually desperately saved the prince after he almost drowned. She brings him to her old nurse, who is a wise woman.

Somehow, the doctors never came. So the princess and her old nurse were left with the prince. But the old nurse was a wise woman, and knew what to do.

They tried everything for a long time without success. The princess was nearly distracted between hope and fear, but she tried on and on, one thing after another, and everything over and over again.

At last, when they had all but given it up, just as the sun rose, the prince opened his eyes.

When the prince finally awakens the next day, the princess falls to the floor and cries. The curse was broken and it rained, filling the kingdom once more with water. Princess Makemnoit died when lake water flooded the cave she lived in.

How does Carole come into it?

Though the role originally referred to a “wet nurse”, the nurses of subsequent retellings go through a medical nursing program to learn the skills required to resuscitate the prince.

The role of the Light Princess’ nurse is passed down through the Nurys family. Carole’s mother is Addy’s wet nurse and Carole’s destined to be the nurse for Addy’s potential child in the next retelling.

Carole’s great-grandmother was the nurse for Addy’s grandmother (Queen Angeline) and went through the required medical training. However, she was unable to rescue Prince Linold after he drowned. When the prince died, so did the Nurys’ relationship with the royal family.

The nurse’s family was no longer allowed to stay in the palace, nor were their children raised with the royal children as milk siblings. Instead, the nurse lives in the palace while carrying out their destiny while their family is forced to stay away from the castle grounds.

Since the current retelling began, Carole’s mother has lived at the palace while Carole’s brought up by her grandmother.

Carole’s views on her story

Carole’s great-grandmother has always felt guilty for the death of Prince Linold and her inability to rescue him, but her daughter did not feel the same. Carole’s grandmother was bitter that she and her children were punished for the mistakes of the previous generation. She resented the fact that she was prevented from seeing her children grow, and was determined to redeem the Nurys family name one day.

Carole’s mother entered the palace to fulfil her destiny when the next light princess was born and, at one year old, Carole was left in the care of her grandmother. Her grandmother was strict and impressed upon her the importance of redeeming the Nurys family name.

As a result, though Carole detests the fact that her role is minor and the story not well-known, she’s a royal. (Royals were also more popular in her first and second years, and Raven's rebellion is starting to appear alluring)


  • the nurse appears in the early chapters as someone who’s afraid of authority (the Queen) and who keeps quiet to avoid drawing attention to herself and/or her mistakes.
    • Carole wants to gain power to avoid this scenario
  • The nurse is described as wise and old in the end of the story.
    • Carole is street-smart and relatively more mature than others her age
  • wet-nurses are milk mothers and help raise the noble children
    • Carole uses this as her public image

Name parallels: The role is a (wet) nurse who helped raise the light princess from birth to adulthood. Nurys is spelled similarly to nurse. Carole visually reads as a combination of “care” and “old”, which are adjectives that describe the nurse in the story.


  • Carole's page is released on 10th May 2020, which coincidentally, is mother’s day.
  • As the role of the nurse grew to include medical training, Carole's capable of basic first aid and is currently learning more advanced skills.
  • Carole calls people "babe". It's both a term of endearment and a way to be patronising without being called out.

Specific things she likes:

  • Dried blood orange slices. It's sour, bitter and crunchy, and Carole has fond memories of her mom bringing it to her once a month.

Specific things she dislikes:

  • Carole dislikes it when people flaunt their wealth, since it's usually not something they achieve on their own merit. She thinks that it can be a tacky behaviour in some.
    • Another reason is that she's bitter. Since Carole's not from a well-to-do family, it's irresponsible to participate in royal trends etc. She manages to play it off as sticking to her "personal style", but ultimately, she's an image-conscious 17 year old (albeit one who's mature in some aspects).

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