Carte Blanche is an Ever After High Fandom fanfiction displayed in the format of an interactive text game, presently posted to an external archive at

The story was posted in June 2017 by wiki user Alpha, featuring artwork commissioned from Homiestars and several OCs posted to the Ever After High Fandom Wikia. This fanfiction takes place in present canon settings, although the events themselves are not confirmed to be canon.

The entire story is presently rated T for Teen (13+) due to strong language, depictions of character death, and mild innuendo. There are also minor references and vague spoilers for one of the games which inspired this fic. Please proceed with caution when reading.

Carte Blanche


"You'll be Watson, I'll be Holmes?"
Ryusei Arctic
"Of course... I know just the spell to get us past all that red tape."
Celadon West

Roommates Celadon West and Ryusei Arctic unravel a tangled web of rivalry, asshole best friends, romantic intrigue, and chocolate in this mystery tale. Features the Cold Spell BroTP as amateur detectives, with guest appearances by several other characters!


It seems like I never manage to write White Day fic in-season.

Ideally, this game should not be played on small mobile devices due to graphics limitations and font size inconvenience.

Two major glitches have presently been reported: some of the story's Javascript does not work on certain mobile browsers, or desktop browsers unable to run Javascript.

There was also an incident in which the "return to previous" button on the list of evidence did not return the player to the previous page. I believe it was an error on the hosting website, as I am unable to replicate the glitch on my own computer.

How to Play

Primary Storyline

Please collect all of the evidence on a page by clicking on all the in-game links. If the story is not progressing, try making sure you have clicked on all of the available links.

Sometimes, you will be asked a multiple-choice question to progress in the story. Getting the question wrong will not result in a penalty, but you will need to eventually select the right answer to continue.

Though character names are often linked to external pages from the Ever After High Fandom Wikia, clicking on them is not necessary in order to progress in the story-- they are only there if you are curious to read more about a character mentioned in the story!

Class Trial Minigames

In Class Trials, there are two types of story progression questions.

One of them is a basic multiple-choice, similar to the ones seen earlier in the story.

The other one uses links in the middle of students' sentences. You will have to pick the right statement to contradict, based on your existing evidence. This will take you to an options screen where you will have to pick which piece of evidence backs up your objection. Unfortunately, if you get either piece of information wrong, you will be forced to pick again.

Getting answers wrong from either type of question will decrease our protagonists' Influence among their classmates.

If you allow their Influence to drop to 0% (or lower), the other students will decide that you're wasting their time and forcibly disband the Class Trial. Answering questions correctly will also increase your influence gauge, allowing you more room for error.

There are two other minigames that exist to progress the story in somewhat different ways.

One of them is a standard Hangman game. However, guessing letters incorrectly will lower your influence gauge-- your success at this game is dependent on the success of your previous answers.

The other game, "Testimony Battle Conclusion," is a series of rapid-fire multiple choice questions. Getting more than one question wrong, however, will result in being forced to restart the TBC minigame from the first question.

Cast List

(Listed alphabetically, by original creator.)

Mentions of others (linked within fic). Various ships discussed.


During Investigation

Warning! Spoilers ahead.
Firstly, remember to click on every piece of evidence you can find.

When investigating Florian Red's body, pick "Florian's Hygiene."

Somewhere else that bears relevance to the crime: "Copycat Murder"

Class Trial

Warning! Spoilers ahead.
  • Refute "no way anyone in here" with evidence "Death Report Diagnosis
  • Answer "The Dragonronpa copycat murder"
  • Answer "A written confession from the culprit"
  • Refute "have to be the same person" with evidence "Missing Murder Weapon"
  • Answer "Boys' Locker Room Floor"
  • Answer "The weapon couldn't move"
    • Please get this one wrong on purpose at least once, the reply is my favorite
  • Spell out "Beat Against Sink"
  • Refute "obvious that nobody got framed" with "Hero Police News Blog"
  • Answer "Before 9 AM"
  • Answer "Thank You Note"
  • Spell out "Making Chocolate"
  • Choose "Mirriah Glass"
    • But please also click "Celadon West," "Ryusei Arctic," and "River Loxias." If you have the Influence to spare, you won't regret it.
  • Refute "the absent do not speak" with "Celes' Testimony"
  • Answer "Kronos Ephemeris' destiny"
  • Answer "Percy Boots' Baking Attempt"
  • Pick "Florian's Hygiene"
  • Pick "Gym Showers"
  • Pick "Hero Police News Blog"
  • Pick "Where's River?"
  • Click "Wet Mop"



  • Carte Blanche's gameplay was inspired largely by point-contradiction courtroom series such as "Danganronpa" and "Ace Attorney"
  • Caliko Skincoat makes her first appearance as a background character in this story.
  • During this game, Floiran Red dies for the 10th time in his existence as a character in web-published media
  • Including programming data, word count programs suggest that this game comes out to roughly 48,000 words in length (192 pages).
  • This game was written in a program called "Squiffy"
    • This was the same program used to write the story in which Florian Red was initially introduced.
  • I have no excuse for this, I just like murder mysteries a lot
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