Celes Mochigome is a 2015-introduced and all around character. She is the daughter of the Moon Rabbit. In the destiny-conflict, Celes sides with the royals since she is her mother's successor. While Celes is looking forward following in her mother's footsteps, Celes is too self-deprecating to the point she believes she is truly unfit to be the next Moon Rabbit. Ever since she was little, Celes has dedicated every single moment of her time practicing and training to be perfect like her mother. Her mother started to worry about her daughter's mental health that she secretly and forced Celes to attend Ever After High so she can make friends, enjoy her teenage years, and learn how to appreciate herself.



For those meeting Celes for the first time, her peers would say she is cold, strange, and reserved. They are not wrong because making friends is not Celes' priority at all. Anything a typical teenager would enjoy, such as shopping, going out with friends, let alone making friends, Celes finds them pointless. She absolutely detests the fact her mother forced her to go to Ever After High, protesting by getting poor grades and skipping almost all her classes every single day. If anyone or anything gets in Celes' way and hinders her from becoming the best Moon Rabbit she can be, Celes will find them a nuisance. Due to this, she is very anti-social and would only go out and interact with people by any means necessary. Because she is so fixated on pursuing her destiny, she will do anything to get away from situations that interrupt her. This way of thinking has made Celes do things on an impulse, which can get her in worse situations than before. She does not think her plans and choices through since 90% of her attention is about becoming the next Moon Rabbit.

Celes is very blunt since she will not hesitate or spare a person's feelings when she finds them annoying. When someone gets on her nerves, she will lash out at them at the top of her lungs; she has a short-fuse and easily gets hot-headed. Her words can be mean and harsh, which gives her somewhat of a bad rep across the school. Still, this does not bother her since she never wanted to go to Ever After High to begin with. Even so, that does not mean Celes is blind, she knows when she has gone too far. When she realizes this, she becomes a bit timid and less vocal, biting her tongue more and becoming mindful of what she says.

Underneath that cold front of hers, Celes is very self-conscious and views herself negatively. No matter how great people view her work and creations, Celes will always see them as inadequate, mediocre, and subpar. She is too self-critical to the point it is unhealthy and destructive, instantly finding the worse in herself. Since she views her mother as the epitome of perfection (when it comes to being the Moon Rabbit) she judges and compares herself to her; looks, talent, skills, anything, and everything. Because she has been doing this all throughout her childhood and life so far, Celes suffers from a severe case of inferiority complex, which explains her aggression. And just the slight mentioning of her mother would instantly set Celes into a sour mood. Unfortunately, Celes is completely unaware of her condition and ends up disagreeing with anyone who suggests there is something wrong with her. She refuses to believe there is anything wrong about her mental health and overall well-being.

But if anyone is able to look pass Celes' rough and uptight demeanor, they will quickly find her to be loyal, sincere, and generous. Despite envying her mother in every possible way, she absolutely loves her and respects her. Being expressive is not one of her strong points and tends to be embarrassed when conveying her feelings to those she cares about. She may not say it, but she will show it by making them things like baked goods, mochis, and crafts. Celes is shy when it comes to affection, but she does treasure those she is close with. She prefers to show her gratitude and sincerity in secret.

Hobbies & Interests

While it is obvious cooking and baking are her all time favorite hobbies, she does have others. One of them is singing and she does it when she is working in the kitchen. Sometimes she doesn't even realize she is singing and will only notice it when someone comments on her voice or mentions it. She doesn't find a singing career worth pursuing, but she has thought about it from time to time. Due to her lack of self-confidence, she immediately assumes she is a horrible singer (even though people have complimented her.)

Her other favorite hobby is paper crafting, arts and crafts in general, but paper crafting is number one. This was something she did a lot back at home on the moon when she was a young child. Before her mom allowed her to cook and told her about her destiny, she would make paper crafts while her mom was busy making mochi and concocting elixirs. Although Celes doesn't partake in this hobby as much as before, whenever time permits, she will sometimes make some small ones from time to time.

Since she lived on the moon for a majority of her life before coming to Ever After High, Celes loved going out to watch the stars. While at Ever After High the stars are not as vibrant like the ones on the moon, Celes can still appreciate the night sky. The biggest difference is that she sees the moon from where she is now, while back at home it is the opposite. When she is stressed out from practicing or getting a little too overwhelmed, Celes would sneak out late at night and climb up to the highest roof top of Ever After High and gaze at the night sky. Just seeing the moon calms her down and the stars remind her of home.

One other hobby Celes likes is ice-skating, which is a recent favorite of hers. Snow does not exist on the moon and the first time she saw snow was when she came to Ever After High. At first she was hesitant to try it out, but watching her peers glide across the ice was enchanting to her. It took her many times to get it right since she refused to ask for any help from anyone, but after a lot of hard work ,she got it. However, Celes does not like to ice skate around anyone else, so she only ice skates once everyone leaves the rink or if she finds a hidden frozen lake with no one around. She feels awkward ice skating with people around.

During the late hours of the night, Celes would sneak to the library during her breaks to read up anything she is mildly interested in. Again, she only does this at night to avoid bumping into and interacting with people. Celes is studious and during her early childhood days, she would always read up on a lot of things. While that curiosity has subsided and dwindled through the years, she still likes learning and teaching herself new things. But this is a very rare pastime of hers.


  • Food Diet: Vegetarian
  • Coffee or Tea: Tea
    • Favorite tea is Rose Milk Tea
  • Sweet Food or Savory Food: Sweet
    • Is a sucker for Ice Cream
  • Early Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl
    • She's a night owl who wishes to be an early bird
  • Mountains or Beach: Mountains
  • Dogs or Cats: Cats
  • Message or Call: Call
  • Favorite Season: Torn between Autumn or Winter
  • Favorite Genre of Music: Ballads or Bossanova
  • Favorite Flower: Snowdrop Flower and Baby's Breath


Celes has a petite physique, standing at 5' 1" and weighing in 106 lbs. She has long white hair that goes as far as her ankles. Under the right light and angle, her hair has a slight blue tint to it. While she does prefer short hair since her long hair gets in the way of her cooking and baking, it is an apparent tradition for the Moon Rabbit to possess long hair (or at least that is what she read in the books.) Her eye color is golden yellow and her skin is a very light peachy color. Her lips are a muted rose color. Celes' does have a fluffy bunny tail, but it is mostly kept hidden under her long hair. Her ears are long and white with soft pink for the inside.

For most of her outfits, her general color scheme is blue, gold, and white. The blue color in her outfits range in different shades from a deep midnight blue to a soft periwinkle-like color. The shade of blue depends on the outfit and event. Celes' basic wear is a mix between traditional and modern fashion, donning a silky kimono top passed down from her mother, paired with denim high-waisted shorts, and topped with a gold obi wrapped around her tiny waist. Most of the designs on her outfit are Japanese-influenced, stemming from her story's background. White flowers accents are commonly added to her outfits.

While the Japanese style clothing is important to Celes' style, her gold jewelry is just as important. For some odd reason, gold is abundant where she is from and is commonly worn there. Especially for the Moon Rabbit, it is a tradition and habit to wear gold accessories. Her shoes are always gold too and she typically wears gold-coated high zoris.

Probably the only thing she liked that her mother chose for her outfit are the bunny stockings which are slightly opaque and white. She finds them silly looking, but she can't help but admit they are cute since they add some fun to her daily basic outfit.

Celes always has a hair accessory to finish off her outfit. The obvious one being her large moon clip. The only time she does not wear it is when she is working in her room because she doesn't want to dirty or ruin it. 90% of the time, this moon clip will be incorporated somehow in all of Celes' outfits. This hair clip is important to Celes since it is passed down to the next Moon Rabbit. It is a versatile accessory as it can be used as a necklace too, like in Celes' Date Night outfit. Paired with the clip is a cluster mix of small and large white flowers. WIth the moon clip and white flowers together, Celes' hair accessory is inspired by traditional kimono headdresses, make-shifting one herself. Lastly, small star tassels dangle from her hair to top off her "headdress."


The Moon Rabbit is an Eastern Asian folklore, with different versions coming from countries such as China, Japan, Korea, etc. Generally, the Moon Rabbit is always seen with a mortar and pestle and depending on the origin of the story, the Moon Rabbit either pounds the Elixir of Life or mochi.

Further information here: Moon Rabbit

Background & Early Life

Celes' mother's unconditional love and protective nature towards her daughter stemmed from the fact that Moon had difficulty having children despite the stereotype about rabbits. While Moon herself didn't mind being the Moon Rabbit, she also didn't really care about passing on her story at first, having no interest in children. (She would have been considered a Roybel if the destiny conflict happened during her time at Ever After High.) Just like any rabbit, rabbits are not monogamous creatures, so Moon slept around a lot with other people. However, her carefree and floozy behavior came to a complete stop when she found out her incapability to bear children. While she initially had no interest, finding out this information struck a nerve. It did not matter to her if her child continued on her legacy, all that Moon wanted was a child of her own. After countless tries and efforts with many council-approved suitors, Moon was able to get pregnant. Unfortunately, Moon was only able to give birth to a litter size of one and what made it worse was that Celes was a runt when she was born. Celes came into her world with health complications, making Moon absolutely terrified and worried about her daughter's health. After a couple of days and nights away from her only daughter being in the intensive critical unit, Celes was treated and cured. Ever since that event, Moon has dedicated her life and love to her daughter since they only have each other as family.

Before Celes committed her life to her destiny, she was very well-rounded, enthusiastic, and immensely curious. She and her mother were close and Moon always wanted to be with Celes to keep a close eye on her. While rabbits do not believe in committed relationships, at least where they were from, Moon wanted to teach Celes otherwise. Since it is only the two of them and Celes had no siblings to grow up with, Moon taught her the importance of making friends and relationships. Moon wanted to ensure that Celes would have at least someone in her life once the time comes that Moon could no longer be with her daughter. Having so much respect and love for her mother, Celes did just that, gladly socializing and befriending as many kids in her home village. Everyday, Celes would play with her friends by the lake, playground, and around the village until it was time to go home. Celes loved her friends so much, she would cheat her curfew and her friends would do the same, sneak back to the lake and watch the stars there. During this time, Celes was a completely normal child.

Until one night during dinner when Celes was 7, Celes curiously asked Moon what she was and what she does; this was the moment when Celes' and her mother's life and relationship changed completely. The two of them were inseparable, Celes always viewed her mother highly since she was her inspiration and idol. Assuming the question to be an innocent one, Moon nonchalantly told her daughter she was the Moon Rabbit and how her job is to make mochis with rejuvenating powers, as well as the famous Elixir of Life that people across the universe demand for. This answered Celes' questions about why her mother was always in the kitchen working hard and how unfamiliar people would come over to their home to pick up large boxes and orders. Celes was fascinated and proud of what her mother was doing. She then asked if she was the only Moon Rabbit, and Moon replied no and how the Moon Rabbit destiny is passed down and how important the role is to the universe. Amazed and eager, Celes asked who the next Moon Rabbit would be since she could not imagine anyone else who can perfect the role better than her mother now. Celes was practically standing on her seat at the time just from all the excitement she was feeling. However, that excitement disintegrated into infinitesimally small pieces the moment Moon told Celes that she would be the next Moon Rabbit.

Ever since that night, something inside Celes just snapped, breaking the once happy, carefree, and curious little girl she used to be. From the age of 7 to 16, she has dedicated every single moment of time to her destiny. At first, Moon thought Celes' hard work was cute since she got to cook and work in the kitchen with her daughter. But soon enough, Moon realized that being around Celes while they work together was detrimental and destroying her only daughter's confidence. While her mother's mochis would come out to perfectection, Celes' would be deformed, bland, and unappealing, making Celes feel horrible about herself. This behavior was alarming to Moon and eventua,lly the two no longer worked in the kitchen together, Moon hoping that this separation would help her daughter. Unfortunately, nothing changed or improved. The kitchen was practically Celes' room in the house, spending day and night getting the well-known Moon Rabbit mochi and elixir recipe just right. No matter how much she practiced, nothing that Celes made was up to her own standards since her creations never tasted like her Mother's nor did their special effects last as long as they should. Thanks to this behavior, Celes' overall well-being and healterewas compromised. She neglected her overall wellness all together, skipping meals, pounding mochi until her hands bled, and staying up all night for days straight until she passed out. In addition, Celes neglected her childhood frdsnsd, dropping them cold turkey. At fi,rst her friends would do their best to get her to come out, but Celes would reject them every time. Eventua,lly all her friends gave up, some viewing Celes as snobbish, thinking she was dropping them because she is the fated next Moon Rabbit. While Celes was hurt by the negative rumours and seeing her friends betray her like that, she eventually got over it, becoming bitter towards any type of social interaction.

When Moon found out about Celes working habits and the negative gossip, she tried to stop it by locking the kitchen randomly throughout the year, hoping it would ease Celes. While it did keep Celes away from working since she could not get in, this decision created a rift between the two. Their once close and perfect mother-daughter relationship was declining. During this time, Moon was also struggling herself keeping up with her work as her mind was constantly stormed with worries about Celes. On the otherhand, the higher -ps in their home village shared their praise about Celes to her, admiring her dedication and sincerity towards the Moon Rabbit destiny. This peeved Moon a lot as she hated how they viewed her only daughter as a mere vessel of the Moon Rabbit. She was insulted knowing that they supported the unhealthy and detrimental behavior, triggering Moon to bring back her unorthodox and rebellious personality from high school days. Moon wanted to show them they were wrong. She also wanted to rekindle and fix her shaky relationship with Celes, becoming very engrossed in her daughter's life and forcing herself into Celes' mundane schedule. She would constantly ask if Celes went out today and made friends, found someone she loved,or did something other than work in the kitchen. Essentially, Moon basically became that mother who wants to know every little thing about their child, constantly probing into her life. This also motivated Moon to get Celes to step out of her comfort zone (or traditions), such as shopping for suggestive and provocative clothing. In addition, Moon would start badmouthing the role of the Moon Rabbit, purposely complaining to Celes about the bad parts of her role, hoping to dissuade her. Moon did everything she could just to get Celes' mind off of her destiny and finally break free, all this just so Celes can see herself more than just the next Moon Rabbit.

For a moment in time, things were going well between Moon and Celes. Moon was able to get her daughter out of the kitchen more often than before and the two were hanging out a lot more. Their moments together were not as awkward or forced since Celes legitimately wanted to go out and be with her mother. (However, they never saw eye to eye in the fashion choices when dress shopping though.) Moon thought her efforts were finally working, happy and relieved. It looked liked Celes was finally happy and comfortable with herself and the stress and worries about her destiny wer finally subsiding. Also, she noticed that Celes seemed to be more energetic and not as tired as before too, making it seem like she has not been working at the kitchen as much anymore. Although Moon would get complaints and be scolded by the high ups in their village for distracting her daughter, Moon ignored them because she knew what was best for her daughter.

Once Celes turned 13, Moon has been extra playful and bubbly around her, asking if she wanted to hang out and go out to the stores. Of course, Celes would deny it, but that never stopped her mother for pushing. Half of the time, she would let Celes have her way, but the other times, Moon would force and drag her daughter out of the kitchen and make her go out with her to lunch or dress shopping. When it came to clothing, the two of them never saw eye to eye. Moon was always into provocative and risque clothing and loved dressing Celes up in outfits that flaunted her body, but Celes preferred otherwise (which Moon hates.) Moon loved dressing Celes up, sometimes she seeing Celes as her little dress-up doll, which at times Celes was okay with, depending on the outfit. Even though most of their dress shopping ventures end up unsuccessful and Celes stomping out of the store embarrassed and frustrated, Moon cherished all those moments. She was just happy to see the two of them outside of the house, especially the kitchen. Moon really thought her daughter was getting better.

Unfortunately, the happy and carefree Celes that Moon thought her daughter became was all just a facade. Moon noticed that all her Elixir of Life orders were mysteriously off by a bottle or two, but she would take it as though she simply miscounted. Nothing clicked to Moon until that night that made Moon realize her daughter's life was in danger. One night when Celes was 15 years old, Moon got up around 3 o'clock in the morning to get a glass of water and to check up on her next batch elixirs for delivery. As always, a couple elixir bottles were missing and seeing the pickup was the following morning, Moon headed to the kitchen to make the missing ones. Oddly enough, she found the kitchen door open and the light on. Initially, she thought Celes was in the kitchen practicing, but Moon disregarded that thought since she thought Celes has been sleeping regularly now since she has been more energetic. Cautiously, Moon entered the kitchen to see who was inside, only to find her worst nightmare before. A large puddle of blood was found on the kitchen floor, growing ever so slowly from her daughter's head. Moon would not believe it at first since she was shocked and mortified finding Celes in such a state. At first, she thought an intruder came in and attacked her daughter, but quickly noticed familiar items scattered around the kitchen. Empty and nearly empty bottles of her elixir were found in the kitchen and soon enough, everything clicked. Celes was not sleeping at all, she was keep herself energized by drinking her mother's rejuvenation elixir, abusing its powers and effects to keep her going. Quickly calling for help, the village medics came to the premise and treated Celes right away.

The entire incident left Moon in a state of shock since she refused to believe that her daughter was abusing the gift of their destined fate. When the higher ups of the village found out, they scolded Moon, berating her and blaming her that her inappropriate behavior and distracting Celes were the reasons why Celes almost died. To top it off, Celes has also been abusing the mochi effects since the doctors revealed to Moon that not only has she not been sleeping, but she was practically malnourished as well. Moon felt disgusted with herself, her so-called perfect creations that her daughter was striving to make... were killing her daughter. After assessing the situation, the head council of the village declared Moon unfit to raise the future Moon Rabbit on her own and that they would take custody of Celes after one year. Hearing the news that she would be losing custody of her daughter crushed Moon. Struggling to keep up with her role, constantly being criticized by the higher-ups of the village, all while ensuring the safety of her daughter, Moon needed to do something, fast. Aware of how controversial the traditions have been in the village, the only thing that Moon could do was to send Celes far away from home as she refused to have the council raise Celes.

Thus the start of Celes' application to Ever After High.

Life at Ever After High


Celes was completely unaware that her mother was enrolling her to Ever After High. Her mother knew she would refuse right away, but she had to do it for her daughter's own good. There were parts of the application papers where Celes had to answer them, and Celes' mother would bypass that issue by getting her daughter to fill them out thinking they were for her destiny. Unfortunately, there were also some questions that were too obvious they were for Ever After High, so her mother had to fill them out herself, such as the question "Why do you want to go to Ever After High?"

What can I say about my daughter, well let's just say she idolizes me a lot to the point it is a little unhealthy. Ever since I told her what I am and how someday she may take over my role, something just clicked inside her. Since that day she dedicates her life 24/7 to make sure she will not disappoint anyone once she becomes the next Moon Rabbit. At first, I thought it was cute how she wanted to start early, teaching herself how to make mochi and my famous elixir... but it got to the point it started being destructive. Celes, my daughter, she doesn't even give herself time to enjoy the good things in life. Countless times have I urged her to get away from the kitchen and go outside and play with the other kids when she was little... but she never budged. Making friends, playing outside, socializing, those things that kids and teenagers should experience in their life... my daughter finds no interest in them. She views herself so negatively, always comparing herself to me. In her eyes, I am the definition of perfect (which I am not). She hates everything she makes, always putting herself down... I am worried about her.

Which is why I am enrolling my daughter to Ever After High... hoping that the school will help her engage in these things and finally live a teenage'sr life. I want my daughter to experience what it is like going to school, meeting people, making friends, probably romance! Anyone that can crack open Celes and allow her to be herself and see how wonderful she truly is. Sometimes I wish she was a rebel just so she can find herself...

I swear, my daughter, Celes, she is a sweet and kind girl. At first, she will be cold and find anyone a nuisance to her destiny, but she is definitely worth it if you give her a chance. When she is working in the kitchen, she has a soft and wonderful voice that can certainly put all your stress and worries away. Because she is always working and making mochis, she doesn't throw the food away. She goes out to the town and hands them out for free. And when she takes a break, she likes to indulge in arts and crafts, she isn't that bad of an artist! Oh, and she absolutely loves stargazing, that girl can point out every planet and constellation in the sky. It is scary how much she knows about them.

Ever After High, I am entrusting you to help my daughter see and realize how a wonderful and magnificent person she is. Not as the next Moon Rabbit, not as someone who has to be a completely carbon coplikeas me, but as Celes Mochigome.

The day Celes found out she was going to Ever After High was the first day she moved in... and her mother told her right then and there. Unfortunately, Celes did not take the news lightly at all as she felt like her mom was throwing her away, it felt like betrayal to Celes. Even so, Celes knows her mother loves her and she loves her mother back, but the fact her mother did this to her without her knowing left a huge mark on her.

Moving In and the Beginning

Celes came to Ever After High when she was 16, a little later than most of her peers. She was homeschooled all her life and adjusting to a high school environment was tough for her, especially since she was forced to attend by her mother and was completely against it. Her mother promised that Ever After High was going to be great for her, hoping that it would help alleviate Celes' worries and stress. Unfortunately, that was not the case at all. It only took one month for Celes' grades to plummet and sour her school reputation (the latter wasn't intentional.) Her first weeks there, she tried attending her classes, but when she realized that a student could be expelled from poor academics, she stopped attending immediately. She was enrolled in the advance classes due to her high scores she got when she took the placement tests. During those same weeks, Celes made no attempts to make any friends or acquaintances, but that didn't mean others didn't try. People like Ashlynn Ella, Madeline Hatter, and Apple White tried to be friendly with her, but Celes only responded to them with sharp glares, mean looks, and harsh outbursts. Even Raven Queen could not get through to her. Celes even made Daring Charming cry by insulting his looks when she shut him down from his unnecessary flirting. Due to all this, negative rumours and gossip spread across campus about Celes and people started to steer away from her completely. It wasn't like Celes did this intentionally, she just has poor people and socializing skills, but the gossips amongst her peers didn't bother her. She didn't want to come to this school anyway, so making friends was nowhere on her list of things she wanted to do. Soon enough, Celes stopped appearing in public around school and slowly became a recluse. Her mother was aware of all of this when it was happening, but kept pushing her daughter to give it another chance. Celes's mom was about to pull her out of school, but when she realized Celes's plan, she stopped. Instead, her mom negotiated with Celes and said the only time she can come back home is after attending one whole year of school. And if Celes still hates it then, she can come home.


It has been six months already and Celes still hates Ever After High. The only thing that she likes about the school is the fact she has all-day and all-night access to the school's kitchen since she is taking a baking class in her second semester. She doesn't bother with the rest of her schedule, but she knows she is retaking basically all the classes she had before. The negative rumours about her have mostly subsided, but people still wonder about her status. Because she disappeared from the public, some people think she was kicked out of school. Some believe that she is still here, but creeps about at night (this is because Celes goes out at night to the school kitchen to get more supplies.) Others say she is still here at Ever After High, but is locked up in her room due to bad behaviour. There are more rumours, but those are the most common ones. Celes is somewhat aware of what people are saying about her because she actually does go to her baking class. She hears these rumours about her when she walks to class, but the students saying these things do not realize that who they are talking about is actually her. Students still remember who Celes is, but not how she looks like, so whenever they do see Celes walking around the hallways, they think she is a new student. Due to this misunderstanding, students go up and greet her, but unlike last semester, Celes just doesn't say anything and quickly walks away to avoid trouble. Guys also mistook her as a new girl too and have tried courting her, but she does her best to gently reject them as she has no time or desire in those things. Knowing that there is only half a year left until she can go back home, she just wants to get through school in peace. Now, Celes tries to be a bit nicer to people even though she wants nothing to do with them. It makes the school experience a little bit easier for her, making the days go by a little faster.


Too many future plots. Why can't I stop. And a lot of them with her significant other

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Full Moon Rising*

After all, that's what the story says-- the Puss in Boots is supposed to catch the rabbit, and then the rest of his destiny can fall into place. (Percy Boots/Celes Mochigome, romantic comedy feat. inappropriate parents)


Crescent Waning*

A rabbit's days are numbered, hearts and pestles thumping to the very last.

Alternate Universes

Kiss Gun Secret Agent AU

Fic by Bluebutterflychan

Celes just wants to live the life as a typical pastry chef where she will someday serve her baked goods and homemade mochis to the gods someday. However, her life of peace came to an end once she met a strange feline at a party one night who could not keep their paws off her. Soon enough, she was falling for him as well.

Dystopian AU

-elaborate later- But she gets killed in this one.



Moon Rabbit

Celes' mother is very protective and caring towards her daughter ever since her birth. Knowing how traditional and conservative their home village is, Moon took it upon herself to raise her daughter differently, sheltering her away from their questionable customs in order to teach Celes what she thought was right. Moon had no intention of pushing her legacy onto Celes, hoping that she would someday accept the legacy herself on her own accord without any societal pressures. While Moon herself likes her role, she does not like how the village has been upkeeping the Moon Rabbit traditions.

Ever since the day she told Celes her supposed destiny, Moon has regretted it ever since. Knowing that she basically stole away any chance of her daughter enjoying her childhood, she made sure to not make the mistake when she became a teenager. All that Moon wants is Celes to finally love herself and see her only as herself, not as the next Moon Rabbit, not as her successor, but as Celes Mochigome. Moon loves her daughter so much and it really kills her inside seeing her daughter suffer. While Celes views her mother perfect in every single way, Moon thinks she has failed as a mother seeing what Celes has become.

Forcing Celes to go to Ever After High has strained their relationship, but Moon is confident in her high school for helping her daughter. She knows that Celes loves her and just needs sometime away from home to get over it. Moon keeps in contact with her through the MirrorPad (which she forced Celes to have), calling her every night to catch up. However, not all those calls do go through. When the two get a chance to talk, Moon would constantly ask if Celes is going to any events, made any friends, or has any crushes, hoping that Celes is socializing (even though the answer is always the same.)

While Moon misses her daughter very much, she knows Celes is safer at Ever After High than at home. Seeing how hard Celes is working towards her future, Moon cannot bring it upon herself to truly reveal the obstacles Celes will face in the future.

Biological Father

Although she has never met her father, somewhere in the back of her mind she wishes she at least knew who he was. Celes has asked her mother a couple of times about him in order to open up the conversation, but Moon always avoided and disregarded it. The mere mention of her father instantly frustrates Moon. After a few attempts, Celes has left it alone after noticing her mother's reaction every time she brings it up. While it is obvious she is her mother's daughter because of their similar facial and body structure, both her and her mother's appearances differ in terms of eye, hair, and skin. Every time Celes sees herself in the mirror and notices her white hair, her golden eyes, and pale skin color, she cannot but help picture what kind of man her father is. Although, Celes cannot help but wonder why her mother and her father separated to begin with and why they never stayed in contact all these years.

Friends & Acquaintances

Tsukiko Hime

Celes has no idea why Tsuki bothers her or why she even sticks around. They first met when Tsuki caught Celes walking one day in the hallways of Ever After High (a rare sight to see) and rushed over to greet her and ask if her mother was the Moon Rabbit because of her ears (which is something one should never bring up!) Celes was reluctant to answer and once Tsuki found out another person from the moon was also going to Ever After High, Celes' lonely and social-less days started to go away. As always, Celes was very rude and bitter towards Tsuki, especially with her constant questions about why she never goes to class, what she does, what her mother does, if she can try some of her mochis, and if she could come over to Celes' room. When Tsuki has pressed too many buttons, Celes would lash out at her and sometimes avoid going to class just to get away and hide from her. But as time progressed, Celes' thoughts and opinions on Tsuki changed. Celes noticed she started warming up to her when she noticed how her old typical lonesome days started to actually feel lonely. Gradually, Celes would attend some of her classes just to bump into Tsuki and hopefully engage in conversation. She realized that Tsuki, while annoying, has made her days at Ever After High more tolerable. Celes has been meaning to give her some of her homemade mochis but is too ashamed to do since she was so mean and harsh to Tsuki in the beginning. Days at Ever After High started to become brighter once she met Tsuki, but Celes will never admit that to her friend nor herself.

Panna Twardowska

Panna and Celes met through their mutual friend Tsukiko. Celes never would have met her if it weren't for Tsukiko's constant pestering. She wanted Celes to come over to her dorm room and meet her roommate who was also from the Moon just like them. Celes would reject and turn down every offer to hang out but gave in after the 100th time (she got annoyed really.) Panna and Celes' first meeting was awkward at first since Celes know absolutely nothing about the Moon except her home village. However, Celes does recall seeing Panna in one of her classes her first semester since they were enrolled in some advanced classes together. Compared to Tsukiko, Celes tolerates Panna more since she is calmer and collected than their mutual friend. While Celes doesn't know how to interact with Panna without it being awkward, Celes enjoys the intellectual conversations she has with her, especially astronomy. Celes thought she was well-versed in the topic but was quickly astounded how much information Panna knew. Meeting other people from the Moon and knowing how they are also attending Ever After High has calmed Celes a bit more, not feeling as much of a recluse. Celes is too anxious and shy to approach Panna because of how lax and stoic she appears, but Celes is interested in her and wants to get to know her better.

Angeline Patchwork

The two bumped into each other one night in the hallway when Celes was grabbing more supplies from the school's kitchen. At first, Celes was sort of freaked out by the strange girl when Angeline started complimenting how wonderful her outfit was and how cute her ears were. As always, Celes tried to get away from her as much as possible but was stopped in her tracks when Angeline mentioned that she knew who she was due to the rumours going around the school, and how she disliked them. Strangely enough, Celes felt a weird and warm connection with Angeline, seeing how insightful and how the girl was so intuned with her emotional intelligence. It's like the girl has known her for years even though they just met for mere minutes. This feeling was very motherly and caring, taking Celes aback and somewhat wary around Angeline because of it. After a couple more encounters, by coincidence or on purpose, Celes started to feel secure and safe around her. The sincerity and care she receives from Angeline reminded her of her mother, which is probably why she doesn't get so aggressive around her unlike the other people. Especially when Angeline plays with her hair and braids it when they stargaze together, it reminds Celes of her happier moments with her mother. Celes respects the fact that Angeline is trying to help her, but Celes is not sure what exactly she is being helped with. But ever since meeting her, the stress and worries about following the Moon Rabbit destiny are starting to become less scary.

Kronos Ephemeris

Celes first became friends with Kronos when they both were young, before Celes found out she would be the next Moon Rabbit. The two would play together whenever Celes would accompany her mother to drop off mochis for Father Time. Celes has completely forgotten about her friendship with Kronos throughout the years of her practice that when the two met up again in Ever After High, she thought Kronos was lying when he said they were friends. It took a while for her to warm up to him again at school since she swore that they never met until Kronos made her remember her visits to his house. Even so, she still stays a bit distant from Kronos since he tends to act inconsistently around her and also he constantly tries to make some passes at her, which she denies every time. Although she does not mind rekindling their childhood friendship, she does not appreciate how Kronos constantly tries to get her to go out with him. She especially does not appreciate it when he always interrupts her whenever she is around Percy Boots; she does not understand why Kronos hates him so much.


Celes sylar

A random cat would once in awhile visit Celes and jump right in her room from the window. Celes was at first startled by her new companion as she was not quite partial to a stray roaming about in her room. After some time and more visits, Celes grew acquainted twiththe small furry animal and considers the cat her pet, calling him Sylar, even though she doesn't officially let him stay at her place. She prefers to let Sylar do his thing and roam around the school freely since she knows he will come back to visit anyway. The one thing concerning her is that Sylar reminds her of something, but isn't quite sure of what yet. Regardless, Celes absolutely loves her furry friend as it makes the year at Ever After High more enjoyable.


Percy Boots

While Celes is not completely sure of how she feels about Percy, she does not mind his presence all that much. Their first time meeting was anything but perfect since she kept yelling and putting Percy down, but he kept putting up with her. Just like everyone else who got in her way, Percy was no exception and Celes did everything she could to get away from him. But whenever she tried, they always bumped into each other in messy and troublesome circumstances where Percy would end up saving the day. Based on what she is aware of herself, she views him in between an acquaintance and friend. She doesn't like to admit they are friends and jokes with him saying they are just strangers. Celes does reassure Percy thof eir "unofficial" friendship by baking him food, making mochis and sometimes helping him with Crownculus work. Slowly, she started to like and enjoy the moments when they are together, especially when he acts all flirty with her. Although Celes knows that Percy is flirtatious with everyone else and gets a lot of attention, she realizes she has been getting a little jealous but is not sure of herself why. She quickly disregards it and doesn't think much more about it. Deep down, Celes does treasure and value her friendship with Percy, but no way in hex will she ever give him that satisfaction.

Felicity Mochigome Boots

Felicity is Celes' daughter. Although Felicity almost looks like a spitting image of her father, one can tell where Felicity gets her energetic personality from, even though Celes claims she does not see the similarities. Celes is sometimes the victim of Felicity's pranks, claiming that it is her practice and training in becoming the next Puss in Boots. Unfortunately for Felicity, her pranks are not always well received by Celes and mostly end up with Celes giving her daughter a mouthful (and her brother, Artemis, as well if he ends up joining along). She enjoys dressing up Felicity in traditional Japanese clothing and sharing some of her own Moon Rabbit jewelry. (As much as Celes hates to admit it to her own mother, Felicity's maternal grandmother, she finally understands why her mother also loved dressing her up while she was at Ever After High.) Even well into motherhood Celes still does not find her baked creations up to par, she greatly enjoys the fact Felicity loves them. Waking up early making a fresh batch of mochi and other baked goods in the morning for her children always brings a smile to her face. Celes always makes sure to pack a couple of extras for Felicity since her twin brother is not really much for sweets.



Celes' face/existence claim would be Mina Myoui from the female KPOP group Twice. (All thanks to MonsooonSeasonn, the professional face claimer. <3) Mina basically has the same physique as Celes, as well as ethnicity (Celes is Japanese.)

Since Celes also sings as well, the music artist Daniela Andrade would be her singing voice. The only time Celes ever sings is to herself and when she is working in the kitchen. For the most part, she doesn't even notice she is singing. Just like the chosen singer for Celes, Celes' voice would be soft, soothing, and velvety - like hot fudge drizzled all over a fresh brownie on top of ice cream that is slowly melting away from the warmth.

Some videos of the singer: 1 | 2 | 3


Image Outfit Description
Basic - Celes' typical day wear in school or wherever actually. If she doesn't need to leave her room, her Getting Fairest outfit is what she wears. She likes to incorporate traditional kimono styles in her outfits. Her mother tries to push the latest styles and trends that teens her age wear, so she compromised with the high waisted shorts.
Legacy Day - So Celes got her way with this one, picking her Legacy Day outfit without having to argue with her mother. For her Legacy Day outfit, it is inspired by the traditional Japanese Shrine Maiden uniforms, reference to the background of her story. While not extravagant and detailed as everyone else's Legacy Day outfit, Celes wanted to go simple and modest, reflecting the lifestyle that shrine maidens mostly adopt. (She definitely feels comfortable in this outfit.)
Thronecoming - Long story short, Celes and her mother made a deal on who would pick the outfit for Legacy Day and Thronecoming. Celes' mother insisted Thronecoming since every student has to attend Legacy Day. She wanted Celes to go to Thronecoming in a very stylish (and revealing as always) outfit because no way in hex was she letting Celes go to Thronecoming without a dazzling dress. Unfortunately, Celes never will attend Thronecoming nor wear this outfit. Ever.
Getting Fairest - The only place at Ever After High where Celes is completely comfortable and herself is her room. Besides her basic wear, this is what she normally wears in her room, just her undergarments and a sheer kimono-like shawl. She is fine lounging around in this since she has no intentions inviting people over to her room. Cooking and baking is messy and Celes doesn't like to wear her nice clothes while she is working, which is why she just wears very little clothes as much as possible. It makes maneuvering and cleaning a lot easier. If Celes doesn't go to class the entire day, she will just stay in this outfit. This is also what she wears when she goes to sleep.
Celes-epic winter
Epic Winter - Probably the only outfit where both Celes and her mother actually saw eye to eye. Since winter is not really a thing on the Moon, Celes was completely enchanted by the season at Ever After High, instantly falling in love with snow and the cold weather. Celes wanted a winter outfit and asked her mother for one, in which her mother gladly obliged. There were no qualms against this outfit for Celes.
Fairest On Ice - Celes' hair is slightly wavy which she enjoys when the cold breeze flows through it as she skates across the ice. She practically took one of her mother's traditional gowns and changed it up a bit to make herself an outfit for ice skating. She lied to her mother that she was taking a required ice skating class at Ever After High just so she could get a pair of ice skates. Celes is too embarrassed to tell her mother her new found hobby because her mother would get too excited for her.
Spring Unsprung - Celes and her mother made a deal that she would only attend Ever After High's spring event if and only if her mother sent over a dress that covered her up from head to toe. Momchigome outsmarted her daughter on this one - lace on lace on sheer fabric. Well, the dress does cover her body entirely.

Flowers are carnations and baby's breath.

Wave 2 - Mother thought she needed an upgrade on her outfit since Celes doesn't really care about fashion.
Date Night - Celes and her mother both go back and forth about her wardrobe and sense of style. While Celes likes to wear traditional kimonos, her mother prefers otherwise. Countless times has her mother pushed the latest in-style clothing, but Celes would only meet halfway. But not this time, Celes' mother wanted complete control of her daughter's date outfit... and she sure did. Celes finds this outfit too revealing and hopes she will never have to use it.
SDCC - ('Cause why not?) I was completely inspired by the SDCC exclusive dolls and wanted to do one of Celes once she takes on and accepts her destiny/legacy. The motivation for this piece was the design I had for her as the Moon Rabbit. And hopefully by that time, Celes has a lot more confidence and is finally happy and proud of herself.


  • Celes is actually quite smart and studious. She is very much capable in getting a very high FPA, but since she absolutely detests being at Ever After High, her grades are very poor.
  • Her Fairy Point Average is a 1.87. The only thing keeping it up is her Baking class that she excels in. The only reason why she is taking that class despite knowing everything already is the unlimited 24/7 access to the kitchen.
  • She is an A-class example of Tsundere. Probably can find a picture of her in the dictionary under it.
  • Her room is basically a kitchen and the place is covered in flour and sticky rice gelatin. She had roommates in the past but the school has given up assigning her a roommate.
  • Greatly dislikes thunderstorms. The loud cackling and the bright flashing lights terrify her since thunderstorms are not a thing on the moon.
  • Celes has a large scar at the nape of her neck from the incident, but no one can see it because of her long hair. She doesn't recollect why she has it or what it is. Her mother told her it is a weird birthmark. The scar goes straight across. It is obvious to anyone that it is not a birthmark.
  • Has a really fluffy, soft and large bunny tail that she is self-conscious about. Hides it all the time with her long hair.
  • Is a sucker for sweets and anything that is cute, but will not express it at all in public.
    • The only sweets she cannot stand are the ones she makes herself.
  • Her rabbit species would be a pygmy rabbit.
  • Due to her personality, Celes won't have outfits for some of the EAH lines that involve socializing, like Hat-tastic Party, Enchanted Picnic, School Spirit (especially), and etc. (As much as I want to design these for her, it would make no sense and seem out of character if she had these outfits.)
  • I am so inconsistent in drawing Celes' correct hair and ears length. As long as her hair is at least up to her butt and her ears are long, it is all good.


Celes' character and existence came to be purely because I wanted another EAH OC and I wanted to do it based on a Japanese fairytale/folklore/mythology whatever. But the one that stuck out to me the most was the Moon Rabbit folklore/mythological creature because back in 6th grade I used to have a moon bunny OC (but had no relation to the Moon Rabbit.) I wanted to somewhat bring that old OC of mine out of retirement, and thus Celes was born.

I designed her appearance first before her actual character and personality. I doodled for about 2-3 hours creating concept sketches of Celes, ranging from either dress to shorts, long hair to short hair, long ears vs short ears, etc. While the overall design took a while and a lot of trial and error, I knew I wanted her color scheme to be white, blue, and gold. This was because of my other EAH OC who's color scheme is red, black, and gold, therefore I wanted Celes (which at the time had no name) to contrast that OC.

The givens for Celes' outfit were: knee-high bunny stockings, moon-inspired gold jewelry and a hair accessory with statement. After a lot of researching Japanese fashion, I decided I wanted to give her a kimono-like outfit to showcase her background. For the design of the kimono, I looked up a lot of flowery, elegant, and moon-like kimono and Japanese design to get a feel for it. After a couple of days and again trying out new things, Celes' design was done.

Once she was designed, I had to choose her name, which did not take too long. I wanted her name to be outer spacey/galactic what not, so I quickly looked up names related to that theme and Celes was the prettiest one ~ Her last name did take a while because I had no idea what it should be, but quickly remembering that the Moon Rabbit made mochi (or elixirs, whichever one works), Mochigome was an obvious choice.

For her actual personality and back story, she was going to be a royal from the start since my other OC is a rebel. However, I wanted Celes' character to have a lot of inner conflict and a lot of room for growth and development on her pursuit of becoming the next Moon Rabbit. Once I started to RP with her, her tsundere-ness slowly started to come out and it became obvious then that I knew Celes was going to be my tsundere baby. <3

Out of all the OCs I have created in the past, Celes is by far one of the few whom I really thought long, deeply, and hard about. So to those who like her and enjoy her character, thank you so much. I really appreciate the love and I am sure Celes does too (no matter how much she denies it ~!)


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