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Blue is of course my favorite color, especially when the blue is on Belts
Celeste going on about her favorite color
Celeste Blåttbelte is a 2015-introduced character and all-around character. She is the daughter of The Boy with the blue belt and The Princess, she takes the destiny of her father. She is a Royal because she get's a happy ending. She is often confused to be the next princess.



Genuinely cheerful, but not overbearingly so. Considerate to others, easily integrates herself into the groups of others. Enjoys working out, sees being healthy as a good priority to have. She is annoyed by factual inaccuracies when it's about her destiny. She genuinely cheerful but not so much because she thinks a hero should have a little joy in their life. Considerate to others is another trait she believes a hero should have. She is athletic, because a hero should work out to be strong.


Celeste is fairly good at fighting, epically sword fighting which happens to be her favorite. She happened to name her sword Ultramarine, a shade of blue. She takes every hero class she could, so she could train using a sword and other weapons.

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