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Love isn’t real if it’s build on gifts. Trust is way more important, otherwise all you’re sacrifices are useless.
Celine Songbird

Celine Songbird is a 2020-introduced and all-around character. She is the kind, very into true love daughter of the nightingale. She does want to be like her mother but also wishes to change the ending of her story. She’s a Rebel for that reason yet she can’t wait to get her story started with a new ending to look forward to.



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Celine is 5'7 feet or 1.73 meters tall and has a soft pale skin. She has long beautiful soft brown hair with blue highlights in it, her hair is always neatly curled and has a singel side braid, it reaches till her waist. Her eyes are a cream colored but in the sunlight they seem golden while in the moonlight they almost seem white. She has two beautiful soft brown wings that fade to blue near the beginning. She wears a soft pink lipstick and soft blue eye shadow.

Celine wears a dress that is a soft blue with green and brown accents. It has an open back because of her wings and the front of it is a soft green with a brown edge around the top, over the green are two pieces of soft blue and those are tied together with a brown cross stitched rope, around her shoulders are also two green see through parts that look like wings. The dress has a brown lace belt that hold the two pieces together. The skirt part of the dress is fully in the pale blue and has a green see through part around the top of it. Al of the soft blue parts are decorated with golden feathers. She wears silver high heels that have feathers engraved in them and the part where her ankle is has bird wings on the back of the shoe, her heals have an engraved spiral feather on them. She wears a necklace with two feathers on it, one was her moms and the other one is her own, she also wears two golden feather earrings. She wears a golden rose ring around her left hand and around her right she wears two golden bracelets, one with bird wings and one normal looking one.

Her bird form has a soft brown head, back and the wings are also soft brown but unlike her human wings they fade to blue near the end not the beginning. The same happens with her tail feathers, they are brown but they gradually turn blue near the end. Her belly though is a soft yellowish green. She turns into a bird to fit into tiny places or have some quality time with Angelina on a smaller scale. She also does it when she is upset and then hides around other birds, but she is easily spotted due to her unique color pattern.

Fairytale – (The nightingale and the rose)

How the Story Goes

Above this small summarization of the story there is a link to listen/read the real story.

The tale starts with a student who's upset because he is unable to find a single red rose in his garden to give to a girl he loves. The girl had told him that if he gives her the rose she'd dance with him on an upcoming party. A nightingale that was sitting in her nest nearby heard his cries for help and pities the student because she thinks nothing is more important than true love so she decides to search for a red rose that he could give to his loved one.

On her search for a red rose the nightingale passes a tree that only gives white roses, this tree gives her directions to a tree with yellow roses and that tree in turn gives the nightingale directions to a tree under the students window which is said to grow red roses. Sadly enough though it was a harsh winter and the red rose tree wouldn't bare any roses that summer and there was only one other way to gain a red rose now. The tree told the nightingale that to grow a red rose now she'd have to press her chest against a thorn on the tree and let her hearts blood flow into the tree while she sung during midnight. The nightingale does like she was instructed still believing in true love and when the rose is finished it's one of the most beautiful red roses ever made but the nightingale had passed away when it was finished.

When dawn breaks the student looks out of his window to see the red rose and he gently grabbed it from the tree. Filled with joy the students decides to visit the beautiful girl with the rose and when he offers her to rose the young girl said that it didn't match her dress and that another man had given her jewels and she was going to the party with him. The two then fought and the student threw the rose onto the street where is is destroyed by a passing car. Then the two go their separate ways never knowing the sacrifice that was used to make the rose.

How does Celine come into it?

Celine's mother died while sacrificing herself for the rose when Celine was only six. A wise owl who shared the oak tree she and her mother had lived in told her what had happend to her mother and the rose she had created for the young lovers. This left Celine devastated to know some people could be so selfish, yet the owl raised her to be just like her mother so that one day she would do the same thing. Now at ever after high she is still regularly visiting her mothers grave and she is determined to change the ending of her story for future generations. She wants to find the rose another way or if she is going to sacrifice her hearts blood anyways she wants the couple to fall in love and keep the rose as a memoir of their first ever date. She'd do anything to make one of those two endings true.




Celine never really had the chance to meet het father since just like most birds the relationship didn't really last for ever after. It lasted just long enough for Celine to see his face once or twice before he left.


Celine and her mother had a really close bond until the unfortunate event that led to her demise when Celine was only six years old. It left her very sad and also angry with the humans that threw her mothers last sacrifice away like that just because the color was off. Till this day she has never forgiven those humans but she still visits her mothers grave every Wednesday and Sunday to pay her respect placing a single white rose on the grave almost every Sunday she gets there.

Wise Owl

The wise owl as Celine calls him since she never learned his actual name, raised her to be just like her mother but he never got her to let go of the anger she felt for the young couple. He raised her as his own when her mother died until she left to go to Ever After High to studie her story and follow her destiny (even though she doesn't really want to).


Rosabella Beauty

Celine and Rosabella get along pretty wel especially when it's about helping animals. Even though Celine is mostly focused on helping other birds she also helps all kind of other creatures along the way when she and Rosabella are working together. And besides helping animals might be fun but doing it together with a friend just makes it that mush more amazing.


Celine has a pet sugar glider named Angelina because she is like a little angel to her. Celine always takes her along on flying trips and the two have a blast. They always hold a little competition to see who can glide down to the ground the fastest and they are oddly enough evenly matched in that department. Angelina usually sleeps in a little basket that hangs above Celine's bed.


Celine doesn't have a relationship yet.


Celine hasn't made any enemies yet.


Art Celine's outfits


Her everyday outfit, she loves how wel it goes with her wings.

Getting Fairest

Her outfit in the morning or before parties, she usually allows Angelina to help her get ready especially when she has had a long night.

Hat-Tastic Tea PartyTBA
Legacy DayTBA
Way Too WonderlandTBA
Dragon GamesTBA
Spring UnsprungTBA
Trough The WoodsTBA
Date NightTBA
Fairest On IceTBA
Epic WinterTBA
Birthday BallTBA
Mirror BeachTBA
School SpiritTBA
Enchanted PicnicTBA


  • Celine is my first OC here
  • Like all my characters in the future she is based of a flower or multiple flowers, in her case this are the blue and pink tulip. The site I used ->
    • Blue tulips stand for respect, tranquility and trust, thus it represents how she wants to find a lover she can trust, the respect she shows others, and her tranquil or calm nature.
    • Pink tulips stand for caring, good wishes, friendship, joyful occasions and confident, thus it represents her caring yet joyful and loose side of her, how she wishes to help others especially her friends and the confidence she shows during her journey to change the ending of her story.
  • She is without being a dancer quite good at ballet, she usually practices in her dorm, the enchanted forest or the dance class room on the campus when nobody else is using it, yet she isn't shy about it and loves to dance with others, she just loves to practice it alone.
  • Normally Celine wouldn't dare brake the rules but sometimes she sneaks out past curfew for some fun at the Red Shoe Dance Club. She never stays too long but does dance quite a bit when she's there.
  • She has made it her personal life goal to help as many birds as she can since she sees them as family.
    • This life goal got her to disturb class once by running to a window to stop a bird from crashing into said window. The bird was grateful because of the warning, but professor Rumpelstiltskin wasn't that happy.
  • Her least favorite flower is the red rose to no ones surprise, she tends to avoid them.
  • She admits that she is sometimes awoken during the night because of nightmares that are related to her destiny or her mothers death.


I, Celine Songbird pledge to follow into my mothers footsteps and to die for true love as the next nightingale.
Celine during legacy day
Wait! Mister bird! Stop! There is a window ! You'll hurt yourself!
Celine while trying to help a bird.


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