This thing, is the rabbit-pun filled diary of Chōyaku Benjamin Usagi. 

I appologise for the bad puns.

A New Hop...?

Oh if you look at that, I've got a diary, father recons it will be a good way to let out my feelings.

Because kicking Daiku's football into Masuyo's window is a bad way to express that I am not in a good mood.

Either way, I'm writing in you little diary covered in spellfies and you better get used to that because I have a lot to talk about. I am a simple, humble rabbit who has been forced to trick the girl across the street into drowning herself. It doesn't sound pretty, and in truth, it isn't. I mean, Ikia Tanuki can be a witch and all...but I don't want to hurt her! But um lets not go any further with that.

Seeing as I know who you are, diary, and you don't know who I am, I probably should tell you...but if someone found this *cough* Hana *cough* I would be subject to a lot of bullying. So um...Okay I'm just gonna wing it.

I'm Choy, and that's what you may call me. I'm the third oldest in a litter of five and I live with my dad, adopted sister and our huge amount of footballs and chewed books. We are rabbits...and this thing will be filled with rabbit puns.

I will never regret writing this.

I just started my second year at Ever After High, and things are looking up. I've met up with my Grimmnastics buds and successfully trashed my side of the dorm room. They say my roommate is a cold little icicle who will be coming to EAH a little later than planned.

Guess who's gonna be having sports movie nights all week?

Chapter One: Too Furry for Ikia Tanuki

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