Chaoxiang Ma or 马超祥 (ma chao xiang) is the son of Ma Liang from the Chinese Fairytale 'The Magic Brush'. Being a second child, he does not attend Ever After High, but rather attends a secondary school near his house when he's not helping his parents run their soup kitchen.



If anything, Chaoxiang Ma is a bit of a jokester, fond of pranks and laughs. He loves to make others laugh and often does so with the most inventive or creative pranks he can think of. He's quick-thinking, witty and resourceful.

He's also creative, mostly putting his efforts into the visual arts. Chaoxiang is a hard worker, willing to put efforts into anything inventive or creative (such as his overally complicated pranks). He's a perfectionist of the utmost degree, often trashing paintings or pranks if he feels that they aren't up to his standard. 


Chao is short and slim, with an untidy mop of black hair and a pale skin tone. He has long lanky arms which end in well-defined hands and legs which are significantly shorter. Typical of a boy going through puberty, his figure appears slightly disproportional. He has inquisitive brown eyes which are constantly wide and an equally inquisitive-looking nose. His mouth is often curled up in a half-smirk, similar to Mona Lisa in the famous painting.

Fairy tale – The Magic Brush Here

How the Story Goes

In a village, there lived a boy called Ma Liang and he loved to paint but since he was a penniless peasant. One day, he was gifted by a spirit dude with a brush, which had a magical power—if you draw anything with it, it will become reality. Then he started to help people. This information reached the emperor, who wanted Ma Liang to draw him money, which is pretty ridiculous, since that would end up causing inflation. 

Anyway, he didn't cause inflation because the brush didn't work when it wasn't in Ma Liang's hands. So Ma Liang ended up escaping. But he got captured again, which was pretty stupid because he could draw anything. Okay, so Ma Liang was forced to draw money, so he drew a golden mountain, then drew an ocean around it and an magnificient barge. When the emperor, his family and the officers sailed in the barge, Ma Liang drew heavy winds and they all sank into the water.

How does Chao come into it?

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soup kitchens and stuff

also he has a hella rad older sis who he looks up to a lot






hes 15 he don't need that pressure


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