Character of the Month is a prize won on the Wikia, giving the winning character a feature on the front page for the next month. The winner is chosen by the admin team, who finalise votes from members.

This page serves as an archive and some information about certain OCs may now be outdated. Information is presented as it was at the time of the OC's victory.

Rules and Regulations

  • Users should not vote for OCs that belong to them.
  • An OC who has already won cannot win again.
  • A character with the same destiny as a previous winner cannot win.
  • You (the driver/creator) cannot win an OTM twice in a row.
  • You can only win the OTMs of a given month if you have partaken in the voting for that month.

2013 Results

Month / Year Winning OC Winning User Description
July 2013 Chlotichilda Ivorygreco Our Character of July is Chlotichilda, also known as Chloe Stiltskin! She is a shy wallflower, and the biological daughter of the King and Queen from Rumpelstiltskin. Through blood magic, she is also the daughter of Rumple as well. Congratulations for Chloe, and her driver, Ivory!
September 2013 Maggie Whuppie TheMusicalSmurf Maggie Whuppie is the daughter of Molly Whuppie, a brave young girl who defeated a giant single-handed. While Maggie might lack her mother's sharp and cunning wit, she makes up for it in sass and brawn.
October 2013 Jane Hook LillyKitten Jane Hook is the daughter of James Hook, from Peter Pan. Jane is a rebel more by attitude than Legacy choice, although she is more interested in pillaging, looting and generally bolstering her reputation as scourge of the seven seas than chasing after an annoying, flying, petulant little girl, no matter how much Pan's cockiness irritates her.
December 2013 Mercedes Little JacknDanny Mercedes Little is the daughter of the Little Mermaid, and she is a sweet, caring and determined girl. She's also mute, and in love with her prince who has no idea that she exists.

2014 Results

Month / Year Winning OC Winning User Description
February 2014 Vilda R. Bayle VictorianMycomancer Vilda R. Bayle is the daughter of the Beauty and the Beast, and destined to follow in the roles of her father. Don't expect her to shy away from her destiny, but don't expect her to die from a broken heart. This awkward, temperamental and stubborn beast is far from dramatic.
May 2014 Augustus Hare ARCUS The fault is not in our stars, dear Brutus, but in Zena's incredibly erratic changing of Character of the Month. Augustus Hare, son of the March Hare, is May's Character of the Month. Now that I think about it, it would have been better for him to be CotM in August. Never mind. Anyway, spunky young men with a fear of spoons is totally worthwhile to read about, so hop over to his page!
June 2014 Abigail Thief MeredithAgnesPoe Abigail Thief has stolen the heart of the Wikia... and the honour of being Character of the Month! Abi is the next Little Thief Girl from the Snow Queen, and is destined to help a little girl rescue her best friend while getting rid of a reindeer and biting a few ears! As well as this, Abi is an incredible musical prodigy, as trustworthy and dedicated as a robber can get.
July 2014 Narcissa Demonic SabbyFangirl24 (At time of victory)

DayDreemurr (Present)

This Character of July is Narcissa Demonic, the next Devil in the Snow Queen! Despite the contrary, Narcissa is an absolutely loyal sweetheart and only wishes to have a bigger role in her already big story. We totally respect her, or else she'll shatter our monitor screens.
August 2014 Rolana Candeliere DayDreemurr The Character of the Month for August happens to be the fant-ass-tic (get it?) Rolana Candeliere, the successor of Lucignolo or Candlewick in The Adventures of Pinocchio, by the awesome MishachuTubby! Flamboyant, Naive, down-to-earth and with a detailed backstory, Rolana is definitely an a-mule-sing character to read about! She's definitely our bet for having one of the best arts and galleries in the community.

2015 Results

Month / Year Winning OC Winning User Description
May 2015 Minuette Dancer Vinnnn Faeries and Gentletales, we present Miss Minuette Dancer by Vintage poseur as the Character of the Month of May! This young dancing princess is definitely en pointe with her lithe steps and charmingly sweet attitude. Congratulations to Minuette for dancing her way to Character of the Month!
June 2015 Pirouette Paper Neutron Star Ignition Pirouette Paper, one of the many victims of an Andersen's story. More specifically, the next paper ballerina from the Steadfast Tin Soldier. Although destined for a tragic end, Pirouette claims to be resolute and dutiful for her tale. In the meantime, she is silent, sweet and an unquestionable force of goodness.
July 2015 Lian Tian-e DatAsymptote An outspoken girl with a lot of fight, Lian Tian-e is here to break down stereotypes of what others believe to be typical ballerina aesthetic. Admittedly the idea of Duchess meeting her end brings conflict to her enthusiasm, but this future Swan Maiden nonetheless looks forward to taking part of the famous Swan Lake tale!
August 2015 Calli Latrans Eat the hell A spunky, headstrong girl with a craving for excitement, Calli Latrans, a coyote trickster from Native American Legends is one of the OCs for COTM August! Cunning and athletic, Calli is certainly a force to be reckoned with.
August 2015 Tyvainea L. Thief Hetastuckworts4137 Another OC for COTM is Tyvainea L. Thief! An astute, studious cutie, Tyv is one of the daughters of the Little Robber Girl in the Snow Queen. Armed with sarcasm, she secretly wants to take over her
September 2015 Quinn Schauer EtherealNyx Destined to be fearless and headstrong, Quinn Schauer is seen as anything but. However, she has nevertheless won over the Wikia's hearts with her compassionate and clever nature!
October 2015 Coco-Charlotte Pepper Cookie Bitingly sarcastic, Coco-Charlotte Pepper is an odd mix of bitter and sweet. As the next Duchess' cook in Alice in Wonderland, CC claims the spot for October's COTM.
November 2015 Nami Akane Strawberry Cupcake Kitten The o-fish-al new COTM, Nami Akane, the daughter of the mermaid in The Red Candles and the Mermaid is a reely sweet soft-spoken gill who uses her seariously vibrant art as an oppor-tuna-ty to express herself! A dolphinate pick for this month, and a swimmingly whale done character too! (Hush hush, I know those two are mammals, but just admit it, I'm krilling it with these puns.)
December 2015 Candance Løgner FairytaleFangirl24 Candance Løgner is a princess with a reputation of lies and slander, and a heart of integrity and truth. Despite speaking her mind, Candance's reputation makes it hard for her to be trusted, causing plenty of problems for the princess.

2016 Results

Month / Year Winning OC Winning User Description
May 2016 Samuel Gulliver Madame O'Front The Character of May is Samuel Gulliver, the destined Gulliver of Gulliver's Travels! Honest, clever and curious, Sam is setting out to find and dispute the fallacies of the fairytale world. There's no one else we would rather have dissecting EAH's plot holes!
June 2016 Opaline Glass Aquamarinesandopals An OC sure to smash glass ceilings and expectations, Opaline Glass is your Character of June! Her brave and bold exterior hides an anxious interior, but the next Nella of Verde Prato nevertheless inspires us with her kindness and courage!
July 2016 Fay Fairer Jade-the-Tiger An absolute sweetheart with the kindest of manners, Fay Fairer takes the COTM this July! The next Fairer-than-a-Fairy, Fay is a Royal who loves her destiny, and she effortlessly proves time and time again that powerful princesses come in all forms.
August 2016 Gracie Goose RoybelGirl Leaving miles of smiles in her wake, Gracie Goose is this month's pick for COTM. The next princess in The Goose Girl has a Royal heart for a Rebel cause. Kindhearted and dependable, she is a great friend to have around.
September 2016 Charmaine Lexwington TaylorRocks Don't sleep on this month's COTM award winner, Charmaine Lexwington! Sleeping Beauty's future fairy god mother is feisty, charismatic, and energetic - traits which helped this rebellious fairy fly into our hearts this fall!
October 2016 Scythe Sasin Scythe Sasin The Character of the Month for October is Scythe Sasin, an elusive figure who lives in the Enchanted Forest. Secretive and seemingly emotionless, many students can only wonder what in Ever After he is up to.
November 2016 Angeline Patchwork Patchworks Inc The EAH Fandom Wiki's November COTM award goes to Angeline Patchwork! A fabric sweetheart made with stitches and buttons, Angie has filled the wikia with joy and love in her own Ozian way. Her zany personality makes her nothing short of a spellbinding addition to the winning cast.
December 2016 Merana Little Artemis Donut Merana Little, the next Rusalka, takes home the glory of December's COTM! Armed with sarcasm and obstinacy, this fish uses her artistic power to find her porpoise in life. Undoubtably, MerMer has hooked the Wikia's hearts with everything a-boat her!

2017 Results

Month / Year Winning OC Winning User Description
January 2017 Marissa Stahlbaum Rose0250 The first COTM award of 2017 goes to Marissa Stahlbaum, the next Marie Stahlbaum! This secret Rebel is a peacemaker at heart, choosing to diplomatically side with the Roybels. Always able to rise to a challenge, this sassy doll has an imagination like no other, making her more than a perfect candidate for January’s award.
February 2017 Celes Mochigome Qvarr The Character of the Month for February is Celes Mochigome, a truly adorable and celes-tial bunny. She looks forward to being as seemingly perfect as her mother, although such goals are also a source of her stress. Nevertheless, she is well-loved by the Wikia community!
March 2017 Percy Boots Homiestars There's no one more puurfectly devious than Percy Boots, son of Puss in Boots. This sneaky feline leaves a catastrophe wherever he goes. With his sharp cattire and his smooth-talking nature, he rightfully snatches up his spot as Character of March.
April 2017 Quinn O'Kane TheLuckyKira The winner, or should we say, Quinn-er, of this month's OTM vote is Quinn O'Kane, the next Teig O'Kane. This Neutral turned Rebel keeps true to his roots and lives live with a smile and a spot of hard work - we can't think of a better character to take home the COTM trophy this April!
May 2017 Celadon West Bluebutterflychan Celadon West has been voted the Celadon Best this month, taking the title of May Character of the Month! As the next Wicked Witch of the West, West takes 'wickedly rebellious' to the next level. He may have lost his place at Emerald City Academy but West has certainly won a place in the wikia's heart this month, warts and all.
June 2017 Destiny Claus WiseUnicorn Destiny Claus, the daughter of Santa Claus, takes home the honour of the Character of June! Although this month may be the furthest from December, her victory is sure proof that she fills the wikia with Christmas spirit all year round.
July 2017 Sage Idason DatAsymptote Our winner of July is Sage Idason, son of Little Ida. This devoted truther and all his theatrics have taken centre stage this month, ensuring the COTM award didn't fall into hands of his fellow students "the sheeple". If it's attention Sage wants, then he has rightfully won it this July!
August 2017 Griselle Damgaard Jade Encrusted Bugs As the Character of August, Griselle Damgaard, daughter of the Ugly Duckling, is here to crush conventional, Eurocentric beauty standards… while being crushed by angst and cynicism herself. To take up the role of “Andersen’s self insert” is difficult enough, and even more so when there are other problems in her midst. Nevertheless, Griselle’s determinism is a stoic reminder for us to find our balance, and to find our beauty, in life.
September 2017 Dainty Kissington Vinnnn Pucker up and make way, this month's winner is Dainty Kissington, the next Princess in the Frog Prince! If it is love this pratically perfect Roybel is looking for she need look no further than this very wikia. Her kind exterior and troubled interior have made Dainty a truly unfrogettable character, more than deserving of her victory this September.
October 2017 Airmid Valerian DatAsymptote Airmid Valerian, the rebel successor to the physician in Godfather Death, is October's COTM winner. Airmid's dedication to helping those in spite of what destiny has foretold helped light their way to victory this month! Even without mentioning their passion, curiosity, and inclination towards death metal, there is no doubt that Airmid is the hero (and COTM winner!) we need, but not the hero we deserve.
November 2017 Romeo V. Cupid Homiestars With cheekbones sharper than his arrows and a burning countenance, Romeo V. Cupid is the Character of November! As the next Saucy Boy, he's destined to wreck havoc in the human heart. All's fair in love and war, they say, and this Cupid perfectly captures the conflicting emotions he inspires among others. Attraction, fear, and in this case... the pride in victory.
December 2017 Circe Vogelsang Hiddenfolk This December, Circe Vogelsang, the drifter of a witch serving as the next antagonist in Jorinda and Joringel, is our Character of the Month! You can find her nested in the woods, helping others soar away from their issues with her (cough) alternative remedies. Truly, she is deserving of this highest honour.

2018 Results

Month / Year Winning OC Winning User Description
January 2018 Bane O'Rouge Madame O'Front With a stabbing wit and a blunt penknife, Bane O'Rouge takes the spot of Character of January. As the next Johnny in the Banks of Red Roses, Bane is far from pleased with any outcome of his destiny, and uses his adopted persona to prevent it at all costs. Definitely a character and a page worth keeping a watch on.
February 2018 Damon Gale Aquamarinesandopals February is never a Damon Fail when your character of this month is Damon Gale! As the son of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Damon is a sweet boy with a yearning for the adventure in his destiny. Inspire yourself with a red of his page, and follow in his goodhearted footsteps!
March 2018 Icarus Juniper DatAsymptote Just as much as he cares about others, we care about Icarus Juniper as he firmly roots himself as March's character of the month! With a grim fate, he reluctantly takes his place as the Brother in Juniper Tree. Try branching out and take a leaf out of his book as you move forward!

2019 Results

Month / Year Winning OC Winning User Description
January 2019 Scarlet Anne d'Herblay Homiestars Let's kick off this New Year with a bang! Scarlet Anne d'Herblay is our first Character of 2019. As the next Aramis, she has a zest for the adventure of her story... but not her priesthood ending. Forever dedicated, Scarlet really reminds us to stick to our guns and fight on!
February 2019 Classified Patchworks Inc It's no secret: this month's COTM is Classified! The son of the Third Son from Puss in Boots, much like his predecessor, he has a close, endearing bond with a dear pet of his. Resourceful and adaptive, this boy never fails to gather the love of the Wikia community (though, society in the world of Ever After is a different issue...). This February, he reminds us to take care with the world around us - animals, in particular.
March 2019 Auliver Midas Aquamarinesandopals This March, we're pressing F to pay respects for the living dead meme, Auliver Midas! The son of King Midas and always in the public eye, Auliver hides his real self behind a meme-y, MirrorNet facade. An OC so Classic, he's gone past the Gold Age into Platinum. The EAHFW community gildes him with the laurels of COTM, for his neverending ore-some wit!
April 2019 Minton Pan Hiddenfolk After months of herding votes, Minton Pan this month's COTM winner. Perfect for spring, this ever-so-slight-rebel has herded (and hoarded!) our community's love, filling our community with as much joy and altruism as she brings to the world of Ever After. Minton's unique circumstances make her a perfectly soot-able April winner; we just hope she likes winning awards as much as she likes giving gifts!
June 2019 Glaucio Pedroso Amatoresx With a rose on his forehead and an emotional shield around himself, Glaucio Pedroso is the son of the Maiden with the Rose on her Forehead. This rose boy wants his own life to be self-determined, and not set in dirt by some flower. This June, we're ready to honour him - the casual references to Greek mythology, his love for cryptozoology, everything he values outside of destiny.
July 2019 Philomela Towerbird Aquamarinesandopals Philomela Towerbird rises above as July's Character of the Month. In the World of Ever After, she might not be feeling too loved, but good thing that all the Wikians are here to shower in the appreciation and affection she deserves! With her smarts and her yearning romanticism, we know she has the strength to break from both figurative and literal towers.
August 2019 Gwendolyne "Gwen" E. Vere EmperorPeacock Gwendolyne "Gwen" E. Vere is the queen of Camelot, queen of our hearts, and the queen sitting smugly on the throne of Character of the Month. With wits sharp as Excalibur, a mind quick as an unladen sparrow, and a facade as hidden as the Holy Grail, Gwen is far more than the benevolent persona she posses. Watch out, there is no snake in the grass-- she is found in the court of Camelot.

2020 Results

Month / Year Winning OC Winning User Description
April 2020 Ablative Charming DatAsymptote Roll up, roll up! April's Character of the Month is none other than Ablative Charming! This future Emperor can rest on her laurels knowing she came, she saw, she conquered, securing her place in Wikia legend. Be sure to send many congratulations and your taxes to April's favourite Roybel, for when in Rome...
May 2020 Sophinx Riddleton Madame O'Front Riddle me this, who is the Character of May? Of corpse, it's Sophinx Riddleton herself. A well-executed character as bright as a poisonous butterfly, she stings like one as well. And like dynamite with a laser beam, she's guaranteed to blow your mind with her ability to maintain both integrity and fear.
June 2020 Reina Maledi Hiddenfolk This June, we seat this evil fairy queen onto her throne of malediction. What is the most terrifying thing in Ever After? A villain with a plan, a clique and a killer fashion sense. Reina Maledi takes the crown of Character of the Month. With her undeniable authority and underground fight club, it seems fair to say: human or fae, no one else can claim that they're superior.
July 2020 Adeline Light Taleart Adeline Light is the Royal that lifts our hearts and makes us want to yell with joy, and it is our delight to announce Addy Light as the Character of July! The jock-y daughter of the Light Princess might not have any gravity, yet her laughter screaming is so infectious that one cannot help but fall anyway.
August 2020 Virgil Dextrum Hiddenfolk Look who fell from heaven, for he has crashed victorious as the Character of August! Virgil Dextrum, the most chaotic of right-hand angels, hails from Brothers Grimm’s The Girl Without Hands. Divinely comedic, he never fails to keep up his ever-present smile (lest those molten tears etch his face). May the angelic choir sing of him, in all his artistic dumpster-diving glory.

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