What hasn't been said about Charmaine Lexwington? That she's gorgeous? Sexy? Charming? Smart? Confident? That she's a complete and utter pain in the arse?

While "complete and utter pain in the arse" may come across as an exaggeration, there's no denying that Min is obnoxious. She's far too nosey and takes too long to catch on to the fact that people don't want her in her business. Curiosity killed the cat and annoyed many of Min's acquaintances, but she means well (not that it's an excuse, but she'll use it as such anyway).

Min is the type to investigate things in thorough detail. She thinks too much about small details and reads too much into what people do and say. She cares a lot about how people see her, and she cares a lot about people in general. Those she has an amicable relationship with will be the first to tell you that she is one of the most affectionate people you will ever meet, to the point where her love is actually very smothering.

She's dramatic to the point of comical (or annoying, depending on who you ask) and has a tendency to overexaggerate her words and actions. In that way Min is highly expressive and usually wears her emotions on her sleeve. It makes her open and welcoming and trustworthy. Min being trustworthy, however, is questionable.

The fairies in her family have a very specific brand of magic that allows them to freely manipulate others, especially in their emotions. Min, though being the kind, altruistic person that she is, who has half the school wrapped around her finger anyway, is not above using this magic for her own benefit. She may care about others, but she's smart enough to put her own interests first, most of the time anyway.

There's a slightly different story when it comes to people she likes and/or cares about. She will go out of her way to spoil and help her friends in any way she can, possibly not even for their benefit but her own. Min like feeling appreciated and like she's done a Good Thing(™️) and often forgets other's boundaries when she tries to assist them. In that way, Min's a little inconsiderate of others, but she really tries to be understanding.

She's almost always available as a shoulder to cry on, or someone to vent to. As someone who feels very intense emotions herself, Min definitely gets when someone else is feeling equally intense emotions, and again, she likes helping. TBC

  • confident
  • dramatic
  • flirtatious
  • playful
  • obnoxious
  • intelligent
  • perceptive
  • over-thinker
  • teasing
  • nosey
  • thoughtful
  • friendly
  • touchy-feely
  • manipulative
  • dark-humoured
  • talkative
  • seriously tho she never shuts up
  • pushy
  • stubborn
  • determined
  • i'm really just repeating myself


Min is the very image of pastel.

Her hair naturally is a dark brown colour, and very straight. Due to meticulous care, Min’s hair is soft and shiny, although really it's extremely difficult to manage due to how thick it is. Her hair tends to frizz when exposed to moisture, and consequently, Min is very touchy about her hair getting wet. It goes down to her hips and she has a sideswept fringe. The two strands that frame her face are significantly shorter, reaching little past her shoulders. It’s a bit of a pain to her that it’s bleached and dyed- doing her roots is annoying but decidedly worthwhile. It’s done “for the #aesthetic”, dyed a spectrum of pastel colours, ranging from blue, pink, mint, lilac and yellow. The colour has been described as “resembling fairyfloss” or “marshmallowy”, although occasionally Min’s re-bleaches all of her hair and the colour changes. It’s been blue, teal and pink, as well as a mix of the three and other colours.

As a contrast, Min is quite tanned. Her skin is a light brown, and it darkens during the warmer seasons. It is more tasteful to say that it is sprinkled with freckles, but in all honesty, it looks more like somebody accidentally spilled the contents hypothetical freckles shaker on her and was left with no choice but to spread them out. The freckles are most concentrated on her nose, forehead, cheeks, shoulders, and arms. They are least concentrated on her torso and neck.

Her ears are pointed and pierced a lot. She has a total of seven piercings in each ear, the names of which I do not remember. She also has a number of tattoos on the inside of her left wrist. There are a few planets, stars, paper planes and a moon. She gets a new one for every significant event in her life. She also has really large wings, three pairs of them. They change colour to match her clothing, and when she’s excited, they flit through colours very quickly. They also tend to get tangled in her hair when she’s not careful.

Seeing as her hair is quite dark and thick, so are her eyelashes. They are quite long, but that doesn’t stop Min from applying large amounts of mascara. Her eyebrows grow in really thick and dark as well, so they are usually constantly maintained to stop them from looking messy. Min’s eyes are absolutely the main and most expressive feature on her face, a vivid, unnatural-looking blue in colour, and not completely round nor almond. She has a small, not-quite-noticeable nose, which is slightly upturned but otherwise unnoteworthy, and her not thin but not thick, lips have a pronounced Cupid’s bow. Her features are set out proportionally, although it’s said she has a rather large head, almost like a child’s.

Min is small in build and height, standing at an unimpressive but endearingly short 159cm/5’2’’. She has a defined hourglass figure, with somewhat large shoulders for her height, although they are quite rounded. She needs to be light for flight purposes, so Min is quite thin, at around 47 kg. She looks like she weighs more on account of her bones not being very dense (like how birds' bones are hollow). Min also happens to be very fit, being a dancer, and although she doesn’t have abs, she has really nice biceps because she lifts a lot. She has small hands and feet as well. She is able to shift into a smaller fairy form, which is around twelve centimetres in height and very easy to accidentally injure and/or step on.



Ask literally anybody, Min's passion absolutely lies in theatre. It's hardly surprising, considering how theatrical her everyday behaviour is already, with dramatic expressions and words, expressed with more passion than what should be physically possible for somebody her size. One actually begins to wonder if she's quite alright, which she is.


Min absolutely does not lack in musical ability. She is able to play the violin, trumpet, piano and acoustic guitar. She also has an excellent voice, strong, clear and high, with somewhat of an ethereal quality. It's no secret she does intend to make a career out of music, and while her composing skills are nearly nonexistent, Min appears to be well on her way, making somewhat of a name for herself on social media.


This interest, in particular, has often been questioned and prodded at. Although she does try not to let it affect her health, Min does tend to eat less and less the weeks leading up to a photo shoot. She does seem to genuinely enjoy getting prettied up and posing for cameras, however, so it's doubtful that it worries her too much. At the very least, it goes well for her, considering that Min is highly attractive and has many connections in that particular industry.


Emotional Manipulation

Min can bend the emotions of those around her. It depends on how strong their will is, but she can manipulate what they're feeling, to a certain extent. It is physically and mentally taxing on her, and her conscience doesn't like it too much. She can only keep their emotions under her control for a limited amount of time, depending on how far she's bending them and how many people she is controlling at once. Yes, she can change the mood of an entire mood. It's really draining, though.


She can fly. She has wings.

idk what to put here but she's super strong

That's mainly because she lifts to keep her arms toned and nice. Magic does have something to do with it, but it's also a result of exercise.

General Magic

Can harness standard magic. Spellcasting and all that. She's very good at it, not inherently because fae magic is slightly more nature-focused, but because Min works super hard to beat everybody at everything.



Charisma Lexwington-Wandhelm

mummy dearest

Avenant Lexwington-Wandhelm

angry tol smol

Jace Wandhelm

dad !

Astral Unicornia

Min absolutely adores this kid? They're not actually related but knowing that Astral had a really bad family life, Min legally adopted her so now Min's her mum? Technically? They borrow each other's clothes and act all cute and it's very good and soft.

Lenin Marx Lexwington

Min would like to say they get along very well. Although they do not talk much in situations other than family parties, they would at least consider themselves friendly. Lenny and Min are both sharp, witty people, and this makes for great banter between the two of them. They like to tease eachother incessantly, which indicates they are close enough to be always roasting one another into oblivion.

Seneca Lockeset

Some time in the future Lenny gets a life husband. Min eventually becomes very good friends with him. She makes it a point to get to know him, and both being the bubbly people that they are.

Sebastian Lexwington-Lockeset

Sebbie doesn't exist in current timeline but around the time Min's career really explodes, there's all of a sudden a babby nephew who she takes around and spoils rotten.

Tiffany Lockeset

pretty ! cousin ! in ! law !

??? Turquoise

Min has nothing against her biological father. She tends to avoid him so that she doesn't make things awkward between them.

Other ??? Turquoise

baby. half-sister, technically

The Blue Fairy

she's otherwise irrelevant

The Blue Fairy's Daughter

She poof

The Other Wandhelms

She love them !

The Other Lexwingtons

She love them too !

The Other Turquoises


Family Friends

Aisley Hazelwood

They've grown up together. It's only natural that Min and Aisley have some sort of bond.

Min's known Aisley since approximately two hours after he finished exiting the womb, and since then, she's been a second older sister to him. Despite being only two years older than Aisley, Min has taken care of him from the moment she could, and before that too. Or at least, she made some noble attempts to do so.

It's no secret that she babies Aisley to the point where some could argue that it's not healthy for either of them, but when you've gone your whole life coddling and adoring somebody, it's difficult to get out of the habit, especially when it's in your nature to baby everyone around you. It's obvious, though, that Aisley is overly reliant on her presence and attention, and that he clings very heavily to Min at school.

That aside, Aisley and Min are very good friends. She loves him with all her little heart. She teaches him about magic and life (neither of which she is qualified to teach anything about), and how to get through school and which substances are the best to make wands out of, and just about anything and everything Min learns that she thinks will help Aisley, goes to Aisley.

Aisley finds her...amazing. He idolises her, and he cares for her immensely. He loves talking to her and being with her and being snoopy and up in other people's business with her. Basically, any form of spending time with Min is welcome and appreciated and treasured on Aisley's end, and the same goes for Min.

Mei Li Hua

literally her aunt

Aspen Hazelwood

literally her sister

Lilianne Greene

sister ! in ! law ! tfw you find somebody shorter than you


Candy Redmond

grab the booty but we're still friends. candy bakes her cake

Marissa Stahlbaum

What's better than one hot girl? Two hot girls. Min and Rissa like to flirt and there are a ton of rumours going around about the nature of their relationship, which, by-the-by, is entirely platonic.

Renegade Charming

What can I say? They get along like a house on fire. Min is very fond of the tiny child, and likes to think of herself as a good, responsible older sister figure for Renegade, but she's really not. Min probably disapproves of most of Renegade's (usually arson-related) shenanigans but as a good responsible older sister she still supports her nonetheless.

Dove Howland Cupid

Min thinks he's a real sweetheart and she likes braiding his hair. They talk love and flirtation and overpriced coffee so loaded with sugar and syrup it can hardly be considered coffee any longer.

He's also a younger brother figure for her, and she steers him away from bad situations and people because he's slightly too naive and his rose-coloured glasses are too heavily tinted.

Ember O'Lantern

"we look like a pinterest aesthetic"

Min adores her very much, even if Ember does accidentally set her expensive things on fire sometimes.

C.A Cupid

she loves her she's so cute

Airmid Valerian

Woah science.

Icarus Juniper

Woah abs

Sage Idason

the theatre dad


Tereus Dentori

They flirt. It's good.

Admittedly, Min finds it weird flirting with a robot but then again "visual novels are a thing, and Tereus isn't that much different...sort of?". She thinks he's a lot of fun and feels lar

Bastion Fanfarinet

They bumped into each other. Min tried to make friends. Repeat. Get shipped. He leave. Who is he again? Min was probably frustrated at the time that she found someone who outright refused to be friends with her but I don't think she really cared towards the end. "Seb-oh, just Bastion? Who? The pink one?"


Lol u thought she had these


Min flirts with literally everybody but she's extremely faithful to her so's. She's pansexual, and doesn't have a preference for girls or guys but does seem to have a type. Based on who she's dated and crushed on/admired in the past, Min likes people who are small and gentle in demeanour and stature and they all seem to be musically inclined. And, oddly enough, related to birds somehow.

Daulis Song



In short, Min thinks Daulis is absolutely positively the cutest, most amazing-est boy in the world. She adores him, and if you don't think she spoils him to death you are wrong.

For all her ego and inflated sense of self, Min can't help but just. Liquidise. Around him. She turns into little puddles of happiness and warmth. Who wouldn't, given that their adorable, precious boyfriend wrote them pretty poetry?

Tl;dr, Min's completely and utterly infatuated with Daulis and she will fight everyone to keep him safe.

Exquisite Charming

It was good while it lasted. Their breakup was messy- they didn't want to break up. Exquisite's father decided it and even afterwards for a few months, Min and her girlfriend would meet in secret. Sometimes to cry, sometimes to make out and sometimes to just indulge in each other's company. Sometimes all three. It was bad for their health and eventually they decided to break it off completely for their own sakes.

Upon reflection, Min will reveal that this is one of the most intimate and emotionally-charged relationships she's ever had, because Exquisite was the first person Min had ever properly dated. She was thirteen/fourteen, dramatic, tired, a huge emo and a mess, and she had fallen deeply, was it?? with a princess who she knew would never be able to stay and it was fragile and weird and pretentious and volatile and she loved it, up until the end. Those bits were bad, and the memories are bad and unhealthy, but they are precious, important memories all the same.

Candy Redmond

They had a very brief relationship which could more easily seen as friends with benefits. By benefits, I mean hand-holding and making out and taking to expensive restaurants.


Pastel shitstorm. Metal of choice is white gold or silver. Rose gold is alright, gold itself is usually a big no-no, and she doesn't wear any other metals.

Art Outfits

by Zarin im crying


really simple this time I swear

Legacy Day


Charmaine Lexwington Wave 2

by Lime

Wave 2

Getting Fairest

Mirror Beach

School Spirit


By the fabulous rudino

Hat-tastic Tea Party

Min Spring Unsprung-No BG

LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS PIC. The lovely Jade designed and drew it for me.

Spring Unsprung

Way Too Wonderland

Enchanted Picnic

Through the Woods

Fairest on Ice

Date Night

Min Dragon Games-No BG

By the lovely Jade!!

Dragon Games


I killed all my old cringey art. I considered keeping it as a record of Min’s development ‘’but’’ other people have already made me such fabulous art over the past year and a bit that there is no need to keep my own.

Fancy New Art By Me

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  • LA Devotee
  • Let's Kill Tonight
  • Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time
  • Victorious
  • Miss Jackson
  • Hurricane


  • Young Volcanoes
  • Just One Yesterday
  • thnks fr th mmrs

Bridgit Mendler

  • Snap My Fingers


  • Roman Holiday
  • Coming Down
  • Young God
  • Heaven In Hiding


  • Dope
  • Silver Spoon (Baepsae)

Taylor Swift

  • Holy Ground
  • New Romantics
  • Delicate
  • Dress


  • Whistle

Dua Lipa

  • Blow Your Mind


  • In the Middle
  • Paint


  • Tiny Glowing Screens Pt. 3


  • Mambo No. 5